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F-Zero 99 Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
F-Zero 99 on the Switch
7.75/10 from 2 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for F-Zero 99 on the Switch!

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09/14/23, 23:58
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Secret_Tunnel said:
From 2020:

PogueSquadron said:
I'm hoping for F-Zero 99, the ultimate battle Royale death race.

Sometimes, when someone puts out a certain energy or vibe into the universe, the universe responds.
10/01/23, 17:48
Are they brand new tracks? Or does this not yet have all of the SNES tracks available yet, and they're adding them in over time?
10/02/23, 23:42
@Mop it up It's just more of the SNES tracks. It started with 7? of them which was the knight circuit and a few random others, added the rest of the queen circuit, and next will be the rest of the king circuit I imagine.
10/03/23, 17:36
If the matchmaking works perfectly, you should get 50th every race!

Anyway, I stink at this game. But it's neat. And I love what it's doing for the F-Zero brand!

I hope future Nintendo racing games throw in a Battle Royale Mode. Mario Kart would be absolute chaos...

But Wave Race/1080 would be cool!
10/05/23, 04:40
I don't even know if it's possible for me to get #1. Hell, most of the time I'm happy if I get in the Top 10.

Which also never happens. This game is hard as nails.

As it should be.
10/21/23, 01:20
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