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Official game database thread for new games in the database, reviews, etc. [community]
Hey guys, I decided to make a thread to call attention to one of our major features here, the Game Database. I'll probably bump it from time to time to let everyone know about new hot games that have been added that you can add to your collections or rate.

First, let me explain a few things about rating games and adding them to your collection. Everyone (yes, even you -1ers!) can rate games and add them to your collection. This is a pretty simple process. Go up to the menu above and select GAMES -> Game Database, or just CLICK HERE. You will see a list of titles you can browse, and you can also search for specific titles with the search feature at the top, and even add games you can't find with the little bar at the top right above the search functionality that says "Submit a Game (keywords)". To add a game to your collection you check the box under "Owned" next to the game, and to rate it you select a number under "You" (you can add without rating and vice versa, if you want to). You can do one game or a whole page at a time, and when you are ready to submit your collection and ratings updates, click the "CLICK TO UPDATE THIS PAGE OF YOUR COLLECTION AND RATINGS" bar that can be found at either the top or bottom. Simple!

You can also rate games and add them to your collection from the individual game pages that you access when you click on any game from the main game page. For instance, if you were on the Mario Party 6 page there is a box in the top right where you can add it to your collection or rate it and click the "PUSH" button to update.

Now, let me explain something about writing game reviews. Again, everyone (yes, even you -1ers!) can write reviews for the site. This is a pretty simple process. Like before, go up to the menu above and select GAMES -> Game Database (or just CLICK HERE. Select the game you want to review (you can use the search at the top to find games quickly) and click on it. Near the top right of the page for that individual game you will see "Add a review" with a little plus next to it. Click the plus, write your review, choose a score (or not, if you don't like scoring reviews) and submit. Easy as pie!

And don't worry about not being formal enough, or sticking to a specific review format, or whatever. As long as you can write a paragraph or two and put your thoughts into a semi-coherent form, everything is good. Also, reviews of older games are totally acceptable, for instance I recently posted a WarioWare: Twisted! review of mine that I wrote like 6 years ago or whatever.

Alright, that's all I have for now. Use the features guys!

URL to share (right click and copy)
06/03/10, 21:11    Edited: 05/11/12, 21:42
@Mr_Mustache Man, you sure are being sensitive to the feelings of the user in question here. Basically saying an individual woman's feelings are silly when you're trying to argue that you have a sense of how the site should be in regards to making women feel comfortable... not a very strong argument.

Also why do you say "even" your own wife? Yes, she is a woman, but she's not "women" as a whole. And no one says her opinion doesn't matter, she is 100% free to come here and express it whenever she wants. Did someone tell her she isn't?

What is your issue with the image situation though? No one in charge told anyone to remove it. Are you saying random users shouldn't be able to express disapproval? That wouldn't make any sense.
09/11/13, 00:53   
Edited: 09/11/13, 00:54

-I'M- being sensitive? I'm telling you what another woman said. Again, one woman's rights trumps another? Shouldn't it be a wash, or something? One would think.. But apparently not. No, my wife isn't "women," but other women aren't "women" either. You're defining "what this is" by one person.

And that "100% free to express" sounds like a good deal.

--No, nobody removed it, but everyone got an earful on the boards, and I got one at home, and one user contemplated leaving and felt bad about himself for a few days.
09/11/13, 01:04   

I'd be very surprised if as many male users on the site are keen to having a smut thread as you're assuming.
09/11/13, 01:13   
Who said one woman's right trumps another? Whoever it was (forget who) had the right to speak her mind. Your wife has the right to speak her mind. Both have the same right. I had the right to speak my mind, you had the right to speak your mind, everyone on the forum had the right to chime in, from the old schoolers to the n00bz. The moderation team took no action because we deemed the image not worthy of moderation, the poster of the image decided to remove it. What is the issue here? You want people to be free to speak their minds, unless they don't want to see something that you do, and then they need to shut up about it?

When it comes to actual smut though, yes, the right for all of my users to feel comfortable with their browsing experience trumps the right for people to post smut on the forum. I consider this forum a place for all and that requires some give. Much like you wouldn't have a party and invite all of your friends and family, male and female, atheist and Christian, etc. and then leave smut laying all over the house and expect everyone to totally be cool with it (I hope you wouldn't?), we're not going to do that here.

Actually stop and think about what is gained (understanding that, again, it wasn't just one person's complaints, it was many) versus lost with this decision and you might begin to grasp my thinking.
09/11/13, 01:16   
I didn't have a problem with the "smut" thread personally, but I support its removal. Aside from it making a number of users uncomfortable, it's outside the scope of the site, and there's nothing there anyone couldn't just find via a google search.
09/11/13, 01:35   

The way that it all was handled (even un-moderated) is.

We were made to feel like filthy, filthy heathens when it was basically a "nothing" pic. And you keep talking about "attracting women" like they're this awesome commodity that is going to springboard you to the cover of TIME or something if we get 50 girls to join, or something. Take this back to equality (love it); why is it more important to you that women join the site than guys? Have you thanked Pokefreak for signing up lately? If you want to disguise your desire as "more points of view and wider dialogue,"..I guess? C'mon, man..


"Locating" it isn't the problem, "talking about it with your buds" is. Can't do that on Yahoo...alone.
09/11/13, 02:39   
.... I've now gone back a few pages here and reading some of this.....the fact that there's page after page of you all trying to understand what "women think/want" and if a smut thread is not ok?.... First Zero, this is your site, and you should do with it as you see fit. I get that. As a female, let me tell you, smut is everywhere. TV. Movies. Mags. Books. Video games. INTERNET. It happens. This is in our generation, our culture. Don't feel you have to take on the burden of making this the one place on the internet where women can feel safe. It's fine! No one is asking you do that. People are people and every one has a opinion. Like that trope girl. Some people feel she is 100% right and back her up, me? I watched them. I think she just wanted some attention....funny how she made sure she was on screen for most of it with her hair and makeup done and big fashionable earrings. I guess it just seems like a waste of energy and time to go back and forth about this stuff. if someone wants to talk smut, let them. If they want a music thread, so be it! The threads don't make the website, the people that belong to it do. So when you open a thread and see people all argue and take stabs at each other, in my opinion and mine alone, that looks worst then a thread about smut, you know?
09/11/13, 04:47   
Edited: 09/11/13, 04:48
Having some sort of NSFW opt-in filter seems to be the best way to do this. It 'cleans up the joint' a little if we're worried about classing the site up, but also lets us not forget our roots as "that place that Zero runs where we can all hang out and chat like we would in real life."
09/11/13, 05:20   
@Mr_Mustache You keep lumping in how I / the moderators run the site with comments that other users have made, which makes no sense to me. Also if you felt like a "filthy heathen" over a minor comment that's your issue, not hers. Also it's not more important to me that women join the site than men, that doesn't even make any sense. If it was this site would be a complete failure and I'd have given up on it long ago. And I'm not disguising anything, I just want a site that is a comfortable place for pretty much any Nintendo fan to hang out in. Technically impossible, but worth shooting for. I've also never spoke about attracting women like it's some commodity, I spoke about attracting women because many of them play games and use gaming forums so why would we close ourselves off to that? Actually you're the one harping on that when these decisions barely have anything to do with that.

In short, for the most part, I think you're just completely confused about what I want and why I do things.

@Mrs_Mustache People are asking me to do it though.

@PogueSquadron Nah, too much work on my end. To solve an issue that is really a non-issue.
09/11/13, 08:54   

I was made to feel like a filthy heathen because of how I was made to feel. I'll post that thing right now, what do I care? I see worse in the mall. But you know what happens if I do? Someone complains, threatens to leave the site, and a pile of guys get all up in arms about it because its allegedly "offensive to women." Why would I WANT to do that? The brunt of the site already dislikes me, so it seems.

Again, you're talking about making this the most comfortable site for a "Nintendo fan," and by definition, I'm 'more' of a "Nintendo fan" than folks who freely go multi-console. I'm such a fan of Nintendo I don't even play anything else! Ironically, this place has become increasingly less comfortable as of late. How is that happening if your goal is to make it as comfortable as possible for a 'Nintendo fan' to hang out? Lou even told you he'd be "offended" if you added Non-Nintendo consoles to the Database. I guess it doesn't matter if HE'S offended. "He'll live."

Since when were we ever closed off to women? Since when did I ever infer that? Do you think the Smut Thread would act as some sort of can of RAID! around the doorway to our site?

(No, stupids, I don't think women are ants, God. Seriously, we're at this point in our culture where every single thing that someone says goes immediately under the Microscope of Scrutiny. The fact that I have to even write this is absurd. Thank you, PC World. No, not the magazine.)
09/12/13, 01:46   
No one "made" you feel like a heathen, take some responsibility for your own feelings instead of trying to pass the buck to people bringing up legitimate issues. Yes, some people don't want to see ass pictures in the daily thread and no, they did nothing wrong by saying so. If that makes you feel terrible about yourself that is your own issue.

Actually three people complained in that thread, two of them males. And where is this "pile of males" that rushed to defend the honor of women? You're just seeing what you want to see again, and that's not constructive to any kind of discussion.

I don't think Lou is actually that offended that there are non-Nintendo games in the database now, he doesn't seem to get genuinely offended easily. If he is, he is free to come in and speak for himself.

Besides, yet again, if you can't see the difference between the potential offensiveness of a woman's ass picture posted in a "daily thread" versus non-Nintendo games in the database, you have a very misguided sense of appropriateness. Also, you're still missing the point that no one in any position of authority did anything about the image, unless you count Renjaku deciding on his own to do something about it. The only thing I said in that thread was me saying that we probably don't need this kind of picture posted here and if a person is unclear on what is and isn't appropriate for the daily thread, just link to it with a description. That's not saying "this is not allowed" by any means. You're making a mountain out of a molehill, and even the molehill isn't what you're claiming it is.

I never said you said we were closed off to women, I said why would we close ourselves off to attracting women? And yes, a SMUT THREAD does kind of turn off a lot of women from feeling comfortable on a website... and men. I know this because I've been told this by current members of both genders. I don't think you're even trying to see a broader female perspective here.

Who on Earth would have thought you meant women are ants? I think you like making up extreme PC arguments in your mind just to get angry at all of the non-existent PC people who think that way.

This is just getting silly, again. I legitimately try to discuss concerns over the site, but some of yours are just so off-base I don't even know what I'm responding to.
09/12/13, 02:03   
Edited: 09/12/13, 02:05

You've never had a woman go off on you and then you feel embarrassed or something? Are you GOADING me into posting saucy pics? Hell, I've got nothing to do tonight, I can GIF the hell out of these threads, no problem.

This "pile of males" is apparently a line of users that only you see because they tell you. Are you telling me that only 3 people complain to you? Repeatedly? You've told me many times that a 'whole bunch' of people have complained to you about that thread.

Lou said that to you the other day and you just kinda *fwitt* right over your head. Perhaps you were ignoring him, you were rolling on a pretty good tirade against me (must've been a weekday).

--Why would I think that? Because ONCE I mentioned "Hilter" and "Anita" in the same sentence and I had to deal with an onslaught of "HOW DARE YOUUU." Freakin' stupid. Here, I'll link it!

Everyone has a problem with everything

X-pert misses the point
I clarify
ZERO missed the point
Nac understands
Gui misses the point AFTER Nac and I have both clarified

You guys are workin' me.
09/12/13, 02:21   
No one went off on you though. And people go off on me here all the time (*coughs* Renjaku just did), I only feel bad about it if I feel like I actually did something wrong.

I remember what Lou said, I just don't think he is actually sitting around feeling offended every time he comes here now that it has been implemented. Of course I could be wrong, but he would have to inform me himself.

Anyway, you're free to feel however you want to feel. Non-Nintendo games are here to stay and smut thread isn't coming back though, and I think most people understand why that's not some hugely hypocritical way for the site to move forward.
09/12/13, 03:21   
Edited: 09/12/13, 03:23

So because Lou delivered that understated, you don't think it really bothers him? Does everyone have to cause a giant shitstorm to make someone go "oh, I guess he's bothered!"

Renjaku went off on you because it has been a series of things and a good deal of bullying (and an allowance of bullying).
I've seen it, I've received it. Its not cool, and we're not in middle school here.

Also: I don't know how you can write me a giant paragraph about anything and everything, but Nikki (a super valuable female user) comes here to write something specifically to you, and you respond to a tiny sentence and write just as much. Is she right about everything else, and if you don't respond "nobody notices?" Surely you can expand on "people are asking me to do it though." (By "expand" I mean "respond to other stuff that ISN'T that sentence.")
09/12/13, 03:27   
Edited: 09/12/13, 03:28
@Mr_Mustache I don't think it's that odd to consider Lou's understated comment repeating the language you were already using as him not being nearly as bothered about it as you are. You try to speak for Lou a lot, and half the time he is like "wait a second here..." I've learned that Mustache is Mustache and Lou is Lou, and Lou is a generally a fairly chill dude about things. Only Lou can speak for Lou.

Bullying, right. I don't think you even understand how ironic a lot of people would consider this accusation.

Frankly, the only reason I engage so much with you on these issues is because you're a regular user who does a lot of helpful things for the site and, though it may come as a shock to you, I am concerned about what you think. Otherwise... no way, because I don't have the time and mental energy for this. Not that I'm not concerned about what Nikki thinks, but I have to choose my battles, and it sort of feels like she hasn't been around to experience what has been going on firsthand and you just called her in to back you up, and in doing so, you only told her one side of the story and she doesn't really have the information needed to get involved in the discussion in a deeper way. Much like if I called on Shirley to back me up. So I informed her of a very important fact that you may have forgotten to inform her of, which she sort of needs to know before trying to get involved in this discussion.
09/12/13, 03:43   

When does he go "wait a second here..?" I don't recall that, at all, and we generally agree on the same stuff. Except we vote differently. And my wiener is bigger.

Who am I bullying? Tons of namecalling, yeah? Forcing stuff to happen constantly (look around, friend)?

I don't feel as though you are concerned about what I think. You may be, but you certainly don't show it. At all. And when I'm just shooting the bull with you via PM, you threaten to "start saying mean things." See above sentence.

I talk to Nikki all the time (yes, I speak to and with my wife), and she tells me all kinds of things in return (including things that YOU write on Facebook). I'd post them to you here now, but I've learned that it doesn't matter what I say, and you need to hear things directly from other people themselves to believe them (on the other hand, I'm just supposed to believe that hundreds of unnamed people complain to you. Seems fair!).

Nikki has all of the info as she has eyes, and stuff gets posted here for all the (Negative) World to see. I told her that you told her to post. Oh, go ahead and call Shirley to post on here. It'd be great if your girlfriend took part in the thing that you spend the majority of your time working on.
09/12/13, 03:51   
Why is this happening in the database thread?
09/12/13, 04:09   
@Mr_Mustache It's happened multiple times. The one time I remember offhand had something recently to do with naughty stuff in games (I forget the context) and you tried dragging him in on your side and he said something about how he doesn't need that stuff. And this also happened with Tilted Kilt. And it happened with having to sleep on couches / blow-up beds. And probably other times. You often speak for him and then he later clarifies his own view, which is generally not as extreme and often completely opposite than what you claimed he thought. That's not the point though, the point is that I'm not going to take an offhand comment in chat and register it as him having a huge issue with this unless he lets me know that he has a huge issue with this. Various users voted against it, but not many seem to have taken it as some huge personal offense. I think you project the way you feel about things onto others a lot.

I wouldn't personally call it bullying, but a lot of people viewed the way that you try to force your will on game clubs, etc. as something akin to that. And about Bioshock threads. And well, and the way you try to force your will about EVERYTHING really, for instance, the game database issue that some are for and some against but only you seem to feel the need to fight so hard against a decision that is already over. And the way you're taking very innocent, valid things that both wickedsymphony and ludist said about the image and demonizing them for it is not cool. Frankly I kind of hope neither of them have stumbled in here because they shouldn't have to be made to feel bad for bringing up concerns about an ass pic in the daily thread. Look, I'm not saying you're a bully, but I am saying that you talking about being bullied on here without seeing the flipside is a bit dishonest.

You may tell Nikki things, but she said "no one is asking you to do this" so you clearly didn't tell her everything she needs to know to get involved in this discussion seriously.

I still think it is weird that you have some issue with Shirley not being here all the time. But that's neither here nor there.

@Jargon As far as I can tell, it is because Mustache thinks it is hypocritical that we removed the smut thread when some people wanted it on the site and some didn't want it on the site, but have added non-Nintendo games to the database when some people want it on the site and some don't want it. And you know how it goes from there.
09/12/13, 04:11   
Edited: 09/12/13, 04:16

Who the hell knows. Easiest thing?: Blame me; everything is apparently my fault. (Including Nikki voicing HER opinion.)


Tilted Kilt, how am I supposed to know he didn't like the food! He didn't take any issue with it then at all. When he usually doesn't like anything, he goes "terrible, never again." Like Montreal! (But you'll have to talk to him directly for The Truth.)

The F'ING EPIC CENTER; I MADE THAT THREAD. If somebody wants to post and keep track of everyone's workings through the ADVENTURE PAK or some BS, they should (and WOULD) do it exactly how they see fit, and NOBODY should have the right to bitch at them. "Don't like the way I'm doing it? Why didn't you do it before I did, you lazy asshole?" Easy. Pokefreak should make an Adventure Game-themed thread. Run it as he pleases. That would be awesome. There, now we're ALL swearing together. PG-13!

Tell me what I've done with the Bioshock thread besides NEVER POSTING THERE. Ludist works in a Church, I get it. I FEEL that WickedSymphony went well overboard with her response to both the GIF and the Renjaku picture. NIKKI AGREES, BUT I GUESS YOU'LL NEED TO SPEAK WITH HER ABOUT THAT. And I've been talking about being bullied because I've been bullied. Take a trip down Tropes Lane next time you get a minute. I mentioned it in chat last night, but for the benefit of those who weren't there:

You guys preach a lot about acceptance and tolerance of other views, but I don't see it much in practice.

(Remember that "ants" thing I wrote up there and you questioned me about it, "why would you need to write that?" Your "issue with Shirley" that I apparently have is EXACTLY why I posted that. Heck, dude, I even said in Chat -- to you:

Mr_Mustache>: tell Shirley to come post
Mr_Mustache>: I'm sure someone will take that offensively
Mr_Mustache>: as everyone is offended by something always

And it still happened. *sigh*)
09/12/13, 04:21   
Mr_Mustache said:

The F'ING EPIC CENTER; I MADE THAT THREAD. If somebody wants to post and keep track of everyone's workings through the ADVENTURE PAK or some BS, they should (and WOULD) do it exactly how they see fit, and NOBODY should have the right to bitch at them.

Did you just seriously post this? Irony? Seriously though, this is a good example of precisely why it is impossible to make any headway in these conversations.

And yes, your comment about Shirley was offensive, because it suggested that there was something wrong with her not posting here more, which you have openly stated is something you feel in the past before. Still, I'm not easily offended, so I'm over it.
09/12/13, 04:28   
Edited: 09/12/13, 04:29
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