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I want to know your, yes Your. ALL TIME FAVORITE Video Game? or 2?? [roundtable]
I have no idea what my favorite game would be between Super Smash Bros. or Ocarina of Time.
Whats yours??

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04/03/09, 11:25    Edited: 02/18/11, 23:53
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I have two of which between I honesty cannot choose. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Super Metroid. I'd probably give Super Metroid the edge, but only because I'm a bit more into the slick sci-fi setting than the Tolkien-esque fantasy setting. Then again Link to the Past was a longer, fuller experience. Gah. CANNOT CHOOSE.

Metroid Prime takes the #3 spot but it just misses being able to stand with those two. Though now with some time I think it's pretty close, I guess I'm just a bit harsher on games now than I was in the SNES days. More cynical maybe?

As you can see I really like the action/adventure genre. I mean true action/adventure, with awesome fighting and bosses fights and huge worlds to explore and puzzles, not like... OMG WE'RE SLIGHTLY NON-LINEAR, WE'RE CALLING IT AN ADVENTURE! But between the fantasy swordplay and the sci-fi shooting, I'm not sure what action/adventure franchise could ever come out and stand up with these two. It's like those two franchises have the genre covered and everything else feels like a copy in some form.

That's my top 3 for sure. No doubt about it, those 3 games were experiences for me unlike anything else. But everything after #3 becomes tough. My top 10 would probably include games from Lemmings to Yoshi's Island to Advance Wars to Resident Evil 4... but I can't really put numbers on those experiences.
04/03/09, 19:36   
Funny you should ask now, I compiled my top 5 the other day, and began compiling a top 50 while bored.

I believe my top 5 is...

1. Super Mario Galaxy
2. Super Metroid
2. Metroid Prime
4. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
5. Banjo-Kazooie

Note the tie between Super Metroid and Prime...I can't choose one or the other! And I chose Banjo-Kazooie for #5 just for a little bit of variety. It was a toss-up between it, Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros. 3, and just didn't want two Mario games in the top 5.

Compiling a top 50 is really hard. Well, it wasn't difficult to think of 50 favourite games, but actually ranking them in order is...very hard. I'll post it here if I successfully rank all of them :]

Oh, and I realized that 90% of the games in my 50 are by Nintendo, or appeared on a Nintendo system...if not more than 90.
04/04/09, 06:27   
Screw variety man, top game list is top game list! Banjo Kazooie was a great game though.

I guess my top 10 would naturally have good variety just because it is usually only the first big game in a franchise that truly impresses me, and after that point I might think the games are quality and all but they lack that something... freshness? The exception might be the SNES, some of those games were a pretty big leap over already great NES games. But as much as I loved the NES, not many NES games would really be in my top games list outside maybe Mario 1/3 and the Legend of Zelda.
04/04/09, 07:17   
Griptor, Super Mario Galaxy. Have you finished the game? if so How many times..
I'm up to playing as Luigi and then i stopped playing.
lately I've just been mainly playing Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike Source. Even though these games are repetitive i can play for hours. I'm no sure why, maybe it'd the multiplayer aspects of these games. I JUST LOVE THE GUNZ BLAZING
04/04/09, 14:15   
I'm gonna have to buck the pro-nintendo trend and go with Metal Gear Solid 2.

I know what you're thinking, MGS2, that one was so inferior to the original. I think it's a combo of hitting me at the right point in my life, being a really great game, and being the first huge game I've ever played. Before that I never had the sense of a real complete world that existed in its own right.

Also up there would be GTA:SA. Freedom never felt some awesome. A huge world with infinite things to do. GTAIV just didn't deliver in that area at all.

Fallout 3 is really making a strong push up to the top of my all time games as well.
04/04/09, 18:44   
'I know what you're thinking, MGS2, that one was so inferior to the original.'

Nah I was thinking MGS2, that one was so inferior to 3. And 4. AND the original. Ha ha. I just couldn't get into 2, the Big Shell was kind of a boring setting, Raiden was lame and the bosses were even lamer, etc. Then again I didn't play it until a few years after it came out, I can sort of see how at the time there wasn't much like it, but by the time I got around to it there were a lot of big games like that.
04/05/09, 09:23   
Ocarina of Time beyond a doubt. I know it sounds poncy, but it changed the way I saw video games. There's not many hugely long games that I will spend the time going back to in order to finish them more than once, and more than 2 times is a very rare thing indeed. But I've played through Ocarina about 6 or 7 times now. (Last time was that 3-heart challenge thing, next time I go through it I'm going to try all those glitchy sequence breaking tricks that reportedly make the end even harder).

I will give ALTTP kudos for its overworld, from a purely design perspective, it stomps all over Ocarina of Time, but I played OoT first so thats where the magic lies for me. (im just wondering how amazing a full 3D remake of ALTTP would go down). The next Zelda needs more super secret and hard to find kickass optional items like the magic cape.

Mario 64 & Banjo Kazooie are right up there of course (I have trouble seperating them, they both have their good points)

GoldenEye still stands the test of time for me in terms of shooter fun. I haven't really played any other shooter since that I've enjoyed so much. Probably because I usually get my ass kicked these days.

I'm rambling now....lets finish off with Golden Sun (this franchise needs a Wii version with motion controlled Psynergy puzzles) and Metroid: Zero Mission. I know it was a remake, but I played that game to death when it came out. It summed up everything that makes the Metroid series great in one amazingly replayable package- Perfectly balanced boss fights, cleverly hidden areas and upgrades, and absolutely amazing level design.
04/05/09, 10:28   
I'm going to base my decision of favorite game on hours played, this time at least. With that in mind I have to say my favorite is Advance Wars: Dual Strike. I have 170+ hours, so far... I will play the game again I'm sure. The whole series is great (ok, I didn't love Days of Ruin), but Dual Strike is the best of the best. It's engrossing and challenging and has great replay value. The series reaches a crescendo unit variety and massive tag team special attacks. There are a bunch of single player modes some of which I have barely tapped into, even after all those hours. Then there is the multi-player too which is fun, although I have only played it a couple of times.

And a shout out to Metroid Prime and RE4, as well as many others too numerous to list.
04/05/09, 23:06   
I'm gonna have to say Super Mario Galaxy. There's a ton of games out there that I've enjoyed, and there are definitely games that I've spent a lot more time playing overall. However, when it really comes down to it, there's no other game that I had as much sheer fun playing as I did with SMG. Everything was so magical, and well put together. Not only is it my favorite game of all time, but it provided me with Gusty Garden Galaxy, which is also my favorite song of all time (edging out Dragonforce and Blind Guardian). The whole package was so engrossing. It's tough to really put it in words. So much variety and creativity.

I also love the Pikmin games, Wind Waker (obviously) and The World Ends With You. All would be in my top 5.
04/06/09, 03:30   
wow playing Dual Strike for 170+ hours is a crazy effort. i might of played for 30 or so. if that.. I'm not sure that i even finished it once.
these responses are AWESOME!
04/06/09, 09:56   
"But as much as I loved the NES, not many NES games would really be in my top games list outside maybe Mario 1/3 and the Legend of Zelda."

Agreed. There really aren't many NES games in my top 50...only 3, I think. Super Mario Bros., SMB3 and maybe Kirby's Adventure. Don't know for sure whether Kirby actually made it in the 50... my list is on my drive at college, so I can't check!

"Griptor, Super Mario Galaxy. Have you finished the game? if so How many times.."

Yeah! I beat it three times in a row, and started a fourth playthrough but stopped early on. Mario, Luigi, Mario and then started Luigi but stopped.
It seems I usually go through my top favourite games three times in a row at launch. That applied to Metroid Prime, too :)

Y'all have good taste in games.
04/06/09, 10:37   
I think between my brother and I we have over 200 hours on Dual Strike. Definitely a very addictive game and there is so much packed into it. I would say it is the best of the Advance Wars games to date, but if I had to choose one for how it affected me at the time, I'd go with the original GBA version just because it was amazing AND new. Newness means a lot to me.
04/06/09, 20:10   
Well, the best game of all time is probably Super Metroid, but if I had to pick my favorite, I think I'd have to go with the original Metroid. I used to beat that damned game every single day when I was a wee lad.
04/06/09, 23:03   
Oddly enough, I never really got into Metroid back in the days. Borrowed it from a friend, played around with it a bit, was very confused and not super interested and moved on. And then I tried going back to it when it came out as a bonus in Zero Mission and I got a lot further than I ever did as a kid, but eventually got kind of lost and didn't feel like running all over trying to figure out where to go next.

Super Metroid though... that game changed my life.
04/07/09, 20:23   
It's Pokemon Platinum.

To be more accurate, it's the Pokemon series as a whole, but with Platinum being the best version out, it only makes sense that I refer to it.

I've sunk major, major hours into this series, and though I've fought for decades to not have it be my favorite game of all time.. it really is. I don't know why I didn't want to admit that, but it is. Every gen a Pokemon game is released, it takes up a lionshare of my time.

Platinum is pretty much Diamond/Pearl+, and I LOVED D/P, so it's really a no-brainer for me.

My whole top ten...

Pokemon Platinum
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
Final Fantasy 6
Chrono Trigger
Super Metroid
Super Mario Bros. 3
Metroid Prime
Super Punch Out!!

In that order.
04/08/09, 10:05   
true, Pokemon would be up there for me. i would of spent 100's of hours playing those games.
04/08/09, 16:22   
Indeed. I'm at... 485 Hours in Diamond, I think? I hit 520 hours in Ruby long ago, re-played my Sapphire file an ungodly amount of times, my Emerald file is at 450 hours, and now I'm playing Platinum.

...yeah, kinda' hard for me NOT to say "Pokemon is my favorite game of all time."

Also, as an aside... walked into GameStop randomly during a Writer's Session with me and my buddy at the mall, and saw Final Fantasy Tactics A2 for $19.99... new?! I had to grab it. They had Chrono Trigger for $29.99, I ALMOST bought it until I saw FFTA2.

I'm so very happy to have my DS back... *sheds tear*
04/09/09, 08:09   
Hmm Dyna, maybe you can help me with my poke woes:P

You have no idea how bloody hard it has been for me to find a Gligar! (or Gliscor) No-one I know seems to have Emerald, it is annoying.

I'm still on the hunt for Suicune, Entei, Groudon, and Latios although I purloined a half completed copy of Ruby from a mate so I could get the latter two, and am currently on the hunt for Suicune in my copy of Fire Red. (he's being a bitch though and all the repels in the world don't seem to be making him appear) No idea how I'm going to get Entei though. I could restart Red, but I'm rather lazy.

I miss the days when there was only 151 pokemon. It made life much easier.
04/13/09, 03:43   
You get Gligar pretty early in Platinum.

But if you need one, I can trade. I got a lot of them sitting around in Emerald/Diamond from when I was breeding for the right nature and Baton Pass.

As for the legendaries... the Legendary Beasts are a tough get, I got mine from Pokemon Colosseum/XD. Entei... I think you might be able to get him in Platinum, but DO NOT QUOTE ME on that. :p
04/15/09, 05:35   
04/15/09, 05:41   
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