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Fess up! Do you get irritated/annoyed when people diss something you enjoy? [roundtable]
Perhaps even ANGRY? Even though they aren't making a personal attack on you? (I guess it could be considered a personal attack, but I mean something that adversely affects you or someone important to you directly.)

I always thought of myself as fairly level-headed, but I have to admit, I do get annoyed by what I perceive as unfounded ignorance towards something I like. Like, I was listening to some recent episode of Rebel FM (I only listen occasionally, when they discuss a game that interests me (or when Robert Ashley is on)), and they were talking about Nintendo, and blood was just pouring from my ears. I was like, "How could they be so fucking stupid and ignorant about an entire library?! Their job is to play and write about games!! They seem knowledgeable about every other console! And their tastes are both elitist and overly mainstream, while still being abysmal! WTF!!"

But it doesn't always happen. If someone was to tell me the concrete reasons why they preferred one thing to another, I don't think I'd have any problem with their opinion. It's just that stupid, dismissive attitude that comes from ignorance, rather than personal experience. I seriously hate that shit. Especially when it seems to be the 'majority opinion', an accepted 'truth' among the community.

I can recognize that the stem of that feeling is some sort of synaptical malfunction, though, a lack of maturity, where even though I know that I shouldn't give a shit about what people say, ESPECIALLY if it comes from a position of ignorance, I get irritated, anyway. Emotion should never override reason. There is a legitimate reason to be irritated by dismissive ignorance in the press, though, since it's so widespread. It probably HAS directly influenced the games that the Wii has received.

Anyway, I also dislike a lot of things, many of them sacred cows, so maybe I should check my own behavior, but I'd like to think that I follow my internal rules and at least speak from personal experience with reasonable arguments.

So how's about youse guys?

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06/09/10, 17:31
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Tubbah, I've noticed that whenever you post, you always make these sweeping generalizations about this board, without ever specifying what incident or post made you think, for instance, that "some people just make complete douche bags of themselves". It's not very conducive to discussion. It's annoying. Stop it.

Hey, if you've got a problem with something someone said, just go ahead and say it in that thread. Quote the person, and disagree with him... with respect.

This board is trying to get away from the usual discussion board BS like board-bashing, constant insinuations, etc. I think you've started on the wrong foot here, but hopefully you can change.
06/10/10, 06:24
Yeah I don't have any idea who you are but I'm definitely about to delete your account unless you give me a good reason not to.
06/10/10, 06:25

Why don't you point out the douche bags, instead of lumping everyone in with them? It's far more productive to the community of these sorts of things can be discussed respectfully. Comments like this offer nothing of value and only make YOU look like the douche bag.

I'm sure you can contribute to this forum, but you need to tone down the attitude.
06/10/10, 07:07
I might've been unclear, but I was mainly talking about people being dismissive of games they hadn't actually played (or, worse, entire libraries they were clearly unfamiliar with). That's what I meant by ignorant. I don't need anyone to write me a thesis on why they didn't like something. If they earnestly tried to enjoy a game, but didn't, and can't explain exactly why, that's fine. Most of my reactions are from the gut, but I think it's fun to try to analyze why I had them. And I kind of feel like a reasonable explanation is the difference between being negative and critical.

Really? I was a pretty big fan of Vs., back in the day.

Just watched the video. It definitely doesn't sound like their early stuff. Very strange. Neat animation, though.
06/10/10, 07:12
People who diss Ewoks, LEAVE THE EWOKS ALONE!
06/10/10, 07:19
When I was younger I'd get angry if someone made fun of something I liked but as I'm older now I don't care. I will correct someone or agrue with them why I think they're wrong if they try to say untruths about something. But if they don't like it then that's their choice. Who am I to say otherwise? They can also make fun of it all they want, it's their loss. It doesn't affect me and my life in any way. It's just wasted energy dwelling on what other people think.
06/10/10, 07:33
nhatch said:
People who diss Ewoks, LEAVE THE EWOKS ALONE!
That's right, leave them on the fire. Ewok steaks are mighty tastey.
06/10/10, 07:34

yea I wasn't referencing your example as much as people who said they needed a rational explanation to not get mad. But even in your example, they've probably played something and maybe that's all they need to know it's not for them. As far as I can tell Zero has only watched someone play some World of Warcraft and has decided the PC is a meaningless gaming platform
06/10/10, 07:56
Nah it is more based on the PC not having Nintendo. That makes it worthless.
06/10/10, 08:02

NASCAR is awesome! Its an All-American sport built on the fundamentals of greatness!
I'm not a church-y guy, but its still nice to see both an opening prayer and the National Anthem before an event.
I'm sorry if that offends anyone, but yeah. They're the only sport/motorsport/"sport" that does it.

I enjoy the competition; its "i can one up you" in its rawest(?) form. "I'll get there first, beat me if you can."

"Oh, can Nascar drivers even turn right?" Do you prefer them to drive in a straight line for 500 miles??
That would be kinda weird..and inefficient? Other fields/arenas go back and forth, why can't cars?

Also, Nascar draws like, a ton of people each race. Somebody is watching/enjoying it.
--Its more fun if you have your "favorite," too..like any sport.
06/10/10, 08:03
Zero said:
Nah it is more based on the PC not having Nintendo. That makes it worthless.

Sorry, I was just playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 in 1080p with 16x anti-aliasing, with my real Wii remotes nonetheless... you were saying? ;D
06/10/10, 08:05

Joke's on you:

06/10/10, 08:06
@Xbob42 I might be impressed if all of that computer jargon meant anything to me.
06/10/10, 08:12
Zero said:
@Xbob42 I might be impressed if all of that computer jargon meant anything to me.

It means this!

And it's a damn shame that "AA" (Anti-aliasing) is still "computer jargon," goddamn consoles and their lack of it! THE JAGGIES! MAH EYES!
06/10/10, 08:14

JAGGIES?! This isn't Monster Hunter! Boooooo!!
06/10/10, 08:15
And it's a damn shame that "AA" (Anti-aliasing) is still "computer jargon," goddamn consoles and their lack of it! THE JAGGIES! MAH EYES!

I will never to this day understand why people say 'jaggies' hurt their eyes so much...never will...over-exaggeration to the max.
06/10/10, 08:17
Like others, it annoys me when people are ignorant or stupid, but I don't have a problem with people having a different opinion from mine.

While it does bother me when people are blindly against something I love, it still bothers me even if it's something I'm not into. I don't really like most rap for instance, but I still find it annoying when people say it's not "real music" or anything stupid like that.
06/10/10, 08:23
CB200 said:
I will never to this day understand why people say 'jaggies' hurt their eyes so much...never will...over-exaggeration to the max.

Well that's mostly just a way of saying jaggies are ugly. The same way watching someone with their head blown off hurts your eyes. (Okay, maybe not that horrifyingly traumatizing, but still.)

Also, at least for me, it does make my eyes ache a bit since the curvature of everything is turned into staircases, which is very jarring to me, which also makes it very distracting.
06/10/10, 09:33
I usually like a lot when people disagree with me it makes a good discussion and i can see why they disagree. That said i hate people diss something i love without even knowing what they are talking about, the kind that say something about a game like they are experts but haven't even played/watch it.

Also i get really angry when people make a mistake on a medicine theme and when i try to correct them they they ignore me or use the "it was on t.v. so you are wrong".
06/10/10, 15:22
I think it's possible to delve so deeply into something that you're completely forgiving of its flaws and completely enamored by its redeeming quality, so even though you're massively informed on it, you're completely biased.

Music comes to mind. I can think of artists that I disliked upon first hearing them, and I then I may or may not have summarily dismissed them. Some, I explored further, acclimated to the initially undesirable qualities, and then grew an appreciation (sometimes fanatical). Funny enough, this actually happened to me with a video game, Halo.
06/10/10, 16:25
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