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Top 5 songs from the Mega Man X2 OST [top five]

When people think of great Mega Man music they often think of Mega Man 2, 3 or X. And yeah, those soundtracks are all freaking amazing. But Mega Man X2's soundtrack is an overlooked gem. In my eyes it deserves to stand up there with the Mega Man greats!

I could easily have made this a top 10 list, but uh... I'm lazy, so a top 5 list it is!

Also, I don't know what any of these tracks are officially called and I already told you I'm lazy so I'm not going to look up their names. I'll just call them whatever makes sense to me.

Let's do it!
04/26/24, 21:59    Edited: 04/26/24, 22:23
Bubble Crab's Stage
I feel like most of the best songs from the X2 soundtrack don't actually come from the main Maverick stages, which is a bit odd, but some of the stages still have some bangers. While my top 4 are pretty set in stone, picking #5 was tough and I wavered between a few different Maverick stage themes. But ultimately I had to go with Bubble Crab's stage music. It's a bit different than my usual favorites, but it has such a nice chill to it.

Look, I don't know what to call this, it's the music that just starts playing in a cutscene right away when you load up the game. And it rules! It definitely gets me pumped up to jump into this adventure!

X vs Zero
Yep, this is where my other username came from. The epic battle between X and Zero. It comes at you hard and shreds the whole time, unrelenting, just like Zero himself. An emotional battle with the perfect song for it.

Intro Stage
In the past I would have put X vs Zero above this track, but as I've listened to the soundtrack more and more over the years, the intro stage music has really grown on me. This is a song that really captures the driving emotion of a desperate race to stop a calamity. R.I.P. random green robot guy, maybe if you weren't showboating you'd still be around...

X-Hunter Fortress 1 & 2
This is honestly one of my favorite video game tracks ever. Like, up there at the level of Stickerbush Symphony. I used to listen to it on repeat, over and over and over. It's such an incredible banger, the apex of that fast-paced punk / metal inspired music that I love from the X game soundtracks. Although many video game songs have heavily influenced the way that I write my own music, this song in particular always stood out to me, and inspired my own style. I didn't even care that Capcom got lazy and reused it for the second stage of the X-Hunter fortress, that just meant that I got to hear it again!

What more is there to say? The Mega Man X2 soundtrack is amazing, don't sleep on it.

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04/26/24, 21:59   Edited: 04/26/24, 22:23 
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Yeah, X2 has some great tunes. I still feel its a step down from the first X game...but it still has its share of bangers!
05/14/24, 22:53   
I gave these a listen and I gotta say, I agree on that number one spot! It's a bangin' tune!
05/21/24, 00:39   
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