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Metroid Prime 4: Should it follow the basic formula of 1-3 or try something new? [roundtable]
By the basic formula I mean "first person non-linear adventure shooter with generally one main path through the game and optional upgrades" etc.

I've been thinking about this because a lot of games are going more open world or semi open world and even though on paper I would say "not everything needs to be like that", I generally like the change? And that kind of formula COULD work in a Metroid game. Samus is, after all, a bounty hunter who rarely ever hunts bounties, but they could make an open world Metroid with various quests including actual bounties.

With that said, I don't know if I actually want an open world Metroid game. I love open world games but I'm also getting burnt out on most every game I'm playing lately taking 100+ hours to finish. There is something to be said for tight and to the point.

With THAT said, I like what the new Resident Evil 4 remake did. It's the old Resident Evil 4 formula but with optional side quest type things that involve tougher enemy fights and such. I could definitely see that working with Metroid, kind of the same formula as the last 3 games but with optional bounties you can go find and take care of.

I dunno. I guess I don't really know what I want, just make it good!

What do YOU want to see from Prime 4?

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06/19/23, 06:26  
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Only thing that steers me away from that is that Nintendo has been so anti-VR for so long. Even Labo seemed like this little side dealio, and then it was abandoned entirely.

You never know. But right now, I'd be surprised if we get any additional VR (more than another side-project) from the Big N.

As I was thinking more about this and the Switch 2, I had an idea pop into my head. What if the successor to the Switch was an evolution of the Switch concept itself? What I mean by that is what if you had a little square with all the hardware in it, and it slid into either a traditional handheld, a TV base/dock, OR a VR headset? Or even any number of others things I'm not thinking of but Nintendo might (some sort of projector that made a holographic display on your kitchen table??)! It could be the true next-level Switch, because it now goes to more than just switching between two options. And then in the future if someone wanted a Switch 2 Mini or a Switch 2 XL (or like the better screen on the Switch OLED), you'd just buy the bigger screen/handheld aspect and slot in your Switch 2 Square. They could even call it the GameSquare. And I would be happy if it was purple...
06/23/23, 20:36   
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