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Official game database thread for new games in the database, reviews, etc. [community]
Hey guys, I decided to make a thread to call attention to one of our major features here, the Game Database. I'll probably bump it from time to time to let everyone know about new hot games that have been added that you can add to your collections or rate.

First, let me explain a few things about rating games and adding them to your collection. Everyone (yes, even you -1ers!) can rate games and add them to your collection. This is a pretty simple process. Go up to the menu above and select GAMES -> Game Database, or just CLICK HERE. You will see a list of titles you can browse, and you can also search for specific titles with the search feature at the top, and even add games you can't find with the little bar at the top right above the search functionality that says "Submit a Game (keywords)". To add a game to your collection you check the box under "Owned" next to the game, and to rate it you select a number under "You" (you can add without rating and vice versa, if you want to). You can do one game or a whole page at a time, and when you are ready to submit your collection and ratings updates, click the "CLICK TO UPDATE THIS PAGE OF YOUR COLLECTION AND RATINGS" bar that can be found at either the top or bottom. Simple!

You can also rate games and add them to your collection from the individual game pages that you access when you click on any game from the main game page. For instance, if you were on the Mario Party 6 page there is a box in the top right where you can add it to your collection or rate it and click the "PUSH" button to update.

Now, let me explain something about writing game reviews. Again, everyone (yes, even you -1ers!) can write reviews for the site. This is a pretty simple process. Like before, go up to the menu above and select GAMES -> Game Database (or just CLICK HERE. Select the game you want to review (you can use the search at the top to find games quickly) and click on it. Near the top right of the page for that individual game you will see "Add a review" with a little plus next to it. Click the plus, write your review, choose a score (or not, if you don't like scoring reviews) and submit. Easy as pie!

And don't worry about not being formal enough, or sticking to a specific review format, or whatever. As long as you can write a paragraph or two and put your thoughts into a semi-coherent form, everything is good. Also, reviews of older games are totally acceptable, for instance I recently posted a WarioWare: Twisted! review of mine that I wrote like 6 years ago or whatever.

Alright, that's all I have for now. Use the features guys!

URL to share (right click and copy)
06/03/10, 21:11    Edited: 05/11/12, 21:42
i know you guys have been bugging me, so I just added:

NASCAR The Game: Inside Line
NASCAR Unleashed
NASCAR Kart Racing

EDIT- Also:
Barbie Dreamhouse Party
Hot Wheels World's Best Driver
03/12/14, 01:02   
Edited: 03/12/14, 01:16
I added Titanfall. And should I add Killer Instinct Classic? You can't outright buy it, you can only get it as a part of the DLC for the Xbox One Killer Instinct. But if you do get the DLC, KIClassic is a separate game.
03/14/14, 07:14   
lol. Just now thought to add my own game to the database. Shapes of Gray is in there now.
03/15/14, 01:51   
I forget what the verdict was if we went over this, but should expansion packs be added to the database as their own entries? For example, PC expansion packs and such. They are typically sold separately and not as DLC, especially older ones. So should they get their own entry?
03/24/14, 01:54   
@Mop it up

I always thought the deal was "no," but I paid a TON more attention to the Database in a Pre-PC/XBOX/PS world.

03/24/14, 23:43   
I added Devil's Third to the database I'm happy to see it see the light of day again!

@Mop it up I think Zero still has yet to come to a conclusion regarding that D:
06/12/14, 06:04   
A duplicate game was recently added to the database: DK King of Swing

This game is already in the database as Donkey Kong: King of Swing

Technically, "DK: King of Swing" appears to be the correct title, so the original entry should probably also be changed to reflect that.
06/30/14, 23:38   
Threw in some Wii U boxart, and also added for your pleasure:

TRANSFORMERS: Rise of the Dark Spark
09/24/14, 22:19   
Did some more Wii U boxart. We should be up to speed on everything available. plopped some TEMP stuff in, too.

-I think Sacrilegium has been cancelled. Off the Wikipedia "Wii U Games" list, and nothing on GameFAQS.
-"Yarn Yoshi" is now known as "Yoshi's Wooly World." Can someone change it, please?
-"The Letter" comes highly recommended, so says Negative World.
09/25/14, 07:05   
..And we still have two entries for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Pool of Radiance.

EDIT- After reading the description for Kid Klown, I think we should have a "Don't Want" designation, as opposed to "Wanted."

EDIT2- NES boxart complete up through the O's. If you find one missing A-O, let me/us know!
09/26/14, 08:31   
Edited: 09/26/14, 10:13
I just added a bunch of PC games. Basically my whole collection. People should rate more PC games!

And I turned the repeat D&D game into Gone Home on the Wii U because it is coming very soon supposedly, so why not?
12/21/14, 02:44   
Can I add games again, or is the MySQL thing still an issue?
12/21/14, 23:05   
Huh? I don't recall what the issue was? I just added a bunch of games...
12/22/14, 05:44   
I thought you said the database was part of why you were going over your allotted MySQL minutes, and so that's why you temporarily shut down some of its features. So I stopped adding new games because I didn't want to use any more minutes so that you could get back down under your allotment.
12/23/14, 21:31   
Oh! Well the MySQL thing was really only an issue with certain chunks of MySQL, mostly related to huge joins for forum and game database stuff. I've changed or blocked off most of the messiest stuff. Inserting a game is minimal, shouldn't be an issue. Add!
12/23/14, 21:36   
Ah, okay, I guess I didn't really understand it then. I just didn't want to cause any more problems for you.
12/23/14, 21:41   
Could someone remove the five individual "Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse" episodes? That was an inefficient way to add that game to the database.
03/23/15, 16:19   
But you can buy individual episodes, right? So it wouldn't make sense to say you own the whole thing if you only own episode 1.
03/23/15, 18:59   
Just updated boxart for Splatoon and Woolly World.

Only two people have Splatoon as "Wanted?" For shaaame.
05/13/15, 21:59   
@Mr_Mustache I usually forget to keep up with the "wanted" stuff. Looks like I already had Yoshi marked, but I marked the other one now.
05/13/15, 22:45   
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