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OT: My next project, BitMusical!
Hi NWers! I've just launched my latest project, BitMusical!

It's an animated series of original songs featuring video game characters. Kind of like if my BitF songs were released on a more regular basis without all those pesky comic strips in-between.

Anyway, this coincides with a new Patreon launch I'm trying as well. So tell your buddies, as I'd like to just do this for a while full-time if possible!

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07/03/23, 21:32    Edited: 07/05/23, 11:07
That was pretty good Matthew, particularly because of the challenging character/theme of the song. I loved the Rhythm Heaven, Tadpole Treble, and Wario Ware references. I have no idea what the plot of the musical is, but I enjoyed this small snippet! Is this the first time you've voiced Mr. Game & Watch? Is he one of the, if not the actual, main character of the musical?
07/02/23, 23:32   
Super cool, dude! It's like a musical version of Brawl in the Family. DJ R.O.B has got it goin' on! It's catchy. And I like how Game & Watch provides the harmony.

Loved the animation, too. It was chock full of fun callbacks.

Really neat! I'm looking forward to the rest.
07/02/23, 23:34   

Thanks! BitMusical is simply the name of the series rather than a singular stage show or anything. As such, the songs are more one-offs rather than connecting to any sort of overarching plot. (the first song is a remake of Ode to Minions, for instance) I plan to release one two-minute song every month or so.


Thank you! I've actually been working on this series on and off for four years (!), so I'm excited to finally begin in earnest.
07/02/23, 23:36   
Edited: 07/02/23, 23:37

Ah, well this did end up entertaining as a stand alone. Could be interesting to see the unique situations they all get into when they're not stuck conforming to a plot-driven narrative too. Will you tease who the other song will be about?
07/02/23, 23:38   
Honestly I've got nearly 10 songs already more-or-less completely written, and about 20 more in the idea phase. I will say that August's planned song is about Pikmin!
07/02/23, 23:44   
Edited: 07/02/23, 23:44
This is good! I like that the concept goes beyond "ROB sings a song" into something that's compositionally interesting too.
07/03/23, 20:09   
Thanks! I've gone ahead and officially launched it, so tell your buddies.
07/03/23, 21:32   
07/04/23, 04:16   
That was so much better than a one note R.O.B. rap music video had any right to be. Great stuff!
07/04/23, 16:33   
Man, you really put your all into everything you do. Love how much is packed into these songs.

Bowser is exploring empathy and Rob self-expression. What divine force is prompting these bursts of introspection? Oh yeah, overarching musical plot or not the head canon is already kicking in... ; )
07/05/23, 11:17   
I just realized...!

Secret_Tunnel said:
Triforcebun said:

This can finally be real!
07/05/23, 22:13   
Here's a splendid idea for your NEXT next project!

07/10/23, 20:55   
Very cool! And holy smokes, at $1300 a month you can almost retire! Well, maybe need a little more with a kiddo. ;)

Hope it goes super well, and if finances here improve will definitely chip in on the Patreon!
07/28/23, 14:55   
@J.K. Riki
Thanks! I'd like to do it as my only job (along with church gigs) but I'm still a ways away since I've had to hire a buddy for the actual animation for each song. It's alarming how long these take too; I need to get better at working fast because it's already a full-time thing. But I'm enjoy doing them at least. Wrapping up the Pikmin one now.

Plus now that we have AI Waluigi singing all sorts of covers, it's the right time to pivot to original songs...
07/28/23, 23:37   
Edited: 07/28/23, 23:45
New song! It's Pikmin time~

08/02/23, 06:50   
Olimar's greed is an organizing force that allows the Pikmin to flourish! Eyepatch Pikmin gets it.
08/03/23, 01:24   
@Secret_Tunnel oh indeed. I love the very final moment where he realized Olimar took off without them.
08/03/23, 02:56   
Edited: 08/03/23, 02:56
Pokémon and Animaniacs come together (at last?) in the latest song!

10/13/23, 20:04   

This one was a ton of fun!
10/13/23, 21:41   

Hey all, I'll be playing piano and singing for about 2 hours tonight, as well as taking requests from Patrons! If you got nothing to do tonight, you can watch me. Also let me know if there's something you really want me to play/sing and I'll consider it. This is my eclectic list of songs.
11/04/23, 20:11   
Edited: 11/04/23, 21:48
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