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Official game database thread for new games in the database, reviews, etc. [community]
Hey guys, I decided to make a thread to call attention to one of our major features here, the Game Database. I'll probably bump it from time to time to let everyone know about new hot games that have been added that you can add to your collections or rate.

First, let me explain a few things about rating games and adding them to your collection. Everyone (yes, even you -1ers!) can rate games and add them to your collection. This is a pretty simple process. Go up to the menu above and select GAMES -> Game Database, or just CLICK HERE. You will see a list of titles you can browse, and you can also search for specific titles with the search feature at the top, and even add games you can't find with the little bar at the top right above the search functionality that says "Submit a Game (keywords)". To add a game to your collection you check the box under "Owned" next to the game, and to rate it you select a number under "You" (you can add without rating and vice versa, if you want to). You can do one game or a whole page at a time, and when you are ready to submit your collection and ratings updates, click the "CLICK TO UPDATE THIS PAGE OF YOUR COLLECTION AND RATINGS" bar that can be found at either the top or bottom. Simple!

You can also rate games and add them to your collection from the individual game pages that you access when you click on any game from the main game page. For instance, if you were on the Mario Party 6 page there is a box in the top right where you can add it to your collection or rate it and click the "PUSH" button to update.

Now, let me explain something about writing game reviews. Again, everyone (yes, even you -1ers!) can write reviews for the site. This is a pretty simple process. Like before, go up to the menu above and select GAMES -> Game Database (or just CLICK HERE. Select the game you want to review (you can use the search at the top to find games quickly) and click on it. Near the top right of the page for that individual game you will see "Add a review" with a little plus next to it. Click the plus, write your review, choose a score (or not, if you don't like scoring reviews) and submit. Easy as pie!

And don't worry about not being formal enough, or sticking to a specific review format, or whatever. As long as you can write a paragraph or two and put your thoughts into a semi-coherent form, everything is good. Also, reviews of older games are totally acceptable, for instance I recently posted a WarioWare: Twisted! review of mine that I wrote like 6 years ago or whatever.

Alright, that's all I have for now. Use the features guys!

URL to share (right click and copy)
06/03/10, 21:11    Edited: 05/11/12, 21:42
So with all of that said, here are some of the bigger games of recent times. Remember, you can add to your collection and rate from the individual game pages using the box in the top right.

Super Mario Galaxy 2
Monster Hunter Tri
Red Steel 2

Bit.Trip Runner
Cave Story

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey
Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth

Or just go browse the Game Database and see what you may have missed!

Feel free to use this thread to link to new games if you add them, or games that got overlooked, etc.! Just don't spam it!
06/03/10, 21:16   
Edited: 06/03/10, 21:22
I'm not finding Dementium II in the database. Am I doing it wrong, or is it not there?
06/03/10, 21:36   
Games aren't there until somebody adds them. It's like a Wiki. So add away!
06/03/10, 21:51   

Oh, "add away", huh? HUH! Is THAT how it's gonna be?!? Well pal, THIS is what I've got to say to the likes of you!

I'll Wiki you.....! Add THAT to your... uh... somebody.... Wiki.


Nevermind. Confused.

*sheepishly walks away to add Dementium II to the database*
06/03/10, 22:44   
Edited: 06/03/10, 22:45
Bah. I KNOW I'm going to end up moving everything over, and having it in duplicate..
(God forbid 'triplicate' with the backloggery threat out there...)

Maybe I'll just started with my rated games? *sigh upon siiiighs*
06/03/10, 23:27   
We can edit reviews anytime after they're posted, right? I have some impressions of The Crystal Bearers that I wrote half a year ago that I could polish up as a review, but I haven't done the new game + mode yet, so I might feel like changing some things after I get around to that.
06/03/10, 23:53   
How do you add a game? I have The Legend of Zelda (Collector's Edition) for Gamecube, and the Ocarina of Time: Master Quest bonus disc as well. Are those NOT to be included as they're almost duplicate games?

Chances are I do have some down the line that haven't been on there before.
I didn't really look around as its not a giant deal. Thanks though!

EDIT- I think I figured it out. Thanks!
EDIT- Haha, sweet! --How come no one has Fire Emblem on Gamecube?! Shame on you!!
06/04/10, 00:15   
Edited: 06/04/10, 00:21
I have it, but I haven't opened it.
06/04/10, 00:25   
@Mr_MustacheI have it, is it in the database?! Ah, I see it is, added!

Oh, and you can totally add Master Quest/etc. Surprised they're not in there yet. Just try to get the names as correct as possible in regards to punctuation and using the full titles and such.

We even set it up so you can add and rate games separately on VC from their original consoles. I'm kind of anal about being specific about what is in MY collection, if I own a game on VC I don't want to claim I own it on "SNES" or whatever.
06/04/10, 00:26   
Edited: 06/04/10, 00:30

Isn't that kind of weird for rating purposes though?
06/04/10, 00:32   
Sort of, but on the other hand, I think in most cases the "original" version of a game is the one most people rate anyway.

I personally don't like the idea of playing a game on VC and rating it the same as I would have had I played it on SNES years ago. Especially since, theoretically, it could be a bad emulation, or have changes, or whatever (not that Nintendo adds bonuses to VC games well, ever.) But everyone has their own rating philosophy, so it's sort of impossible to come up with one that makes sense to everyone.

I think I actually rated Secret of Mana on SNES without owning it, while owning it and not rating it on VC... because I borrowed it from my cousin years ago and played it through on SNES, then bought it on VC to make my brother play it and haven't really touched the VC version much beyond playing with my brother a few times.
06/04/10, 00:39   
Edited: 06/04/10, 00:40

How'd the description go? Good enough?, haha!

Yeah, I'm with ya. I'm not about to add any "Sega" games in there, but I'll definitely have Altered Beast on "VC," woooo.
06/04/10, 00:55   
Alright, I added a TON of games tonight. I don't know if you guys are lazy ( ) or if you didn't have time or what, but if you want to take a gander at my list, run through it and add what you have. I KNOW theres got to be someone out there who has the games that I do, they aren't THAT rare. I mean, c'mon people, TECMO BOWL? Who doesn't have TECMO BOWL?

But yeah, its there. More tomorrow!
06/04/10, 05:30   
Edited: 06/04/10, 05:31
I don't have Tecmo Bowl
06/04/10, 06:11   
I have Tecmo Super Bowl.
06/04/10, 06:23   
Alright, wiseguys..

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
Ogre Battle 64
Ogre Battle (SNES)
Breath of Fire II
MVP Baseball 2004 & 2005
NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup
NASCAR Thunder 2003
Star Wars Rogue Squadron ([1], II, and III)
NFL Blitz
Tecmo Bowl
Tecmo Superbowl III: Final Edition
Bomberman '93 (VC)
NCAA Football 2004
Gunstar Heroes
WCW/NWO Revenge
WCW vs NWO: World Tour
NHL Hitz (20-03 & Pro)
Madden NFL 2003, 2005, 06, 07, 08, & 09 All-Play
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords
NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona
Secret of Evermore
Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts (VC)
Tecmo Secret of the Stars
Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life
Neutopia (VC)
WWF Attitude
Donkey Kong Classics
New Adventure Island (VC)
Golden Axe (VC)
Beyond Oasis (VC)
Ken Griffey Jr.'s Winning Run
Sword of Vermilion (VC)
WWF Royal Rumble
Super Castlevania IV (VC)
Mario Bros.

Sooo, I added and wrote copy for 47 games.
These are titles I rated 7.8 or higher.
SURELY I can't be the ONLY person here with these games..

06/04/10, 06:47   
Edited: 06/04/10, 12:30
I've got Gunstar Heroes, Breath of Fire II (both on the VC), and that's about it
06/04/10, 10:07   

No Secret of Evermore? For some reason I was certain that you'd have it.
And it breaks my heart that I may be the only Ogre Battle cartridge(s) owner on here..
06/04/10, 12:27   
Nope, I don't have it or Secret of Mana. I do have Final Fantasy Adventure on the Game Boy though, which is the first Seiken Densetsu game.
06/04/10, 13:04   
Does someone want to write up a Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II deal for Gamecube? I have the game, I've played the game, but never went online. I have mostly bad memories associated with it, so I probably won't give the best blurb.

I KNOW there are HUGE fans of that game on here; let your voice be heard!
06/04/10, 13:16   
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