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OT: My next project, BitMusical!
Hi NWers! I've just launched my latest project, BitMusical!

It's an animated series of original songs featuring video game characters. Kind of like if my BitF songs were released on a more regular basis without all those pesky comic strips in-between.

Anyway, this coincides with a new Patreon launch I'm trying as well. So tell your buddies, as I'd like to just do this for a while full-time if possible!

URL to share (right click and copy)
07/03/23, 21:32   Edit:  07/05/23, 11:07
@TriforceBun The link says access denied.
11/04/23, 21:04
Oh thanks for the heads-up, I put the wrong link in this thread. This is the right one.
11/04/23, 21:49
Here I go, bumping it again! Today's song is Megalixir, and it's all about hoarding items (presented via my favorite RPG!).

02/02/24, 02:41   Edit:  02/02/24, 02:41
Hey, by the way, someone at my job freaked the fuck out when they found out I know the guy who does BitMusical.

I told them itís no big deal, youíre just a normal guy, and that your natural speaking voice sounded like Waluigi.
02/02/24, 02:47
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