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Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Wii
9.54/10 from 115 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Wii!

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Hey guys, I hope you're enjoying the newest Mario title: "Super Mario Galaxy Wahooooo" (according to Charles Martinet on the load-up screen at least).

So how many stars do you have? Which galaxies have you most enjoyed? Favorite power-up? Be sure to mark spoilers though!

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05/23/10, 21:15
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Also you only have to dodge the the very first long laser. After you pass that, just long jump towards the pull stars and grab one. That's like, three whole lasers you get to skip!
06/06/10, 05:19
Went from 70 to 95 stars tonight. I think I'll take a break.

Throwback Galaxy was frickin awesome.
06/06/10, 05:25
WHEW. Got the last star in the game tonight, 100%ing this sucker. Holy SMOKES, was it just me, or was the single most freakin' difficult stage in Mario history? The first "part" of it wasn't bad, but when that comet rolled around, it kicked me around for a good 40 minutes and 15 lives before I finally got my rear in gear and finished it.

Nice game, great to see there are a couple moments of truly white-knuckle difficulty.
06/06/10, 05:33   Edit:  06/06/10, 05:33

Yeah, the couple of times I managed to get there with all 3 clouds, it really was pretty easy. I will try that strategy to make sure I can do it more often.


I didn't even think to try that. That should help immensely.
06/06/10, 05:40

My suggestions if you wanted them;

The flip switch part was hard for me too. I found that long jumps, notably the double long jump is what gets me through each section quickly. If you can hold a cloud or two (or once I had three) it'll help in a pinch too.

And with the lasers after that spot, the horizontal ones, do a long jump diagonally, then grab the blue dot, you bypass the two that kept tripping me up.
06/06/10, 05:52
I'm at 115 stars right now, might go for 120 tonight. I have to admit, I'm a tad bit disappointed in the Special World. Seems less like full on thought out galaxies and more like a bunch of leftovers and rehashes thrown in to make up 120 stars (isn't that one part from Sunshine?!) Not that it's a big deal, as there is VERY LITTLE filler in this game and the little filler there is is still super fun, but I was hoping for something like the last area in the first Galaxy, which only had a few galaxies but they were super cool ones.
06/06/10, 05:58

Of course, thanks... just a matter of timing it without hitting into a laser. heh.

I'll give it one more determined session before I go to bed tonight.
06/06/10, 06:05
Pandareus said:
Went from 70 to 95 stars tonight. I think I'll take a break.

Throwback Galaxy was frickin awesome.
Yes, yes it was. I replayed Whomp Fortress last week and it's crazy how outdated Mario 64 feels at this point.
06/07/10, 00:15
I just got 241 stars and went to deposit my star bits in the Bank Toad, and found that I had... 9979. SO close.
06/07/10, 00:27
Prepare to have your butt served to you, with all the trimmings. You're coming up to one of the toughest platforming challenges I've ever faced. :O
06/07/10, 00:56
Damn... this is evil.
06/07/10, 01:19
I'm at 156 stars and finished World 2.

Those green stars do make you look at things a little differently.
06/07/10, 01:25
I'm at 130 stars, got all 120 (of course) and started right into the green stars.

I'm kind of so so on the green stars. Some are just like... run around until you see it, then grab it. Now, considering you need to get all 120 stars in the main game before you can start on these green stars, having to make a bit of a leap of a ledge or something isn't necessarily a demanding task. I guess some of them seem way, way too easy to acquire AFTER you have already finished the toughest of the main stars.

However, others really do make you work yourself, and play the areas a bit differently than usual. There was one on the Chompworks factory that, as far as I could tell (unless I was doing it wrong) required me to keep backflipping over the chomps until I got just to the right point, then pull off a perfectly lined long jump before the next chomp came. Took me a bit to pull it off, and it felt pretty satisfying when I did.

Still, considering green stars are just a bonus for after finishing the main game, it's a pretty darn cool bonus.
06/07/10, 02:08
Yeah, the quality of them is a little all-over the place (to the point where I think one per galaxy would've been perfect), but it's still interesting enough for a bonus and it makes for a decent way to spend a few hours. Also, at least a fourth of them or so are in pretty devious spots, and plenty of them are challenging/interesting amid a few that are just kinda blah (Battle Belt Galaxy, I'm looking at you!).
06/07/10, 03:06
Beat it with over 80 stars. Brilliant, but, like all 3D Mario games, I just can't see myself replaying this much after I 100% it. Oh well, I'm just really glad Nintendo made NSMB Wii, otherwise I'd be playing SMB3, but I no longer need to do that now that it has finally been surpassed.
06/07/10, 03:18

Here is what i do in that flip-switch part:

First you will need 2 clouds, at the beginning of the area do a long jump to get to the 2 blue platforms, jump the lasers and do another long jump, at the middle of that jump make a cloud and get to the disappearing platform (when you get to that platforms the last robot stops doing lasers. jump on the red platforms over the lasers and get to the next disappearing platforms, now do another long jump and cloud to get behind the next robot.

Wish you get it useful.
06/07/10, 04:23

Well some of the galaxies didn't have great places to hide them, Battle Belt Galaxy being one. The boss rush galaxy and Luigi's Purple Coins were kind of lame too, but that's because there aren't many places to hide them.

Still trying to get that last star. It's gonna be the death of me.
06/07/10, 05:40

I'm still trying also, I've got to the boomerang bros on my last try, you can crawl under the boomerangs and still attack them, and after I killed the second one the last got lucky and jumped on me. I haven't tried it since.
06/07/10, 06:03

Hmm. You really feel that Super Mario Brothers 3 was surpassed by NEW Super Mario Brothers Wii?
06/07/10, 06:58

The better question is why thinking that one is better makes it unnecessary to play the other one?
06/07/10, 10:46
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