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Picross 3D (Nintendo DS) discussion [game]
Picross 3D on the DS
8.63/10 from 14 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Picross 3D on the DS!

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I am so excited for Picross 3D coming out tomorrow (though technically tuesday). Who else is excited for this?

I don't know the likelihood of this thread sticking around but I figure people can share their opinions and tips and such if any here in a few days. I don't know how the "create a puzzle" thing works but maybe we'll be able to aid in sharing puzzles with each other via this too.


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Posted: 05/03/10, 03:03:07
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I guess I'm SOL for now too. I've called essentially everywhere I can think of. I could go preorder at Gamestop to ensure one of their four copies they're getting tomorrow for myself but if I have to wait till tomorrow I might as well just pick it up anywhere. No point in driving there now and using the gas.
Posted: 05/03/10, 22:19:38
Damn you, Vof! How can you possibly get games on release date when you live so far east? I'll most likely have to wait until tomorrow where I live (Ontario).
Posted: 05/03/10, 22:23:44
I am hella pumped for this game. Loved the demo. So fun. I just chewed right through it. Hungry for mooooore.
Posted: 05/03/10, 22:24:16

Haha, I have no idea but I'm not complaining!

Game is pretty easy so far and seems a bit more casual friendly than Picross, as in it really gives you a lot of tips to solve puzzles easily. Having played a ton of Picross, these are all too obvious though. I was surprised that there's an actual time limit and if you pass that limit, it's game over. Hopefully that doesn't become an issue later on but with a 30 minute limit on the starting puzzles, first one which took me 11 seconds, I'm not too worried yet
Posted: 05/03/10, 22:56:54

Only 30 minutes for puzzles? Picross DS had 60 minutes. I guess it is a bit different with things in a third dimension though...

Hey, random question: how many save files/profiles does the game have? My wife and I both want to play it, but it would stink if we (again) have to share puzzles.
Posted: 05/04/10, 00:38:55

Oh, well I guess I never reached over 60 minutes... didn't know that puzzles also ended then for that one. But the 30 minutes is only for the short puzzles. It's already increased to 45 minutes but the puzzles are nowhere near as challenging to last that long yet.

And you'll be glad to know there's 4 save files.
Posted: 05/04/10, 00:42:49
So has anyone in America nabbed this today?
Posted: 05/04/10, 00:55:30

Perfect. Thanks!
Posted: 05/04/10, 00:58:10
@VofEscaflowne The puzzles didn't end at 60 minutes, but if you do pass the 60 minute limit you don't get credit for finishing the puzzle, so you might as well just start over :p

Probably picking this up tomorrow!
Posted: 05/04/10, 02:50:57

Ah okay, I still need to finish up the later levels and enter free mode.

By the way, there's already some DLC up, the "Spring pack" which has 5 puzzles. There's also a challenge up where you have to submit a puzzle related to that theme and I guess the best one will be made available for everyone to download. Pretty neat stuff!
Posted: 05/04/10, 03:34:07

Fantastic. I have an early day tomorrow but I don't know how long it'll last. Hopefully the day wont be a 12 hour one so I can stop somewhere and pick this up!
Posted: 05/04/10, 03:39:20
So, how is everyone enjoying the game so far? I've only gone through the first 20 or so puzzles, but so far it's very, very easy (not surprising).

I was under the impression that you could share puzzles with friends like you could with Picross DS, but from the looks of it you can only do that with local wireless. At least there are downloadable puzzles from Nintendo, plus the contests.
Posted: 05/06/10, 01:04:46
I'm really enjoying it so far. I'm not as addicted as I was to Picross DS, but I'll give it some time -- after all, I'm still on easy mode. That isn't to say it isn't challenging at times or really fun either --because it is both :D
Posted: 05/06/10, 01:31:20

Really enjoying it so far, close to 90 puzzles done now. The only thing I hate is the god awful music... some aren't bad and I'm aware that you can just change it but I'll probably just completely turn it off and listen to my iPod instead, like I did with Picross

I tried to design a puzzle for this week's challenge but I'm just terrible at drawing them.
Posted: 05/06/10, 05:02:36
Only got it today. I had planned to at least get through the "beginner" section but it's longer than I thought, they keep adding tutorials!
Posted: 05/06/10, 05:27:17
Lots of fun though I haven't had much time to play it. Target had my copy tuesday night after my shoot. Gonna go get ready for bed and play a few more.
Posted: 05/06/10, 06:48:12
I bought it and played all through the Beginner puzzles. It's quite fun and challenging.

I'm saving the rest for my plane ride this Saturday though so I won't be bored.
Posted: 05/06/10, 10:33:10
91 puzzles solved and I'm still in the "Easy" set of puzzles.

That's almost discouraging. On the one hand, that's a whole lot of gaming for $20. On the other hand, I wish the difficulty ramped up a bit faster, even if that meant taking out some puzzles. Why are the higher difficulties locked anyway? After 91 puzzles, haven't I earned the right to skip directly to at least intermediate puzzles?


But at least the content that's there is fun, and the gameplay sound, unlike something like Alphabounce, which is similarly huge, except boring as shit.
Posted: 05/09/10, 07:41:14

I've completed 121 and I'm still on easy :p

Honestly, I was hoping to have progressed to a new level by now, but some of the puzzles in easy are still a bit challenging.
Posted: 05/10/10, 01:41:43
I've finished 90 puzzles, the majority with three stars. I am really enjoying the game, but the one thing that drives me absolutely crazy is the music. The majority of it is terrible. Why didn't Nintendo reprise the great music from Mario's Super Picross?

Speaking of which, I wonder if that one will ever come to the VC in America. The ESRB has rated it IIRC.
Posted: 05/13/10, 16:13:47
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