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Tunic Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Tunic on the Switch
9.03/10 from 3 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Tunic on the Switch!

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03/20/22, 18:48  
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Oh yeah, keep it going! Tunic is one of my favorite Indies and one of my most memorable game experiences of the whole generation. Let me get my complaints out of the way:

-The music absolutely is not my thing. All that low-key trance stuff. I would've preferred a heavier lean on atmospheric sounds (like Secret of Evermore or even Breath of the Wild) or a more traditional adventure game OST like A Link to the Past.
-The combat is really dense and sometimes way too difficult in a couple spots. This gets in the way of the fun mystery element a little. I would've liked just a hair more variety in progression beyond everything being overworld/dungeon. Would've helped the pacing.
-A specific element of solving some puzzles can get a little touchy/finicky even though the idea is excellent.

Besides those three things I thought this was great. Do your best not to look anything up, as some of this game's reveals were real highlights. I did have to double-check my "work" at the end, but I'd basically figured everything out by then. The way the manual acquisitions continue to reveal things about the game and gradually lift the (metaphorical) fog is masterful. I'd like to get the physical version at some point, more for the manual than the cart itself!
11/30/23, 20:55   

It begins

The 8 stages of a Tunic player. (Spoilers? Maybe?)

1. "This is neat."
2. "Oh cool!"
3. "Wait, I can do that?"
4. "Ohhhhhhh!"
5. "YASS. Let's GOOOOO."
7. *Gibbering insanity*
8. Triumph.
12/01/23, 11:51   
Edited: 12/01/23, 11:51

This is very accurate.

(Recently beat Tunic this year and it was catapulted to the top of my list of games Iíve played over the last 20 years. I wish I could erase my memory and play it again)
12/10/23, 17:00   
Yep, this is one of the best games I've ever played. Entering endgame territory now.
12/18/23, 21:46   

Glad you've enjoyed it!

And I agree, it's right up there with The Witness and Outer Wilds among my favorite games of the last decade. Metroidbrainias FTW
12/18/23, 22:18   
I beat the game last night!


Haha, I'd never heard that term before! I like it. Outer Wilds is next on my list; only reason I've held off this long is because I've already played the alpha version they released a few years before the game came out.

Tunic's endgame really does remind me of The Witness! Derivatively so. But I think they do cool things with it, the main one of course being opening the Mountain Door using the Golden Path. That puzzle was an absolute mindblower, I loved it.

In general though the last few hours of the game were a little tiresome for me. I actually opened the Mountain Door before finding Page 55, which I think was hidden too arbitrarily. (And somehow input the code right on my first try! That never happened with any of the shorter codes! Do they have some special error correction for the Mountain Door that lets you make some bad inputs a few times? The Switch Pro controller's holy cross wasn't the best for this game...)

There's nothing in the game that tips you off that collecting ten fairies will make Page 55 spawn! I guessed that maybe collecting all of them was required for the final page (in hindsight, there's a screenshot in the manual that suggests this), but knowing that one of the fairies was in the Quarry seemed to preclude this, since I didn't know how to get back to the Quarry either. There's a hint in the manual that the entrance is in the Mountain Door area, but even after poring over that area multiple times I still missed it, haha. That's the one thing I had to look up. The dense world navigation started to wear on me after a while.

It seems like most of us in this thread have stories about certain finnicky puzzles grinding the game's pacing to a halt for us. That's a shame, because otherwise, the game is incredibly paced! It does such a phenomenal job of capturing the mystery of older games in non-surface level ways. This would have easily been my 2022 game of the year if I had played it last year! Maybe it still can be.
12/21/23, 20:31   
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