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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom on the Switch
9.33/10 from 10 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom on the Switch!

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09/14/22, 19:09  
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Reviews are out.

Are you all surprised that it is reviewing super well? Shocking! I guess my minor "maybe the same setting will drag it down a bit" concerns are squashed.
05/11/23, 15:31   
Those are some crazy high scores. I think I'll avoid reading them though, I wanna go in blind.

To be honest, after that flaccid February trailer, I was kinda expecting this to be a Metroid Prime 2 divisive sequel. But it sounds like the BotW team nailed it again despite my concern being the same as Zero's.
05/11/23, 15:41   
Pfft, it's just a $70 BOTW expansion pack! How good could it actually be?
05/11/23, 16:17   

Clear Nintendo bias amongst the games media!
05/11/23, 16:30   

I'm avoiding the reviews too for now. I'll go back and check out some video ones after I've played and/or beaten. I'll post two here though for those interested.

I'm glad to see people's fears being erased. I was never concerned about it feeling samesies because it's been so long since the original released and there clearly seems to be a lot altered. I think you can do some very neat things narratively with the 'same' world as the base. I'm excited to see how that turned out.

Nintendo Life's Review

IGN's Review
05/11/23, 16:33   
Edited: 05/11/23, 16:34
05/11/23, 16:42   
Don't worry everyone, Sterling will pull that score down lol.

@TriforceBun Hey my concerns were only that it might get dragged down A BIT. I was thinking a MC score of around like 93 or 94 or so could POSSIBLY have happened if they didn't do enough to make the world feel fresh, though if I had to bet on a score, I would have bet on about what we're seeing.
05/11/23, 20:05   
Edited: 05/11/23, 20:06
All these reviewers are just Nintendo shills. Game can barely run on the kidde system.

6.5/10 stars.

I also did not play the game.
05/11/23, 20:13   

I'm just waiting for the Sterling 6/10 hahaha.

The important question is what Negative World's aggregate user score will be!
05/11/23, 21:03   
@Secret_Tunnel I think barely anyone scores games on here anymore so a single low score Mop I'm looking at you can have a huge impact.

With that said BOTW is our highest averaging game... EVAR.
05/11/23, 21:08   
It's almost here.

And it looks like they did everything they could to show BotW was a start, not a fluke : a little more influence from the classic Zeldas, new bigger powers, exploration in every direction, content content content... I really really hope my copy shows up tomorrow because I don't think I can wait another day. ^__^
05/11/23, 21:42   
Aw dawg, you can't leave a new Zelda game up to chance! Midnight launch that puppy! I'm heading to GameStop with thefly tonight to nab it at 11 PM.
05/11/23, 23:31   
Midnight launch, I love it.I hope you got your copy, not everyone did!

I have grown too old and lazy, I'll just wait for my preorder. (plz plz plz)
05/12/23, 10:09   
Edited: 05/12/23, 11:00
Went to a midnight launch and was surprised at how many were there to pick the game up. The body odor was overwhelming! 🤪 I played through the first few hours and Iím enjoying the hell out of it. That first part was super cool.
05/12/23, 16:42   
Played all morning. Just got past the opening area. Game is COOL AF.
05/12/23, 21:46   
Also just got out of the starting area. The new powers are breaking my brain, the quest and level design seem much tighter, the new world designs and enemies are beautiful and mysterious, and the story is intriguing!

05/12/23, 22:11   
Goodness, it feels they could design entire games around each of the new abilities. There are so many options at my disposal even in this early stage that it's a bit overwhelming.

It's also insane how much vertical space there is that you can feasibly navigate. This has gotta be one of the "tallest" games up to this point, right?
05/13/23, 00:36   
Iím kind of overwhelmed and considering watching a nice long video of somebody who knows what they are doing playing. This building and fusing stuff just isnít soaking in my brainÖ but then I do have a fever of 102 right now so I hope itís just that! Haha.
05/13/23, 06:22   
TotK has some genuinely unnerving areas. I'm not used to Zelda being freaky but I like it!
05/14/23, 16:10   
TriforceBun said:
Goodness, it feels they could design entire games around each of the new abilities.

And it feels like every 20 minutes they're throwing in something new! I swear there have been two dozen new mechanics so far that are each the coolest thing I've ever seen in a game.

And the world is massive.
05/15/23, 04:02   
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