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GamerGate Explained!!! [locked]
It's this thing on the Internet.

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09/13/14, 05:42    Locked 01/04/16, 01:39

Debacles on all sides.

Just because you're protesting a giant fuck-up, it doesn't automatically mean your protest is either helpful or effective.

But I've been through all that in the Occupy thread.
11/18/14, 03:19   
Justine Tunney basically took over the Occupy Twitter, turned hard right politically, and no longer represents anything close to whatever Occupy represents. There is literally no real connection between Occupy and Gamergate other than someone with much different politics years ago used to be a part of Occupy, and is now a different person with different politics and part of Gamergate.

There are, however, a lot of connections between Gamergate and MRAs, white power groups, etc. now. It seems like every shitty group out there has seen Gamergate as their next recruiting ground for angry white men.

And yes I know notyourshield is a thing. But let's be honest... it's mostly angry white men. Well, and angry white teens.
11/18/14, 04:43   
Edited: 11/18/14, 04:48
Found this while at the opa, user didnt mind a repost here...also since i havent seen this part of the mess covered in this thread might as well put it for the sakes of whatever. I highly recommend to watch the video first.

Posted 03 October 2014 - 07:58 AM

holy fucking shit, THOSE BITCHES!!!!.

this is some pretty scary shit as well, since shes part of a gov-funded team tasked with making teaching-based video games, but you have to wonder what kind of teaching and for what purporse (to fuck with good people, we all know thats all they want, fucken scum)


This project advances educational game research by systematically and experimentally identifying a serious game design that leads to most effective learning” explained Stromer-Galley “Our objective is to turn computer games, which people generally view as entertainment, into powerful learning tools.” The 50-month CYCLES project (Cycles of Your Cognitive Learning, Expectations, and Schema) project is supported by a $8.7-million contract from the U.S. Air Force, and is sponsored by the Sirius Program of the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), an arm of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which heads the nation's intelligence services.

In partnership with game company 1st Playable Productions, the CYCLES project will develop a computer game that will teach players how to recognize six common cognitive decision-making biases: confirmation bias, fundamental attribution bias, bias blind spot, representativeness bias, anchoring bias and projection bias.

Although people are hard wired to attend to certain information and disregard other information when making decisions, that game will train them to become more aware of this process. “Our game will provide ways of thinking to minimize the cognitive processes that lead to biased decision making” explained Martey.

The team of researchers will conduct a series of experiments with undergraduate students at Colorado State University, the University of Arizona, and the University at Albany, SUNY to test various game mechanics’ effect on learning about decision making and cognitive biases. They also are working with consultants from the intelligence community to make sure the game is ultimately relevant to analysts.

Kenski explained “We hope for people to learn about these biases and to think differently when faced with a decision where they don't have all the information and time they want.”

tldr: yeah, they were fucking with us since the start, the gamer bashing was planned long ago to legitimize a couple of fat professor cunts and their stupid fucking ideas.


I have read a good deal of that woman's journal regarding her views on the word "gamer" and how they can change said views, TRULY SICKENING that these types of people exist within academia , but at the same time it seems like its just a bunch of failed social sciences folks trying to give their worthless degrees some worth while licking the great powerful ass of organized neofemenazism.....well, they kinda fucked with the wrong group. Keep emailing i guess.

whoda thunk it huh? loser gaf-types being at the core of it all. goddamn gaf has gone to shit since this.
11/18/14, 20:50   
Edited: 11/18/14, 21:22
I'm confused. Am I supposed to be angry that people want to use games to help people look into their own biases? Like, calling people cunts level angry? Who on Earth operates like this?

Gamergate videos are pretty hilarious though. They provide me some comedy.
11/18/14, 22:42   

My reaction is: Whoop de doo.

All the video proves is that some academics influenced some blogs which influenced some mainstream games journalist sites. This is neither remarkable nor surprising, since that's precisely what media studies departments at Universities are supposed to do - come up with ideas and, if they are popular enough to become adopted in the private sector, affect change that way. I'm not sure why this is taken as if it's shady or a conspiracy, considering the video is upfront about the mainstream sites linking to that guy's blog which links back to the original study. So the process couldn't be more transparent.

What I find more remarkable is how besieged these gamers think they are, so that a transparent and frankly boring-as-shit process is taken as if it's something that demands an emotional reaction. Again, this reminds me of right-wing American politics and the "we're losing our country" mentality that's been going around for years. That video has the tone of an exposé, as if it is showing the secret machinations of academia. When, in fact, all it is is the record of how some ideas about the term "gamer" might have disseminated to a place like Kotaku.

Me? I think the term "gamer" is a little dopey and I've said it for years. More than playing video games, I'm a fan of listening to music. But I don't go around talking about myself as a musicker, as if that's some specific identity I have. Or a movier. Or a TVer. I'm just a human being who enjoys those things. So why is gaming so different?

I'll tell you my theory: Gaming was considered for kids for so long that it had to exist as a sort of subculture for years. Older folks weren't willing to buy into the genre, so it was... I'm not going to say underground, because that's not accurate, but let's say not accepted in mainstream culture. I think that changed with the Wii, actually, and then eventually with smartphones and tablets. Also, those of us who grew up with consoles also simply grew up. My dad wouldn't play games when he was 35 but I certainly will. And now gaming is mainstream and subject to the scrutiny that comes with being another part of the broader culture. And I think all the people who felt really at home in the gamer subculture that developed when gaming was outside of the mainstream are feeling lost in this new world. My reaction? Oh well. If you want to reminisce, you have your memories of when your tastes were the only ones that mattered. You were lucky to have had your tastes catered to for so long. But you're not going to get me to rally behind you just because I've played games all my life.

To be honest, these sorts of gamers strike me as the same assholes who used to call my tastes "kiddie" and stuff like that. If gamer culture is changing then, hey, those self-important bullies are getting what they always deserved.
11/18/14, 23:17   
Edited: 11/18/14, 23:25
kriswright said:
To be honest, these sorts of gamers strike me as the same assholes who used to call my tastes "kiddie" and stuff like that. If gamer culture is changing then, hey, those self-important bullies are getting what they always deserved.

I've said something very similar many times now. It's been inferred by many, many "gamers" on a variety of forums over the years that us Nintendo fans are not "true" hardcore gamers blah blah blah so... why exactly should I care that some people want to kill their precious exclusionary identity?

BTW, maybe only slightly gamergate related but apparently the very much loved in gamergate circles dudes making the anti-Anita movie recruited Jack Thompson to be a part of their movie. Because um... somehow teaming up with Jack Thompson is what the true gamers do now? Ok. I'd link to this but every link I find about it is horrible. Just go search if you actually care.
11/18/14, 23:43   
Edited: 11/18/14, 23:45
This whole thing is a big wet turd.
11/19/14, 00:31   
If I ever say something this mean, please call me out on it. I'd appreciate it.

11/29/14, 23:25   
Mean? Brianna Wu is one of the people gamergate has chosen to harass the F out of. She is most likely referring to the Tweets from her constant harassers. "Especially stupid" is being kind to the vile shit that a long line of gamergaters have flung at her.
11/30/14, 00:52   
Edited: 11/30/14, 02:17

That's some good victim blaming there, Lou.

11/30/14, 02:05   
Edited: 11/30/14, 02:10

I dunno, to me that looks like the same kind of antagonizing thing that Phil Fish would say to make everyone hate him. Maybe you guys have context I don't.
11/30/14, 03:45   
I just told you the context. She has been massively harassed by gamergaters for months now. She is one of the three they harass so much that they started calling her "Literally Who" (1, 2, or 3, I forget which number she got) so that people wouldn't be able to point to how much harassment she gets by name. I think Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian are the other two? I've seen them just constantly dogpiling her.

I guarantee you that what she is referring to are the shitty messages which she is constantly receiving from shitty gamergaters, most of which are insults, threats, or other forms of harassment.

Again, she is being kind by only calling this constant barrage of harassing Tweets "especially stupid". I would not be so kind to people harassing me.
11/30/14, 03:54   

Why would you comment on it without knowing the context?

And it's not like Tweets worthy of being called stupid are some rare thing. There are horrendously awful tweets every second of the day and it should be no surprise to you that many are directed at one of the most popular targets of this ridiculous campaign.
11/30/14, 04:33   
I dunno, I'm pretty sure she was referring to people disagreeing with her about the term "PC Master Race." That's part of the problem with calling hundreds of people stupid, it's hard to tell who or what you're talking about.


Because Brianna is supposed to be this shining light of hope for diversity in games, and when that's how she (and a lot of other big names in this whole thing) treats people, I worry that we're not going to make any progress at all. It's only making things worse.
11/30/14, 04:34   
Edited: 11/30/14, 04:35

Even if you think that she could be more diplomatic, it's ridiculous to look at the situation and your only comment is "that Briana Wu sure is a meanie". And that's from someone who thinks it's laughable to find the term PC Master Race to be "problematic".
11/30/14, 04:41   
No individual is ever the "shining light" of anything, and it is unfair to hold anyone to that standard. It's the same bad logic that is applied when say... a black man becomes president... and suddenly every thing he does wrong "makes blacks look bad". Really? So did everything the previous presidents did wrong make whites look bad? Nah, because there are tons of white presidents. But that doesn't change the fact that Obama is just one dude, he doesn't represent the entire potential of black people or anything.

And this is coming from someone who thinks Obama is a poor president. It's still bad logic to hold him responsible for an entire group of people.

Even sillier when the president is only half black.

But yeah, maybe there is something else she is mad about. I'd wager it is the massive amounts of gamergaters who constantly harass her though.

Speaking of gamergate, this is old and I may have posted it before, but in my eyes it is about the only real response possible to this whole mess:

Gamergate Should Stop Lying to Journalists — and Itself

PS. Is there really some mass of "pro-diversity" people out there acting horrible? I'm following a lot of the big names on Twitter and they seem to be doing fine to me.
11/30/14, 04:43   
Edited: 11/30/14, 04:50

I don't think that's laughable at all.

Look, I'm a believer in fighting fire with love. Maybe that's naive, but a lot of smart people who have changed history seem to have believed the same thing.
11/30/14, 04:44   
But it is easy to fight fire with love when it isn't your house that is constantly being set on fire by a certain group like every damn day. We're the privileged ones here. We shouldn't be policing the way people respond to bullies. We should be doing what we can to stop the bullies.
11/30/14, 04:46   
Edited: 11/30/14, 04:47

I suppose I'll go into full-on victim-blaming mode then by saying that the way she's responding is making the situation worse for everyone, not just her. Stopping bullies and changing how we treat them aren't mutually exclusive goals, they go hand in hand.
11/30/14, 04:51   
Again, speaking from a position of privilege. The idea that victims should always be doing what is "best" is nice on paper, but it ignores the mental state that victims are put into. Hell, even us non-victims can rarely do what is "best" consistently. Disparaging victims who don't do it is misguided. I'm not going to get on anyone's case for how they deal with the constant abuse they receive. It's pointing my energy in the wrong direction.
11/30/14, 04:54   
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