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WITHOUT SPOILERS, which games have emotionally affected you? [roundtable]
Not in a horror movie way, but in a drarma way. (Well, you can list games that have any kind of emotional effect, but I'm more interested in games that can actually touch your heart in some way.) I'm actually the sappiest, easiest target for human drama in almost any form. Any form except games, that is. They leave my perennially moistened eyes absolutely dry. I don't know if it's the form or the execution, but, yeah. They just don't do it for me. Let me try to think of some exceptions... Super Metroid, I guess. I don't know if was emotional, but Drakengard and Shadow of Destiny kind of resonated with me, somehow. The end of Conker was bizarrely moving, in a totally unearned way...

That's all I've got, for now. How about you schmoes?

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Posted: 04/04/10, 18:30:58
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Yeah, 360. I just heard it was janky. But I don't really care, as long as it's playable.

RPGs? Just that the moment to moment gameplay is rarely fun for me. Specifically, the battles. Turn-based stuff, random encounters, grinding... it kind of feels like the developers are just wasting my time. And actual strategy rarely comes into play. (I like SRPGs, though.)

I've heard that Mass Effect 2 does a good job of playing like a quality shooter, but Mass Effect played like a shitty one.

I'm still going to try it, though. Everyone raves about the series so much. I'll try anything once. Or a couple of times, maybe.
Posted: 04/05/10, 01:12:14
I got all teary eyed when I first played Super Mario Galaxy...and started chasing the bunnies. I explained why back on IGN but I felt the true return of Mario was here, and the amazing music just sealed the deal (as well as the allusion to Super Mario 64 chasing the bunnies).

I cried when I met the Zora Queen's ghost in Kakariko...I think it may have been the first time I got tears during a videogame. The entire scene was just beautiful as was the music.
Posted: 04/05/10, 01:39:32
In a weird way, No More Heroes kinda affected me emotionally. But that was more so after I finished reading a plot-analysis. Whether or not the theories are true, I certainly thought differently about the game and Travis' meaningless quest to be #1. Poor fool.
Posted: 04/05/10, 02:15:18  - Edited by 
 on: 04/05/10, 02:15:59
I completely forgot about No More Heroes. I'm not sure why. That would go in my second list.
Posted: 04/05/10, 02:16:18
Games instill different feelings in me. I don't think a game has ever made me cry. Usually a really good game will evoke a sense of awe from me. It's that feeling you get when it hits you that you're playing a masterpiece. I love that feeling and it's one of the main reasons I play games. Off the top of my head a few games that have really done this:

LOZ: A Link To The Past
Super Mario 64
Thief: The Dark Project
WarCraft II
Super Mario Bros. (The first game to ever really drop my jaw. I was pretty young.)

Those are just a few. I could name many more.
Posted: 04/05/10, 03:21:07
Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon. There are a few tear-jerker moments once you allow yourself to get attached to Seto.

There are more. Baten Kaitos had me at the end, Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger and EarthBound as well...I'm a fan of RPGs with deep stories, especially when I allow myself to get attached to the characters.
Posted: 04/05/10, 03:35:25
Oh, I just remembered Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. The (playable) part of the ending was a little heart-wrenching.
Posted: 04/05/10, 04:03:10
One that comes to mind is in Baten Kaitos Origins, first time this song plays: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNwgFfwsVhQ

Man, what an amazing song, I simply got chills all over and just hearing it play makes me sort of teary eyed, I don't know, it's just plain awesome to such an excellent game.

Heavy Rain was also able to pull out certain emotions no other game has done before by truly leaving me disturbed. Very simple scene in any other game but the control you have over the outcome just impacted me a million times harder. A must play game.
Posted: 04/05/10, 04:20:09  - Edited by 
 on: 04/05/10, 04:21:08
Well if we are talking actual TEARS, then only Twilight Princess has been able to pull that off for me. The ending was absolutely beautiful and I still maintain that TP's ending credits music (about 12 minutes long) is the most beatiful ending credits music I have ever heard. Every time I listen to it I get misty-eyed.
Posted: 04/05/10, 05:48:30
@anandxxx Charming.

Emotionally affected by a game? Super Mario Galaxy (the soaring orchestral soundtrack) and Spirit Tracks are two recent examples. Also, Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask are two that will forever give me tingles when I play; Zelda has that affect on me.
Posted: 04/05/10, 10:29:35

I welled up during that ending too, especially when the kids FINALLY return home to Ordon Village to their happy families.

Super Mario Galaxy's ending got me as well when Mario and Peach finally reunited and when your Luma leaves you. Seeing Mario and Peach reunite is such an iconic image in gaming and it was great to finally see it in 3D. It's such an innocent yet caring little embrace they share, I found it so very heartwarming.
Posted: 04/05/10, 11:25:47
The thing about TP's ending is that it wasn't one of those stupid *insert tears at this part here* moments. Scenes that intentionally try to make the user emotional never work for me.

But because of the long journey established so many memories, the combination of the music and going back to tie up all of the loose ends just made me very emotional that such an awesome experience was ending. So really, it was the game that got me emotionally attatched, but the ending was so perfectly executed that it pulled on those emotions in such a way that I was actually moved to tears. It's hard to explain, but the impact was very memorable for me. With most good games, when they end, I'm like, "wow that was fun, I wish it hadn't ended so soon." But with TP it was like, "...WHHYYYYY MUST THIS AMAZING GAME END??!!! NOOOO!!! I'M GOING TO MISS MIDNA!!!" I couldn't believe how emotionally stirred I was through-out the entire ending, until the very last sustained note of the credits music.
Posted: 04/05/10, 12:06:21
MGS4 kind of ran the gambit for me, towards the end. I went from feeling really sad yet fulfilled about the way things were going to go down and then felt cheated by the way they ended up being resolved. So much wasted potential and possibly the two worst cases of bait and switch with side orders of deus ex machina and fanservice I've seen in games. Boo. Just really bad.

Other than that I'd say the whole ending segment of Super Metroid, from when you get into Tourian through the credits, really runs the gambit of emotional responses. Fear, happiness, anger, etc.

And crap, there's one game where the ending shows the world you were playing in the way it was before things went down. I can't remember what game that is, but I remember thinking it was cool at the time.
Posted: 04/05/10, 18:46:09

That's the one, thanks. For some bizarre reason, I remembered the characters in the ending farming, but I was recalling an overhead perspective an 16 bit style graphics. Weird.
Posted: 04/05/10, 19:06:04
Zelda OoT

Zelda Link's Awakening (that lil' game has so much soul)

Zelda TP (Personally, I loved the game and put over 90 hours into it. Great story. The ending got me teary eyes)

Beyond Good & Evil (a classic, I was in love with both the world they created as well as the characters (so much depth)

Chrono Trigger (omg... where do I start. Chrono trigger should be written as a book and become the next Lord of The Rings)

Fragile Dreams (simply amazing. I loved Crow and even more the merchant. the final merchant cutscene brought me to tears... too bad it wasn't included in the movies list after you finish the game)

Animal Crossing (was so sad when Antonio left... plus other stories which involve real people that maybe I'll never meet again. I was part of a huge AC community back then...)

Little King's Story (a different kind of emotional attachment... but very strong)

Zelda Wind Waker (probably my favorite Zelda to date. that lil' story has so much passion and so many themes that you can relate to real life. a very sad and lonely game camouflaged within kiddy visuals)

Okami (breasts, ghosts, running wild in a huge world. omg i must play it again!)
Posted: 04/05/10, 22:38:07  - Edited by 
 on: 04/05/10, 22:46:46
Alaska_Gamer said:
In a weird way, No More Heroes kinda affected me emotionally. But that was more so after I finished reading a plot-analysis. Whether or not the theories are true, I certainly thought differently about the game and Travis' meaningless quest to be #1. Poor fool.

i would love to read those articles. can you find them?
Posted: 04/05/10, 22:39:21
anandxxx said:
Speaking of which, it always shocks me to see how many gamers can't handle horror. Get desensitized, already!
As I admitted in the last weekly chat, I'm the biggest wuss when it comes to horror in games, and back when I was 12 old so, I found horror-themed levels in platformers almost too intense to enjoy, for instance the Transylvania level in Ducktales (with its enemies appearing out of nowhere), or the frickin' Ghost Houses in Super Mario World (and its terrifying invincible enemies). I'm afraid I'm a lost cause.

This pretty much sums up my feelings exactly:

Destructoid said:
While the concept of Dry Bones is something we've all grown used to, nobody can get used to the sheer level of horror and intensity that one experiences when encountering these walking corpses. When we first met Dry Bones all those years ago, we simply did not know what we were in for. Do you remember that first time you ever stomped down a Dry Bones? The utter jubilation of victory. Another dead Koopa Troopa, down in the dirt where it belongs ... but wait ... what the ... what the hell!? Oh my God, it's moving ... those bones ... those bones are coming back together ... Oh Jesus, oh Jesus this is real ... will somebody stop these bones!? Will somebody stop these Dry Bones!?

You have to admit, Dry Bones is pretty damn scary.
Posted: 04/05/10, 22:54:11
You must hate the Red Skeletons in Castlevania. Scratch that, you must hate Castlevania entirely

MGS4 moved me to tears multiple times. Even Dead Space did. I was in such awe during the end of Dead Space when the Hive Mind up and grabs Isaac and you're to shoot the tentacles. I had the Plasma Rifle on me and it was just a dream come true for me. It was awestruck tears, and the realization of a dream. When game dreams come true for me, I am often moved to tears. When I see Mario looking like a Pixar movie you best believe I will be there with tears on.
Posted: 04/05/10, 23:09:54
Them bones, them bones, them...

dryyyy bones...

Red skeletons were always creepier, to me. Because they were red.

You know, like blood.
Posted: 04/05/10, 23:37:15  - Edited by 
 on: 04/05/10, 23:39:02
Secret of Mana. For some reason I get a tear in my eye every time I hear the intro music.

Skies of Arcadia and Grandia 2 also got me.

Lets be honest- who didn't get upset the first time they saw a Pikmin die?
Posted: 04/06/10, 00:33:31
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