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Live-a-Live (July 22, demo available)
Live-a-Live is a lost Super Famicom game by Square-Enix that's getting a second life on the Switch! Utilizing the "HD-2D" engine popularized by Octopath Traveler, Western audiences finally will get a chance to try out this cult favorite in July.

I love seeing releases like these and Trials of Mana. Lost SNES games we never got to play getting a new lease on life with updated visuals and junk. It's exactly the kind of stuff I want to see more of on Switch (Terranigma, please!) and the HD-2D look is just lovely. Within minutes of firing up the demo, my eardrums were blasted with awesome music, and when I started with the China mission, I found the calm old kung-fu master to be an appealing protagonist.

That said........I, um, don't really like it! The battle system is just not clicking at all with me. I don't think the China section is supposed to be difficult since the shifu is meant to be overpowered, but it just felt wholly unintuitive to play. I don't know the parameters of my own attacks nor the enemies', so a lot of the combat just feels like getting in kind of close and doing guesswork while highlighting all my attack options.

What's more is that the story and dialogue aren't landing for me either, with a cool premise in the Future chapter spoiled by glacial pacing and little in the way of fun characterization to latch onto.

Anyway, has anyone here tried the demo yet? What'd you think?

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07/01/22, 00:23    Edited: 07/01/22, 00:22
That's disappointing, I was looking forward to this! The first trailer made it look like it had some pretty unique stuff going on.
07/01/22, 00:37   
I do like the uniqueness and the premise--7 different eras to play through, each with their own story and protagonist. Reminds me a bit of Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest IV (two of my favorite RPGs). So don't just take my word on it, try it out!
07/01/22, 02:48   
I tried the demo!

Not my thing.
07/16/22, 05:17   
Ahh, the concept seems really fun. Some cute short stories at different points in history. But the combat seems really polarizing. I really want to like this game, but if Tbun and Secret Tunnel don't like it, that's not promising!
07/19/22, 01:22   
Edited: 07/19/22, 01:23
Like the concept, don't like RPGs. Good thing there's a demo!
07/19/22, 05:26   
I felt the same way with the demo, although I admittedly didn't spend much time with it. I was really looking forward to the full game, but the battle system didn't click with me at all. I think I was expecting something a little closer to Chrono Trigger or FFVI.
07/19/22, 22:50   
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