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Nintendo's E3 Predict-a-ton 2010 (win XP!)

Zero asked me to prepare a prediction quiz for the biggest show of the year, and I was happy to oblige.

The time is nearly upon us. Nintendo will be taking two hours on June 15th, 9am PST, to unveil their future offerings that are highly likely to include a lavish new Zelda game and a very fancy new portable system. But how well do you know your Nintendo stuff?


To play!:

Choose as many statements as you like (eg. A01, A03, A09, A13, B02, B03, B04, C5... etc.)

They're split into four groups depending on how likely they are. You'll either win or lose those points depending on how the show plays out. Too many wrong guesses and you'll end up with a negative score!

As this is an official quiz this time around there will be XP to play for too. Every point of your final score will count as 1000XP. This might sound generous but the victor in the Fall Media Summit quiz was jacksrb with +10 points, so it's not as easy as it sounds. However, the top three predictors will also get a big XP boost, so there's plenty to play for.

Please post your predictions by the end of the 14th!

No editing.

If there are any solid leaks in advance of the show, those statements will be locked down so it might help to get your guesses in early.

A) Most Likely : 2pts

01) Zelda trailer!

02) Wii Vitality sensor's killer app unveiled

03) Vitality sensor shown to do more than measure heart rate

04) 3DS is shown in action

05) 3DS is officially... "Nintendo 3DS"

06) Nintendo's main 3DS launch game is an enhanced remake

07) Nintendo's main 3DS launch game is a sequel to an existing Nintendo IP

08) 3DS revealed to have at least one more new key feature

09) Epic Mickey first footage

10) The Last Story first footage

11) Xenoblade confirmed for US release

12) 1 new WM+ Nintendo game revealed

13) Retro's game not mentionned

14) Project Sora's game not mentionned

15) A new Mario game is announced

16) Level-5's Time Travellers confirmed for 3DS

B) Maybe : 4pts

01) New Zelda features Mii's in a major way

02) New Zelda features Mii's in a minor way

03) Zelda Wii playable on the show floor

04) Nintendo's main 3DS launch game is a new IP

05) 3DS will launch in the Americas this holiday season

06) 3DS playable on the show floor

07) 3DS priced under $200

08) 3D movies to be sold in 3DS format

09) Big 3rd party franchise to be at/near 3DS launch

10) Xenoblade playable for the first time

11) Epic Mickey playable

12) Zelda confirmed for 2010

13) At least one new 3rd party Vitality sensor game

14) Vitality Sensor used in a 'core' game

15) Retro's new game named - LOCKED

16) Retro's new game shown - LOCKED

17) Project Sora's new game named

18) Project Sora's new game shown

19) A new F-Zero game is announced

20) Monster Games' (ExciteTruck/Bots)next project revealed

21) Next Level Games' (Mario Strikers/PunchOut) next project revealed

22) A third Wii Sports title is announced

23) Wii Music+ is announced

24) 2 new WM+ Nintendo games revealed

25) Wii's online system to be upgraded

26) Mario Kart for 3DS

27) Animal Crossing for 3DS

28) Wario Ware 3D

C) I don't know... : 6 pts

01) Pikmin 3 trailer

02) First footage of Dragon Quest X

03) A new Wii accesory is announced

04) Nintendo announces a new close-relationship with a major 3rd party

05) New Zelda is Mii-free outside of menus

06) New Zelda uses GPGPU technology to enhance graphics

07) A new Kid Icarus game is announced

08) A new Pilot Wings game is announced

09) A new Wave Race or 1080 game is announced

10) A new Star Fox game is announced

11) Kirby Wii finally unveiled

12) Luigi's Mansion 2 announced

13) Luigi's Mansion 2 will use the Vitality Sensor

14) New Software Development Kit for the Wii unlocks GPGPU features

15) No substantial info on Wii's successor

16) Factor 5's Rogue Squadron game revealed

17) New Wii color/s announced

18) New game from Intelligent Systems is announced

19) SEGA revives a beloved IP on the Wii/3DS

20) 3DS will launch in the Americas next year

21) 3DS only playable by invitation at the show

22) Final Fantasy V, VI or VII remake announced for 3DS

23) Dragon Quest VII or VIII remake announced for 3DS

24) 3DS priced over $200

25) 3DS confirmed to have a more open app-style store

26) 3DS to stream 3D movies

27) Zelda bumped in 2011

D) What the what? : 10 pts

01) 3DS is literally as powerful as the 360 or PS3

02) Zelda renamed "Legend of Mii"

03) Pikmin 3 playable on the show floor

04) Pokemon MMO

05) Retro's game playable on the show floor

06) Square-Enix announces a Nintendo IP project

07) An online-centric 1st party game is announced

08) WiiHD system upgrade

09) 3DS is also a phone

10) Zangeki no Reginleiv gets a release date

11) Sega Saturn added to VC

12) Metroid Dread

13) Substantial info about Wii's successor

Optional Bonus Prediction:

For an extra 10 points, you can predict a 3DS game . For instance: Pokemon Snap 3DS.




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06/07/10, 19:15    Edited: 05/16/11, 19:06
Sorry to bump an old thread but are we having another one of these this year?
05/12/11, 23:32   
Ha ha nice job Infinitywave, now you're stuck with this EVERY YEAR!!!
05/12/11, 23:35   
Yay! I love this thread. Lets do it again!

I think the top three should get Infinitywave woot shirts!
05/12/11, 23:38   
05/13/11, 00:42   
Yeah, I just remembered this last night. We want another one.
05/13/11, 00:48   

"...Isn't the 3DS already out??.....why would they release new things about it after release......"
05/13/11, 00:51   
I was reading through all the comments looking for a reason as to why the retro studios predictions were locked down failing to notice this was a thread from last year!
I was like WTF when was anything announced about what their doing for Cafe!!!!!
05/13/11, 01:20   
Predict-a-ton will return!

Expect it.

05/16/11, 17:00   
Edited: 05/16/11, 17:09

If you want to make it easier on yourself, people can suggest predictions.
05/16/11, 17:06   
My purpose :

A - Nintendo :

1- Skyward Sword for Wii & Café unveiled.

2- Skyward Sword for Wii only.

3- Wii games will be upscaled to 720p or 1080p on Café.

4- Wii games will run more likely at 480p (or 576i like the European version of Mad World...)

5- Rare announce games on 3DS ! Viva Pińata (sigh...) and Donkey Kong Country 3D (ah !) !

6- Factor 5 is back and announce Star Wars Rogue Squadron 3D remake. Plus, they show their famous unknown Wii game they're making for ages.

7- Project Café's name is... Stream !

8- Project Café's name is... Feel !

9- Skyward Sword will be a linear game (wtf ?!)

10- Majora's Mask 3D unveiled on... 3DS.

11- A new Super Smash Bros to be part of Café's lineup !!

12- The new Super Smash Bros is full of third party characters, like a "Nintendo" clan vs "Third party" clan.

13- The "WiiPad" controller is fake, Nintendo will show a full motion controller like an very enhanced Wiimote.

14- Or maybe everything about the "WiiPad" is true and Nintendo'll show the most expansive controller after Kinect.

15- Online on Café will be like Xbox Live, with a real chat system and a decent online service.
05/16/11, 18:18   
Edited: 05/16/11, 18:20
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