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What will Switch 2's gimmick be? [roundtable]
Feel free to include multiple guesses. Exaggerated parody guesses will also be allowed, but only if they're genuinely funny!

It would be insane to not attempt to carry the Switch's white-hot momentum forward into the next generation. So I do think that Nintendo will release another hybrid console. I think it'll be backwards-compatible, even if that requires a second/hybrid cartridge slot. DLSS upscaling, more memory and power, better online service, yadda yadda... That's the boring stuff. But it would be totally un-Nintendo to release a purely iterative console with the same exact input devices. You just know they're gonna get a little funky and throw some spanners into the works. And Miyamoto is never shy about implying that Nintendo is always looking to build a better mousetrap (controller).

So what gimmick will(s) form the unique selling point for Switch 2?

I have a few guesses:

1) From Dock to Dongle - I think Switch 2 could include an encoding/transmitting chip like the Wii U's. Instead of a dock, you would plug a decoder dongle into your TV's HDMI port. Same Switch functionality, more convenience, less gaming gear in your living room. But that's not all! We know that Nintendo loves to mimic the functionality of previous systems. The extra power of Switch 2 could allow for simultaneous dual-screen output, enabling Wii U features such as asymmetrical play, handy inventories and maps, etc., in addition to DS/3DS emulation! Ran out of Wii U games to port to Switch, you say? Why, help yourselves to some NintendoLand, Star Fox Zero, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Xenoblade X, Mario Party 10, Wii Party U, Game & Wario, Yoshi's Woolly World, Paper Mario Color Splash, Zombi U, etc. While you're here, please allow us to bring key additional functionality back to Mario Maker, Splatoon, and Zelda!

In short, Switch 2... could be Switch U. But now developers need to allow players to switch seamlessly between Handheld, Dongled, and two-screen Dongled.

2) VR support - And VR mode. I'm no VR evangelist, trust me. But the very same elements which would make Switch 2 a great handheld (nice, hi-res screen, fast VRR display, robust graphical capabilities) would allow for pretty cheap, pretty good VR integration. Think Oculus Quest, but with more Nintendo support and less Zuckerberg. Like the dual-screen thing, this just opens up the methods of interacting with the system. What if Switch 2 supported both features? Imagine fuckin' VR NintendoLand! Especially with some snazzy new...

3) Controllers - How much can they add, really? They could make them more comfortable, include hall effect sticks... But those are just iterative. I think they might include Sakurai's scrollable trigger buttons. Here's his case for them:

I mean, who are we to argue with Sakurai?

It might also be cool to make the entire skin of the controller into a touch membrane. It would allow a generational leap in cow-milking mini-games. And No More Heroes 4! Seriously, I think that it could make controls/UI more intuitive. I'm just not sure how yet...

4) Camera/Mic on system - Again, Switch U. Also, I think a camera was part of some Switch 2 rumor. This would also allow weird, moderately satisfying AR games like Face Raiders, 3DS mini golf, and that dumb DSi WarioWare game. Having a little Toad assistant on your Switch that you can talk to would be cool, too. "Toad, what are my friends playing?" "Toad, play Spelunky 3."

Anyway, I'm tired of typing. What do you guys think the Switch 2's gimmick will be?

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01/16/24, 05:18    Edited: 01/16/24, 05:42
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@Stan McStanly

Sure back in the day we had these jokes :p

01/23/24, 17:53   
I like your trackball idea! Now I'm gonna be let down if there's not a way to use trackballs with the next system. Arcadey experiences are underrated.
01/24/24, 16:21   
I kinda feel that clickable scroll wheels as a bumper button might be of more use, handy for scrolling through equipped item slots etc not sure how a trackball would work too well
01/28/24, 22:46   
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