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Pepper Grinder Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Pepper Grinder on the Switch

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Pepper Grinder on the Switch!

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03/29/24, 05:12  
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Reviews are out

8.0/10 from 19 reviews.

Good scores, main complaint seems to be that it's super short. But nowadays that's kind of a plus for me? At least for this kind of game.
03/29/24, 05:16   
Edited: 03/29/24, 05:18
I enjoyed the demo! Seems very focused on replay and mastery. I would imagine that playing through each level once in order would feel short.
03/29/24, 08:16   
The demo was pretty fun and felt novel, but I felt that the requirements to completely master each level and grab every jewel were a little demanding. Like, maybe just a little beyond the actual controls of the game.

It could just be me. I always sucked at that Mario Party drawing game.
03/31/24, 07:08   
Edited: 03/31/24, 07:10
I just downloaded the demo yesterday, to take along on the 3,000 hour long plane ride to China coming up. Looking forward to giving it a whirl!
04/09/24, 18:50   
Edited: 04/09/24, 18:51
I'm actually reviewing this for NF Magazine next month, so I got it a couple weeks early! Long story short, it's solid and well-designed fun with a lot going for it. It's not super long but the lack of filler means it doesn't waste your time giving you the good stuff. The general feel of drilling through dirt is really good and makes a lot of the Time Trials very addictive, at least to me. I ended up finishing it at 99% but I probably won't go for the last few TTs since some bits are a little finicky.
04/09/24, 20:25   
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