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Official game database thread for new games in the database, reviews, etc. [community]
Hey guys, I decided to make a thread to call attention to one of our major features here, the Game Database. I'll probably bump it from time to time to let everyone know about new hot games that have been added that you can add to your collections or rate.

First, let me explain a few things about rating games and adding them to your collection. Everyone (yes, even you -1ers!) can rate games and add them to your collection. This is a pretty simple process. Go up to the menu above and select GAMES -> Game Database, or just CLICK HERE. You will see a list of titles you can browse, and you can also search for specific titles with the search feature at the top, and even add games you can't find with the little bar at the top right above the search functionality that says "Submit a Game (keywords)". To add a game to your collection you check the box under "Owned" next to the game, and to rate it you select a number under "You" (you can add without rating and vice versa, if you want to). You can do one game or a whole page at a time, and when you are ready to submit your collection and ratings updates, click the "CLICK TO UPDATE THIS PAGE OF YOUR COLLECTION AND RATINGS" bar that can be found at either the top or bottom. Simple!

You can also rate games and add them to your collection from the individual game pages that you access when you click on any game from the main game page. For instance, if you were on the Mario Party 6 page there is a box in the top right where you can add it to your collection or rate it and click the "PUSH" button to update.

Now, let me explain something about writing game reviews. Again, everyone (yes, even you -1ers!) can write reviews for the site. This is a pretty simple process. Like before, go up to the menu above and select GAMES -> Game Database (or just CLICK HERE. Select the game you want to review (you can use the search at the top to find games quickly) and click on it. Near the top right of the page for that individual game you will see "Add a review" with a little plus next to it. Click the plus, write your review, choose a score (or not, if you don't like scoring reviews) and submit. Easy as pie!

And don't worry about not being formal enough, or sticking to a specific review format, or whatever. As long as you can write a paragraph or two and put your thoughts into a semi-coherent form, everything is good. Also, reviews of older games are totally acceptable, for instance I recently posted a WarioWare: Twisted! review of mine that I wrote like 6 years ago or whatever.

Alright, that's all I have for now. Use the features guys!

URL to share (right click and copy)
06/03/10, 21:11    Edited: 05/11/12, 21:42

I've rated all the games on here that I've rated otherwise.
There are some games that I've played that I have NOT rated.
BTR is NOT one of them.

(I did just buy some awful NES games though. I'll add those..eventually.)
06/11/10, 23:04   
Zero said:
Come on guys, rate some more games!

Bit.Trip Runner still has only 2 ratings! I know a lot of you guys have played it!
I'm, like, 5 levels away from my name being put up on Gaijin Games' website. Then I'll rate it. (Though obviously after playing for more than 10 hours my mind is pretty much made up already).

I added Daniel X: The Ultimate Power in your database for the sake of completion. Pretty sure no one else is ever gonna add it to his collection.
06/11/10, 23:23   
Edited: 06/11/10, 23:24

You know what would be neat to find out? How much of a given library we have collectively.

I mean, theres apparenty 799 NES games (I think...). I have 200+ alone.
Unlicensed games are the rare ones though; as far as licensed goes.. Hmm. Quite the project.
06/11/10, 23:55   
Added Sin & Punishment: Star Successor to the database.

Then I gave it a high score because I just finished it on medium and loved every second of it and can't wait to crack into it on hard!
07/06/10, 06:37   
Is there a way to sort the database by "most owned?" I was looking at Chrono Trigger and 28 people have it. How do I find out what the most owned game is?

When I did "Only Owned" it just snapped back to "Owned and Rated." Am I looking in the wrong area?
08/03/10, 21:36   

Ok, simple enough. I thought there might've been a way because it says next to the number how many collection its in with parenthesis.

--I just added "Phantasy Star II" and "Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II." If anyone has a better mini-write up, I implore you to use it.

EDIT- Mario Galaxy is #1 in case anyone was wondering. Featured in 70 collections.
Metroid Prime is #2 (69), Ocarina of Time is #3 (66).
08/03/10, 22:07   
Edited: 08/03/10, 22:12
I've added a couple o' games (so bored).

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (GB)
Toe Jam & Earl (VC)
Super Star Soldier (VC)
Alien Crush (VC)
R-Type (VC)
Gradius (NES)
Streets of Rage (VC)
Streets of Rage 3 (VC)
Dynamite Headdy (VC)
Adventures of Lolo (NES)
Galaga '90 (VC)
Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels (NES) (I hesitated with this one. It's on the Famicon, not NES, so I'm tempted to label it "VC")
Gate of Thunder (VC)
Baseball Stars 2 (VC)
08/04/10, 21:19   

Damn, you were harsh on the TG-16 pinball duo.
08/04/10, 21:33   
Not really, just trying to take advantage of the whole 1-10 scale.

Did you read my 7.0 Dive review and come away with the impression that I hated the game?
08/04/10, 21:55   
Edited: 08/04/10, 21:56
No, it's just that IMO Devil's Crush is top-2 (with Pokemon Pinball) best pinball game ever. What's your favourite?
08/04/10, 21:59   
I'm biased for Metroid Pinball.
08/04/10, 22:10   
That's one I haven't played. It's made by the same team that did Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon, I believe, which was good except for the touch-tilt.
08/04/10, 22:14   
I've added my complete Wii collection. Next on the list: my DS collection. Then VC/WiiWare, then GBA.

EDIT: @Pandareus

Shouldn't we label the VC and Famicom games separately? Some people may own an NES game and own the same game on the VC, so that's technically two separate games...right?
08/04/10, 22:24   
Edited: 08/04/10, 22:25
I added Mario Party 2 and 3.
08/04/10, 22:32   
ludist210 said:
I've added my complete Wii collection. Next on the list: my DS collection. Then VC/WiiWare, then GBA.

EDIT: @Pandareus

Shouldn't we label the VC and Famicom games separately? Some people may own an NES game and own the same game on the VC, so that's technically two separate games...right?

Maybe, I don't know. We should ask Zero, it all depends on the purpose of the database.

If the purpose is to help users keep track of their actual collections, then double entries (separate VC and actual console entries) makes sense.

If the purpose is to see at a glance what the NW users think of a game, then separate entries means separate scores, so splitting the votes between two entries defeats the purpose.

I decided to go with the latter interpretation, because I don't need to keep track of my games, plus adding a game once is less work than having to do it twice for each VC game.
08/04/10, 22:37   
Edited: 08/04/10, 22:38
@ludist210 Virtual Console games ARE listed separately. Or I mean, they can be. Whether an actual game is in the database under VC or not is up to... YOU. The inclusive you. This database is user created.
08/04/10, 22:49   
Edited: 08/04/10, 22:50

Good to know. I'll be listing my VC games in the near future then.
08/04/10, 22:53   
Alright, I switched the Lost Levels entry to VC.

Also, Zero, what's up with UltimateTestUser scoring 1080 Snowboarding a 10?
08/04/10, 23:02   

Woah, I didn't think anyone would score Toe Jam and Earl lower than me.
08/05/10, 01:02   
@Pandareus Maybe he just liked it a lot?

Oh wait... yeah. That's me.
08/05/10, 01:42   
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