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Super Mario RPG Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Super Mario RPG on the Switch
9/10 from 2 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Mario RPG on the Switch!

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11/16/23, 18:06  
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When the Superstar Saga remake came out, I was concerned that Nintendo was losing their way a bit:

The Link's Awakening remake restored my faith:

Super Mario RPG sounds like yet another faithful remake! I'm looking forward to playing this again. Last time I did was when it launched on the Wii VC. (I just tried to find a thread on here back from when this happened, but it looks like September 2008 was just slightly before Negative World's time...)

11/16/23, 18:28   
Oh we were around before 2008 but for some reason when I moved servers back then I decided to just start from scratch instead of importing it all over.
11/16/23, 19:34   
This is one of my fave games, but I'm also content with it just the way it is. I imagine that I'll probably follow the same path with this remake as I did for Link's Reawakening: I'll buy it when I find it on sale for half price, play through it, and feel it didn't do enough new or different to be worth it.
11/16/23, 22:51   
Played a bit of this earlier today. The music is so nice.

Maybe itís just me, but the timed attack/defend input window seems off.
11/18/23, 02:32   
Off as in imprecise or as in different from the original?
11/18/23, 19:34   

Just feels different. But maybe Iím just remembering it wrong. After a bit of practice, Iíve got the hang of it again.

Itís also possible *my* timing is off since Iíve been putting a lot of hours into Sea of Stars and the timed hits/defense for that game is different than this one. So yeah, could just be operator error.
11/18/23, 20:24   
I just rolled credits on this bad boy. Pretty satisfying!

As a lifelong RPG hater, this was a big, conspicuous hole in my Nintendo history. It always looked cool in magazines, though.

When Super Mario RPG game came to Virtual Console, I grabbed it and enjoyed it somewhat, but I fell off after a star or two. (Partially because I started having system memory problems after playing it?)

So I was pretty excited for this remake. And, I've gotta say, it delivered! In some ways, it's a product of its time. Particularly with that goddamned isometric platforming. I'm sure it looked mind-blowing on the SNES, but what the fuckkkk. Have we learned nothing from Congo Bongo?? Still, in more ways, it felt like a product that was way ahead of its time. The timing bonuses during both offense and defense were an absolute masterstroke in making the game appeal to action junkies (even if the timing windows seemed kind of inconsistent). Being able to see and control enemy encounters was great. And the bite-sized worlds worked really well. A great RPG for people who don't like RPGs.

I also appreciated the varied gameplay: The platforming, the Mario-esque hidden secrets, the mini-games (even though most were kind of mediocre). The balance was well-tuned, too. The bosses rarely killed me, but they always kept me on the edge of my seat and felt satisfying to beat. Peach kind of trivializes the boss encounters, but she was, at least, a late addition. I never felt like I was low on cash, but I did voluntarily murder LOTS of enemies. And there were so many optional, missable items, many of them satisfyingly powerful. I didn't really go out of my way to do all of the side quests, but I'm sure they would've had a nice payoff, because almost everything in this game did. The varied and imaginative locales kept me engaged throughout my playtime. And the game was long enough to satisfy without wearing out its welcome.

The remake was nicely done, too. Even though they kept the isometric perspective, I really appreciate how the developers respectfully modernized the original, adding only presentational sheen, QoL updates, and post-game content. I love that the character designs are in the spirit of the original, even though they don't match the current style guide for the series. The visuals are beautiful, although, oddly, a bit framey on occasion. Most of the music is good, as well (Standout Track: the Cloud Village). The Original Characters are amusingly bizarre, and the writing was super-charming, overall. I think the charming characterization of the Mario gang probably originated here. Bowser was just a sinister turtle dragon before Super Mario RPG, but he became a lovable lout afterward in serieseses like Paper Mario and Mario Party. The platforming games generally ignore this characterization, but it's still important for the side projects.

So, yeah. Super Mario RPG. A pretty neat little game! Hole filled.

Now if I could only fill the hole in my heart...
03/27/24, 01:38   
Edited: 03/27/24, 01:44
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