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Pokémon Legends: Arceus Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Pokémon Legends: Arceus on the Switch
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Welcome to the official discussion thread for Pokémon Legends: Arceus on the Switch!

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01/26/22, 20:37  
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Just make sure you have enough grains on hand in case you run into a pack of hungry Ponyta!

03/24/23, 22:01   
@Mop it up

Indeed! I really dig this whole "outbreak" or whatever, where a ton of one kind of Pokemon sometimes show up somewhere. What a delightful addition the game/series. It's another thing I hope they bring back. The longer I play this, really, the more I just want another Legends game.

I am probably getting close to the end now (sadly) because I reached the mountain where the giant time-space rift thing is. Alas, I will miss this experience! I'm delaying by avoiding the story and trying to just go have fun collecting Pokemon.
04/11/23, 18:14   
Edited: 04/11/23, 18:15
@J.K. Riki Then I have good news for you! Outbreaks returned in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

Another piece of advice: watch out for those dastardly Buizel, they're no help at all!

04/17/23, 22:14   
Edited: 04/17/23, 22:14
@Mop it up

What riles up my corncobs is that those blasted Buizel STILL attack me on the beach, even though I'm carrying around level 60 Pokemon and they are level 4.

Like, read the room, guys. Stop coming at me.

EDIT: Also I caught a weird colored Starly the other day! It was so exciting. I guess that is the "shiny" thing I hear about sometimes? I never really encountered that in a Pokemon game. I can see the appeal.
04/18/23, 21:32   
Edited: 04/18/23, 21:33
@J.K. Riki
It's because the Buizel are like those little kids who try to be bullies, and then if you push back, they go cry to their big burly brother to kick your butt.

And you'd better watch out for that big brother, I might add!

04/21/23, 21:26   
I finished the main story tonight (it was weird at the end, seemed out of nowhere) and now just have to go Catch 'Em All before Zelda 2 arrives!

I am miffed that it wouldn't let me take a screen capture of the The End screen/illustration. What's that about?!
05/10/23, 05:36   
J.K. Riki said:
I am miffed that it wouldn't let me take a screen capture of the The End screen/illustration. What's that about?!
I think there are some games which bar you from screen capping certain scenes in an attempt to mitigate people spreading spoilers. Another case of such people ruining things for the rest of us, I s'pose!
05/15/23, 22:31   
@Mop it up

Well I liked that screen and wanted it on my Switch for lookin' at.

Now I am in end-game, trying to get all the Poke and the Mon and the Poke-mon-a-laaga-laaga.

It is very difficult. I seem to have to just run around until there are mass-mass outbreaks and hope it is one of the rare things you can't seem to get any other way. Maybe there's another method, but I don't know it, and I'm being all Old School and not using the World Wide Web to look it up. So be it.

It is amusing, because every single person I am friends with logs in and it says "Playing Tears of the Kingdom" and I can only imagine on their screen, there is my name, and it says Arceus every single day.

EDIT: Also I am, for the first time in my professional video game career, going to try for a Living Dex. So far so good. It's very fun. I do wish it had an achievement with it though, or something. I'm going to finish it and then be like "Well. That is a thing, I guess."
05/17/23, 05:31   
Edited: 05/17/23, 05:32
@J.K. Riki Yeah, that can be the pain in completing the 'Dex here. As far as I know there are indeed some Monz who appear only in the outbreaks, or inside of those space-time distortion dealies. It also makes filling out their 'Dex entries a bit of a pain.

I also complete the living 'Dex here, it's a lot more reasonable than any other game!

The photo studio at least allows you to set up some shots:

Sometimes all a creature really wants is a hug!
05/17/23, 21:29   
@Mop it up

Or to chew your face off. Remains to be seen what happened directly after that shot was taken.
05/25/23, 23:19   
@J.K. Riki Hm, do Octillery even have teeth? Or is this perhaps a door we should not open...?

Perhaps you'd feel safer around some smaller critters...?

05/30/23, 01:07   
@Mop it up

If there's one thing Arceus has taught me it is that Pokemon are all dangerous and will kill you!

I am about, I dunno, 10 or so away from catching them all? But now they are all Pokemon I can't catch in the wild, as far as I know, which means it will be up to the luck of the draw on Massive Outbreaks.
05/31/23, 04:31   
I have resorted to looking up the last of the Pokemon I don't have, because wandering around aimlessly is not working. I have to say, some of the insanely convoluted ways to evolve or find some of them is insane and convoluted.

I still recommend this game to a high degree, but I don't think I can recommend "catching them all" anymore. It is nuts.
06/22/23, 05:22   
@J.K. Riki Yeah, I have no idea how anyone was supposed to figure a few of these out. Glad you enjoyed the game overall though!
06/23/23, 18:44   
One freaking monster to go. And apparently I have to get every blasted Wisp in the entire game just for a chance to catch it.


Sigh. Well, my wife is going to help me after work, to go through maps systematically.
06/23/23, 20:52   
Update: Caught 'em all.

I almost made it to a Living Dex (first time I ever tried that) but came up short by two critters, a Porygon and whatever Shield-Face Pokemon has the shield for a face. These two only appear in time space distortions so to get them at this point would take hours more. I think I quit.

But overall, A+ experience and I'd do it all again! I sure hope we get another Legends game. Switch 2 Launch, maybe? Please?

It is probably just behind Pokemon Blue as my favorite Mon title I've played.
06/26/23, 21:30   
Edited: 06/26/23, 21:32
Congrats on catching 'em all! Fortunately the game sold really well, so I'd be surprised if they didn't do a followup. I think it's a question of when.

Now it's time for a relaxing dip in the hot springs!

06/27/23, 02:25   
@Mop it up

Pretty sure one sneeze from that Luxio and everyone is dead. You gotta be more careful who you take with you to places like that.
06/28/23, 00:49   
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