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Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Wii
9.54/10 from 115 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Wii!

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Hey guys, I hope you're enjoying the newest Mario title: "Super Mario Galaxy Wahooooo" (according to Charles Martinet on the load-up screen at least).

So how many stars do you have? Which galaxies have you most enjoyed? Favorite power-up? Be sure to mark spoilers though!

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05/23/10, 21:15
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@Griptor I keep dying on the green star there. I'm not sure if I have to actually jump right into it, or just roll off the edge, but it's tough to line up as you're coming BACKWARDS at it.
06/08/10, 19:23
Dang. Of course when you collect all the green stars the "Galaxy Complete" crown turns Gold. Now my OCD is going to kick into overdrive and force me to spend this weekend getting that for every World ._.;
06/08/10, 19:36

You just roll into it. Basically try to aim for the corner (I think it was an inner corner?)
06/08/10, 20:32
I'm at 225ish stars right now. Coming up on the end!

In fact I was doing the greens semi-random but around 200 I went back to the beginning and started focusing on clearing them out world by world. I've cleared everything up until world 6 EXCEPT... 3 green stars I couldn't find, 2 of them being 1 each in those bird flight levels! WTF.

No one tell me where they are though, I want to 100% this all on my own.
06/11/10, 23:45
The first Green Star in Boulder Bowl Galaxy...that's impossible to get with Mario, right?
06/12/10, 07:27
No, I got them all with Mario. Was that the one at the top of the bridge that you knock over? If so, you just wall jump back and forth to the top.

Anyway, I'm at... 241 right now. Would have just finished the game off tonight but realized I didn't get the comet coin in the last stage yet so I still had a bit left.
06/12/10, 08:40
I've only now started getting the green stars. Super Mario Galaxy 2 has kind of taken a backseat to Bit.Trip Runner, to be honest.

But not for much longer!
06/12/10, 09:51
06/12/10, 09:55   Edit:  06/12/10, 09:56
So I'm trying to get the 242 star......and failing horribly at it.
06/12/10, 11:11
Yeah it was the one at the top of the bridge....how the hell did you get it with Mario? I tried. He doesn't jump far enough. It was hard enough with Luigi. I could barely inch my way up there, it was like 30 seconds of straight wall jumping. I really tried with Mario and he was just getting nowhere up there.
06/12/10, 12:08   Edit:  06/12/10, 12:09
Simbabbad said:

Bit Trip Runner > Super Mario Galaxy 2
LOL, no.
06/12/10, 15:46

What i did was wall jump then spin and at the top a super jump with spin


That was funny, some of the clone levels are pretty hard.
06/12/10, 15:49
@carlosrox You wall jump and then spin at the last second? All the way up. It wasn't really that tough, though I think it takes a bit to get used to the right time to spin.

@Pandareus Though I kind of half get that comic, it seems to be making Galaxy out to be some insanely difficult game. But it's not, really.
06/12/10, 19:01   Edit:  06/12/10, 19:01
Woah we both just replied to the two same people in the same order in!
06/12/10, 19:02
So you did a spin after every single jump? Hmmm..
06/13/10, 01:29
carlosrox said:
So you did a spin after every single jump? Hmmm..
Yeah, you can spin once after each wall-kick. The trick is to spin right before you hit the other side so that you get as much air as possible. Using that technique, it's easy for Mario to scale that area (it can be done in just 3-4 kicks).
06/13/10, 07:19
Or you can be smart and switch to Luigi
06/13/10, 11:08
Finally got the 242 star. Got a run where my mistakes didn't cost me a hit. I was getting pretty panicky at the end with all those Boomerang Bros. boomerangs flying all over the place.
06/13/10, 11:32
I'm up to 89 stars. I've defeated every Prankster Comet thus far (including all six of the boss stages and all three levels in World S that I've faced) and I have every Comet Medal but one in World 5.
06/13/10, 15:40
I played Super Mario Galaxy 2 while tripping last night.

It was one of the damn best experiences I ever had in my life.
06/13/10, 16:52
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