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Metroid: Other M (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
Metroid: Other M on the Wii
8.16/10 from 55 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Metroid: Other M on the Wii!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

...seeing as you're the group of gamers whose opinions I trust the most.

Picking up Other M today was a bit of a strange experience--the guy at Play-N-Trade revealed that one of his coworkers mistakenly told everyone that the game released today, so the store had preorder folks coming in all day to try to get it. However, this particular employee was pretty upset about the whole ordeal and decided to sell it to me anyway...then promptly called his manager and quit. I told him I didn't want to cause a fuss and would come back Tuesday for it, but he took a devil-may-care attitude and let me buy the game regardless (he was actually quite friendly to me, just upset about the mistake the coworker made).

So that interesting story of acquisition aside, I now have the game and have played roughly 40 minutes or so (just beat the first boss). It's quite early so my previews aren't going to be very in-depth, so I'll make this quick for now:

-Controls are better than expected, feels fun and pleasantly quick like Samus should
-Voice acting better than expected; the ancillary soldiers and such sound pretty good
-Samus herself seems to be directed to sound fairly cold and emotionless, which usually works, but sometimes her delivery is stilted (so far)
-I'm kind of missing Retro's attention to environmental detail, but the areas still look decent enough
-Killing classic Metroid enemies like Geemers and Rios in 3rd-person is somewhat cathartic. They made a 3rd-person Metroid feel work rather well, and I like the Wiimote so far
-You can't seem to wall-jump off every wall, just select surfaces
-Not sure what to make of the story yet, I kinda like a lot of it and some of it is sort of overbearing; we'll see. The direction and transitions are pretty nice though
-Pretty cool first boss
-Casper's right, it needs more music during gameplay

That's all for now. I mainly made this thread for everyone else to post their impressions too, but I wanted to give a few of my own first.

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08/30/10, 01:20    Edited: 08/30/10, 01:31
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So I'm working on 100%-ing the items. It's very fun, some are very well hidden, and those who say there's nothing to explore in this game are wrong.

My philosophy is this: When in doubt, use a Power Bomb. sometimes it works.

only downside - I have to play songs from other Metroid games on my computer, cause with nothing going on AND with no music it can get boring.
09/19/10, 02:51   
Het_Nkik said:
HOWEVER, I have a plot hole complaint. Well, not even sure if it's a "plot" hole, but it definitely doesn't make sense.

Ridley, even in his moogobo form, and DEFINITELY in his lizard form, seems to recognize Samus. (I mean, he starts climbing the building where he sees her even though he's fighting like 3 or 4 soldiers.) I don't know how that would even be possible. In the slightest. Because cloning from DNA scraped off a power suit wouldn't transfer his memories of everything that transpired prior to him dying. Can't store memory in DNA FUCK YOU ASSASSIN'S CREED IT DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT.

But, maybe I'm just crazy and he doesn't recognize her and he's just a dick who likes to attack orange suited space heroines regardless of past memories.

Err, you forgetting that the creature in its earlier form (Moogle form) saw Samus early in the game? That's probably what that was all about.
09/19/10, 02:54   
Oh yeah. I'd say they're the craziest hidden things in any Metroid. It's pretty insane, even when you know where they are! Without a map showing the locations it'd have been IMPOSSIBLE.
09/19/10, 12:27   
I played a bit more, and ran into some more of those detective bits.

Who the fuck thought those were a good idea? SERIOUSLY.

I also got lost. In a linear, directed game. Embarrassing.
09/20/10, 18:18   
So I don't know that I have anything particularly new to say at this point, but...

Parts of the story was pretty bad. I don't understand how anyone thought it was a good idea to tease Samus going into Sector Zero to fight off a Metroid army... only to have Adam show up, one-shot-kill Samus (the Federation has a gun that removes Samus' armor in one shot? Are you frigging kidding me?) and do enough damage in to jettison the Sectorin 5 seconds. Why Samus didn't just throw a Power Bomb in there was beyond me. Though it ended up with Adam being dead, so I guess all in all that part is a win. Still the whole Sector Zero thing was a terrible tease. It was weird that they never came out and said who the Deleter was after pumping that up for a while.

The authorization of the powers was truly awful. I get setting up Power Bombs as this terrible force, but there are way too many times where there's a door or another pathway that could have been to Samus' benefit... only Adam didn't see fit to authorize something stupid like the Grapple Beam. And don't get me started about how, apparently, Samus can activate the Varia and Gravity Suits at will, suits which do nothing offensive and only serve to make Samus more durable... but Adam didn't authorize them. "Oh look Samus is burning to death... Hmm. Well if she runs into a huge monster I guess I'll authorize Varia. In the meantime though, whatever."

The sound direction was... interesting. I played through Super Metroid not too long ago and it was a weird contrast going from that to the more ambient approach in M:OM.

I had fun with the gameplay, even if the exploration left more than a bit to be desired. I think there's a pretty decent core there, should they "open" up the world a little bit and make the progression a little more traditionally Metroid. Some of the bosses were cool looking and fun to fight.

I don't know. I enjoyed playing through the game, thought the environments looked pretty good and I enjoyed the way the game controlled (minus dodge spamming being so viable). If the progression was more traditionally Metroid, I probably would have really liked it. I think the core could lend itself to a really good Metroid game, as opposed to a pretty decent one in Other M.
09/20/10, 19:08   
Edited: 09/21/10, 03:00
Started playing the game over the weekend...yeah. So far, so-so. Wasn't helped by the game freezing up on me during a crucial point. The cutscenes and Samus's narration are a bit much thusfar.

If I don't pick this game up today and start playing again, I could see this game not getting finished...ever. Gonna suck it up and get over the bitterness of the game glitch. The behavior of the Wiimote on the 3D/2D transition is very Red Steel glitchy.

The game looks great, though!

Nintendo better get its shit together, though. I hope they're cowering in their offices there in Kyoto...they deserve to be.
09/20/10, 21:25   
Serious spoilers in your post.....

The 2D/3D transitions work fantastically....how is it anything like Red Steel?
"Nintendo better get its shit together" What are you talking about?
09/21/10, 01:03   
He's probably referring to how, when you point at the screen, it's always kind of disorienting until you find the cursor.

WTF, SPOILERS. And after I already had the 3rd Season of Dexter spoiled for me this morning. FUUUUUCKKKK.
09/21/10, 02:22   

Lucky for you, Season 4 is one of the best if not the best one yet. Just don't let that get spoiled.
09/21/10, 02:57   
I meant Season 4. That's the one that was spoiled, goddammit.
09/21/10, 03:38   
Would the revelation that Adam is Samus's real father (stepfather killed in Ridley attack) be considered a spoiler?
09/21/10, 16:33   
09/21/10, 17:06   

I know this guy. When in doubt, assume he's joking.
09/21/10, 17:11   
I've played a bit more of the game... and my thoughts thus far are.... eh. The game isn't bad, but I'm not really feelin' it. It's funny, because none of the parts of the game that people (in general) are complaining about don't bother me. Switching from 3rd person to 1st person and back is no big deal. The voice acting/narrative are unobtrusive so far. But... yeah, I dunno. I'm just kinda lukewarm on the whole experience at this point. Maybe things will "warm up" as I get deeper in.

Oh, and you can put me in the camp that thinks the graphics are not quite as good as those seen in the Prime Trilogy.
09/21/10, 17:16   
Not quite? I don't think they're even close to the same level. Were there people saying they were?!
09/21/10, 17:22   
I read Game Informer's review on this game...I quickly put it down after reading it and shaking my head. One of the absolute WORST reviews I've ever read on a game in my life. Here's a full post of it from another site:

Metroid: Other M GI Review

I'd go on a rant of every little detail that I found ridiculous in the review, but if others want to take a shot at it, then be my guest.
09/21/10, 17:41   
Edited: 09/21/10, 17:41
Not gonna give em the hit.
09/21/10, 17:52   

It's from a another site (vgchartz) that posted the whole article for the same reason. Can always mouse over the hyperlink to see.
09/21/10, 18:10   
anandxxx said:
He's probably referring to how, when you point at the screen, it's always kind of disorienting until you find the cursor.

I guess I can see how it would be a bit disorienting, but that part hasn't been a problem for me. I've had the damn thing switch back into 3D mode on me when I'm back in the horizontal position. I suspect that it's a lighting issue as could be the lock-on cursor creeping around the screen when in 3D mode. Trying to destroy those hives has been a nightmare!

Well, I'm actually getting to some good stuff, and the thing that I thought was a glitch wasn't one...just a poorly implemented gameplay mechanic. Starting to actually like the game, now. But the freaking WiiMote flakiness is pissing me off. Will try to adjust the lighting to see if that helps.
09/21/10, 19:38   
I didnt have one problem with the 2D/3D switching. It was so natural... very smooth. I think the folks having issues have either faulty setups or hooks for hands. Do you have hooks for hands? Maybe that's your problem.
09/21/10, 20:11   
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