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Super Mario RPG Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Super Mario RPG on the Switch

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Mario RPG on the Switch!

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11/16/23, 18:06
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When the Superstar Saga remake came out, I was concerned that Nintendo was losing their way a bit:

The Link's Awakening remake restored my faith:

Super Mario RPG sounds like yet another faithful remake! I'm looking forward to playing this again. Last time I did was when it launched on the Wii VC. (I just tried to find a thread on here back from when this happened, but it looks like September 2008 was just slightly before Negative World's time...)

11/16/23, 18:28
Oh we were around before 2008 but for some reason when I moved servers back then I decided to just start from scratch instead of importing it all over.
11/16/23, 19:34
This is one of my fave games, but I'm also content with it just the way it is. I imagine that I'll probably follow the same path with this remake as I did for Link's Reawakening: I'll buy it when I find it on sale for half price, play through it, and feel it didn't do enough new or different to be worth it.
11/16/23, 22:51
Played a bit of this earlier today. The music is so nice.

Maybe itís just me, but the timed attack/defend input window seems off.
11/18/23, 02:32
Off as in imprecise or as in different from the original?
11/18/23, 19:34

Just feels different. But maybe Iím just remembering it wrong. After a bit of practice, Iíve got the hang of it again.

Itís also possible *my* timing is off since Iíve been putting a lot of hours into Sea of Stars and the timed hits/defense for that game is different than this one. So yeah, could just be operator error.
11/18/23, 20:24
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