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Balatro Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Balatro on the Switch
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04/12/24, 20:02  
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I played a bunch of the latest indie sensation last night. It's a roguelike deck-builder on the surface, but the secret is that, much like Vampire Survivors, this is a clicker game in disguise. Your only goal is to make the number go up as fast as possible. Building the rube goldberg machine that makes this happen isn't completely uninteresting, but the number of manual actions that you need to take which don't correspond to meaningful decisions but do have exponentially large numerical results makes me really suspicious of the entire premise.

The possibility space here is small enough that writing a bot to play Balatro would be more fun than playing Balatro. Between this realization and the one I had a couple weeks ago—that life is too short to play Final Fantasy VII Rebirth—I find myself wanting to investigate Final Fantasy XII's battle-automating gambit system more than ever.
04/12/24, 20:03   
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