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Metroid: Other M (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
Metroid: Other M on the Wii
8.16/10 from 55 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Metroid: Other M on the Wii!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

...seeing as you're the group of gamers whose opinions I trust the most.

Picking up Other M today was a bit of a strange experience--the guy at Play-N-Trade revealed that one of his coworkers mistakenly told everyone that the game released today, so the store had preorder folks coming in all day to try to get it. However, this particular employee was pretty upset about the whole ordeal and decided to sell it to me anyway...then promptly called his manager and quit. I told him I didn't want to cause a fuss and would come back Tuesday for it, but he took a devil-may-care attitude and let me buy the game regardless (he was actually quite friendly to me, just upset about the mistake the coworker made).

So that interesting story of acquisition aside, I now have the game and have played roughly 40 minutes or so (just beat the first boss). It's quite early so my previews aren't going to be very in-depth, so I'll make this quick for now:

-Controls are better than expected, feels fun and pleasantly quick like Samus should
-Voice acting better than expected; the ancillary soldiers and such sound pretty good
-Samus herself seems to be directed to sound fairly cold and emotionless, which usually works, but sometimes her delivery is stilted (so far)
-I'm kind of missing Retro's attention to environmental detail, but the areas still look decent enough
-Killing classic Metroid enemies like Geemers and Rios in 3rd-person is somewhat cathartic. They made a 3rd-person Metroid feel work rather well, and I like the Wiimote so far
-You can't seem to wall-jump off every wall, just select surfaces
-Not sure what to make of the story yet, I kinda like a lot of it and some of it is sort of overbearing; we'll see. The direction and transitions are pretty nice though
-Pretty cool first boss
-Casper's right, it needs more music during gameplay

That's all for now. I mainly made this thread for everyone else to post their impressions too, but I wanted to give a few of my own first.

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08/30/10, 01:20    Edited: 08/30/10, 01:31
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Yeah I've always said English is one fucked up language.

Pardon my French.
11/07/10, 07:48   
I think English is totally illogical and full of exceptions and redundancies that you just have to know. I like how, in Spanish/Hindi/etc., if you hear something, you can immediately spell it. But people say the redundancy makes English more beautiful. I dunno. Whatever.

I'm pretty sure that I know more Japanese than Hindi now, just because of cartoons. Maybe not.
11/07/10, 16:47   
You're illogical.
11/08/10, 05:28   

I read it. Pretty much my thinking except for the Hard mode stuff that I didn't get too. And just like one of the commenters I feel you have to explain a bit more what you mean by Super Metroid being a point n' click.
11/08/10, 17:07   
GelatinousEncore said:
Los verbos en espanol estan dificiles para aprender


And honestly, I don't think Spanish verbs are all that difficult to learn.


I have no idea why I'm being a grammar Nazi today.
11/08/10, 17:16   
Edited: 11/08/10, 17:19
Simbabbad said:
For people who can read French, I wrote a lengthy analysis of the game on my blog.

In short: I love it and want it to influence the series, except the things it got from Fusion (linearity, tone of story).
Nice write-up, that was really in depth. I agree with most of your points. I thought the game was powerful and focused, and I'll definitely be giving hard mode a go sometime soon.
11/08/10, 18:29   
I 100%'d Other M and all I got for it was a stupid Hard Mode.

I loved the game, but man...I was hoping for that 'secret' ending as a reward that all Metroid games have.
11/08/10, 21:59   
Well, I finished it a couple of days ago. It was pretty good, but I did have some problems with it.

The biggest one was that switching from 3rd-person to 1st-person was an absolute pain in the ass. It wasn't bad when you had to scan/look for something, maybe shoot 1 or 2 enemies, but when it got action-heavy that's where the problems started. The best example I can think of is when you fight the Metroid Queen when it spawns all of those metroids. It was just too damn hard to try and destroy the ones you froze while avoiding the others attacking you. I swear every time I would try to go into first person to try and get a super missile off, either one of the unfrozen metroids would attack me or the queen would slam the ground and free all of the frozen metroid while I was attempting to find the reticule and lock on to them.

The story I thought was pretty good (albeit a bit convoluted toward the end). I was not a fan of Samus' self-narration, it was very droning and cheesy. Besides that the voice acting was actually good.

And fighting Mother Brain after returning to the Bottleship felt kind of thrown in at the last second, especially with the way the characters where talking about her/it/whatever before.
11/09/10, 05:01   
@Lord Revan That wasn't Mother Brain, it was Phantoon.
11/09/10, 05:03   
@Zero Ah, my mistake. I'm not very knowledgeable of Metroid villians/bosses. It was still very random though
11/09/10, 05:11   
I wish there was a fight with Mother Brain!
11/09/10, 05:12   
@Lord Revan
Did you know you can dodge while in first person by shaking the wiimote?
11/09/10, 19:16   
anon_mastermind said:
@Lord Revan
Did you know you can dodge while in first person by shaking the wiimote?


11/09/10, 19:20   
@Lord Revan Well, it was definitely thrown in for fan service.
11/09/10, 19:45   
Grand opening of a Future Shop this weekend... big sale - Picked up Other M for $9.99 brand new yesterday. A game everyone should at least try..

A solid 7.5/10 (Smerd's personal scoring system of .5 increments)

08/29/11, 07:45   
Holy necro-bump, Batman! ...But in all seriousness glad ya got the game for a good price.
08/29/11, 15:57   
Man, I really need to get back to this game and finish it. I have a huge list of unfinished games.
08/29/11, 17:21   
I had complaints about switching from 3rd to 1st person like @Lord Revan did. I found that this feeling lessened considerably as I went along. For me at least I think some of the problem was I'd get relaxed on the couch and when it came time to go 1st person I was at this odd lounging angle and instead of going into 1st person I'd remain stuck in 3rd.

Other times like the battle against the Metroid Queen I found myself thinking "this is impossible" Then I watched someone do it on YouTube and, while I was doing the same basic kind of strategy, seeing someone else do it better and actually succeed made it seem do-able. I beat her with little trouble after that.

I really loved Other M. I loved controlling Samus in 3rd person. So fast and fluid and bad-@$$.

GameDadGrant said:
Man, I really need to get back to this game and finish it. I have a huge list of unfinished games.
You and me both. This is one game I did finish recently (no not 100% - we've had this conversation on the Sunshine thread lol) and I'm glad I did.Right now I'm playing Twilight Princess since I never finished it and want to prior to Skyward Sword.
08/29/11, 18:42   
Edited: 08/29/11, 18:46
I enjoyed the game more on hard mode, but that may be because I skipped all the cutscenes.
08/29/11, 20:07   
Recycled from the finished pile thread:

The thing that stuck out for me the most was the story. Firstly, it's invasive and this is an interactive medium. If Yoshio Sakamoto-San wanted to tell a story about Samus they should have made a movie and called it a day. (Studio Ghibli maybe?) Never mind the fact that they completely forget about a central plot point. What was there contradicted many things about Samus. To my knowledge she was already a fierce bounty hunter before she was hired by the Galactic Federation, she didn't train there. Specially not as a teenager. Although I didn't play Metroid II (they should make a remake of it btw) from what I gather, Adam was sort of a manager or a general. Or better yet if we put it in footballing terms, a coach. He doesn't teach you the fundamentals of how to play the game, he tells you what you should do in a certain situation that he has plenty of knowledge of and Samus didn't. The fact that they happened to connect shouldn't have sparked Sakamoto-San to create some fanfic-type tale of Samus wanting a father figure.

She was established as a strong willed, no nonsense hunter who's "completed many missions most hunters deemed impossible to even try" yet she was relegated to trying to appeal to a guy whom she sees as the closest thing she had to a father. In my mind I was screaming "what about the Chozo who rescued you from a pile of dead bodies, fed you, trained you, took care of you and even gave you that suit you're wearing! Not only that, but didn't you become a bounty hunter to avenge their deaths as well as your parents?"

Apparently, Sakamoto-San ignored Zero Mission and the retelling of Samus' tale as well as lore from Metroid Prime. I feel the game was built on a flaky premise. I feel that if they really wanted to explore Samus' past they could have made a game about Samus' origin. When the Space Pirates killed their parents, the Chozo took her in and have us live part of her childhood and training. They could have also chose someone with more emotion that a glass of water to voice Samus. I thought the Galactic Federation overstepped its bounds. Another, lesser complaint is that Samus seems... weak to be such a fierce warrior. I mean you take off her armor and she's really skinny. She should probably have more muscles than that, not female body builder type muscles but more like a track runner.

What's more, the gameplay was a whole other can of beans. On one hand, Sakamoto-San had stated that he wanted to make the game more accessible to play, so what he ended up doing is have the game play itself for more than half of gameplay. This type of cinematic flash is fine in video games, but it feels out of element in a Metroid game. Often times the fixed camera angles makes it difficult to locate an enemy or a platform you need to jump into adding needless frustration. Furthermore, making it so that you have to go into FP mode AND lock on to an enemy to use missiles was always a bad idea.

The graphics look bland even generic at times. Everything seems to have a shade. And everything that doesn't isn't much to look at. I kid you not at times I thought I was playing an arcade game from a decade ago when I stepped into some areas. Especially in that desert environment in Sector 1. There are also plenty of invisible walls, I though those didn't even exist anymore. The high quality CG cut-scenes almost feel out of place here.To the games credit it has almost no load times and animation runs a steady 60 FPS (I think) most of the time.

This is definitely my least favorite Metroid game. This is one of the least favorite games I've played in recent memory. Yes, I'd rate it even lower than Muramasa. If it weren't a Metroid game I would have quit after the second hour. I think this game almost single-handedly turned me off the Metroid franchise. I seriously think whatever resources they had for the game should be destroyed and Team Ninja shouldn't be allowed to work on a Metroid game ever again. Sakamoto San as well since the whole thing was his idea in the first place.
08/29/11, 20:20   
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