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Official game database thread for new games in the database, reviews, etc. [community]
Hey guys, I decided to make a thread to call attention to one of our major features here, the Game Database. I'll probably bump it from time to time to let everyone know about new hot games that have been added that you can add to your collections or rate.

First, let me explain a few things about rating games and adding them to your collection. Everyone (yes, even you -1ers!) can rate games and add them to your collection. This is a pretty simple process. Go up to the menu above and select GAMES -> Game Database, or just CLICK HERE. You will see a list of titles you can browse, and you can also search for specific titles with the search feature at the top, and even add games you can't find with the little bar at the top right above the search functionality that says "Submit a Game (keywords)". To add a game to your collection you check the box under "Owned" next to the game, and to rate it you select a number under "You" (you can add without rating and vice versa, if you want to). You can do one game or a whole page at a time, and when you are ready to submit your collection and ratings updates, click the "CLICK TO UPDATE THIS PAGE OF YOUR COLLECTION AND RATINGS" bar that can be found at either the top or bottom. Simple!

You can also rate games and add them to your collection from the individual game pages that you access when you click on any game from the main game page. For instance, if you were on the Mario Party 6 page there is a box in the top right where you can add it to your collection or rate it and click the "PUSH" button to update.

Now, let me explain something about writing game reviews. Again, everyone (yes, even you -1ers!) can write reviews for the site. This is a pretty simple process. Like before, go up to the menu above and select GAMES -> Game Database (or just CLICK HERE. Select the game you want to review (you can use the search at the top to find games quickly) and click on it. Near the top right of the page for that individual game you will see "Add a review" with a little plus next to it. Click the plus, write your review, choose a score (or not, if you don't like scoring reviews) and submit. Easy as pie!

And don't worry about not being formal enough, or sticking to a specific review format, or whatever. As long as you can write a paragraph or two and put your thoughts into a semi-coherent form, everything is good. Also, reviews of older games are totally acceptable, for instance I recently posted a WarioWare: Twisted! review of mine that I wrote like 6 years ago or whatever.

Alright, that's all I have for now. Use the features guys!

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06/03/10, 21:11    Edited: 05/11/12, 21:42
Sega platforms have been added. Go nuts.

I added the whole two Dreamcast games that I have played, only one of which I actually own.

One day we will look back on this post as the beginning of the end of Negative World.
09/06/13, 20:14   
Edited: 09/06/13, 20:15
Zero said:
And when we did the poll / discussion for non-Nintendo games in the database, more people were for it than against it.

Run a Smut thread Poll.

And if people don't want to use it, they don't have to.
09/08/13, 01:59   
09/08/13, 07:06   

That's a little different. We've turned off some of our more active female users because stuff like that in the past.
09/08/13, 14:32   
But now we're turning off Mustache, so it's obviously the same thing?

Beyond turning off some of our female users it just wasn't very classy. And we're totally classy all the time, right?

Also we have kids on this site, even though technically everyone is supposed to be 18+ now, but age gates don't work and considering it is a Nintendo site, I'm not going to argue too much with kids showing up on occasion.
09/08/13, 19:55   

I said that because "what the public wants isn't necessarily right for the whole." Smut Thread would roll in a Poll.

I've learned that whats good for the goose isn't good for the gander. And when the goose is upset..who cares.
I don't even really know who got turned off. I heard of one female user say something out loud. "Ironically," the female users I converse with most and second most didn't make a peep.

Anyway, I can't see any -4 threads. "Do the math." Just make me/us a "-3S;" no problems. You like programming, yes?
09/10/13, 01:53   
It's difficult being a man sometimes. Having to actually think about how women feel about things and such.

Smut thread was always a bad idea, we just kind of let it go for awhile because there weren't many people on the site anyway.
09/10/13, 02:04   
Edited: 09/10/13, 02:06

Hey, I think about how women feel all the time. Ask m'lady. I'd hate to think that one could make a snap judgment based on one desire. You'd hate to think that, too, right? I know you're not doing that here. Right?

Wasn't the Smut Thread ruined by man-man sodomy or something? Ironic. Women disappear for one post and *poof*
09/10/13, 02:18   
The smut thread's disappearance had no single impetus, it was just a really bad idea for a female-friendly site to have to begin with. I was never really comfortable having it here but I let it go for awhile. It was doomed from the start though. Bad idea for this site.

Call it a snap judgment if you like, but I don't think you're overly concerned with making spaces that women feel comfortable in, if anything you seem more threatened that female-friendly spaces might ruin your fun. But I am very concerned with making spaces that women feel comfortable in, and that is why the smut thread is absolutely never coming back. You'll survive.
09/10/13, 02:25   

Interesting texture.

I. There shouldn't be a stupid fight in every thread (or is that the plan?), but something like "you'll survive" just..leaves a bad taste. Yeah, of course, I'm sure women would survive with a Smut Thread, too, wouldn't they? Like a thread is going to destroy someone. Or the absence of one is going to destroy them. No.

So you've had your say about me and my "female-friendly spaces;" (you're welcome in our home any time you want to come over. Yes, I have my Den of Depravity, but the rest of the place is Nikki Town.) you've had so much to say about women standing on their own and such..why do you treat them like delicate flowers? I mean, -I- treat them like delicate flowers and I get reamed for 72 pages, you do it and its "good business." How can this be? It can't.

--OH RIGHT, DATABASE STUFF. I'll be getting some more NES boxes up in this piece soon.

You know..Nintendo games? From years ago? Relevancy revisited.
09/10/13, 02:31   
There is a difference between treating women like delicate flowers and creating space for women to feel comfortable in within a male-dominated arena. What I'm trying to do is take into account the entire spectrum of what "female" means in creating a female-friendly space. And men, for that matter, because men don't all love smut and many men were complaining too.

Also I hope you see the difference between smut and non-Nintendo games. Like, I really hope you understand the difference there.
09/10/13, 02:43   
i added castle crashers
09/10/13, 06:27   

What about the women who love smut? Yes, they exist; if they didn't, Candida Royale would've never profited.

The adult entertainment industry makes tons of bank. Heck, maybe you'd have MORE female users here if you catered to their darker desires. Walk in a smut shop, take a look around, check out their walls; they aren't making their money off of dudes.


09/11/13, 00:26   
I already answered your question.

Zero said:
What I'm trying to do is take into account the entire spectrum of what "female" means in creating a female-friendly space.

Some females like smut. Some feel uncomfortable with it. Its totally unnecessarily here, so we make the decision that makes a site that makes for a site that everyone can feel comfortable with. Not really that complicated.

Unless you're trying to argue that there are a huge portion of females that feel uncomfortable by NOT having a smut thread on their Nintendo forum?
09/11/13, 00:32   
Edited: 09/11/13, 00:34

I understand why Zero doesn't want a smut thread but I also think the title makes it obvious whats there so why look if you know you wont like it. Its not like its sheer presence would bring a load of female hating idiots.
09/11/13, 00:33   

No, I just think that "people are people," and folks have different likes and desires.

Also, you're defining "female." Why should a guy determine what "female" means? So backasswards.
I think that is what Anita's entire beef was, guys making these games with women in them.
And here we are talking about her again. UGH.

Anyway, for someone so liberal, with this liberal mindset, and expands onto the board (and preached by the liberal mods), to take such an UBER-conservative "don't want to step on ANY toes" approach..its weird. I get it, naughty stuff is naughty, but why do the desires of ONE vocal person outweigh the desires of another? Isn't that favoritism? Whatsupwiththat?


And like I've said a trillion times, "I can't see the Mod Thread." There is a Mod Thread RIGHT NOW for -4 people that I can't access even if I really really really really really wanted to. Guess who wouldn't be able to see a smut thread? Women. Kids. Guys who don't want to. Who is the losing party in that scenario? Just Zero? Seems kinda selfish when you say it like that.
09/11/13, 00:36   
Edited: 09/11/13, 00:39
Who said anything about one vocal person? You're completely off-base on how the decision happened.

I'm not defining "female" in any concrete terms, I'm defining it as a wide range of viewpoints. One of which, for many females, is definitely an aversion to smut. Specifically on male-dominated forums that don't actually have anything to do with smut. Are you really trying to deny that?

Besides, you're focusing so much on females you're kind of missing the fact that a lot of people who wanted me to close the thread were male. Not every male wants smut on their Nintendo forum either.

Mr_Mustache said:
Guess who wouldn't be able to see a smut thread? Women.

So women aren't allowed to be -3??
09/11/13, 00:40   
Edited: 09/11/13, 00:42

The term "White Knight" springs to mind.
09/11/13, 00:42   
@Mr_Mustache Only if you don't know what you're talking about. How about trying to get the pulse of something, for once? Like really... instead of thinking for yourself, try to understand the userbase here as a whole. That's my role and it's not an easy one, but most people seem to think I've done a pretty good job of it so far.
09/11/13, 00:43   
Edited: 09/11/13, 00:44

I know what a hubbub was made about a freakin' off the cuff GIF -ONE TIME-, and how everyone was so "oh, I'm sorry, sorry, sorry, please forgive us!" So much so, that my own wife thought it was RIDICULOUS how guys were falling all over themselves to apologize. I showed her the GIF; "yeah? Big deal. Tell her to get over it."

I guess her thoughts don't matter though, right?
09/11/13, 00:47   
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