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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on the Switch
9.1/10 from one rating

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on the Switch!

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11/12/21, 06:25  
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The classic Star Wars RPG is here! Anyone going to play this?

Kind of not sure yet myself. On the one hand, it's a Star Wars RPG, which are like two of my favorite things. And it's kind of legendary. On the other hand, I did play 10 hours or so back in the days and was sort of into it but wasn't really being blown away. And they didn't update anything at all, this is basically a straight port of a really old game.

11/12/21, 06:27   
Oh yeah I forgot this was coming out. I guess I'll look into it. Kinda bad timing that it's coming out right when Shin Megami Tensei V is, though.
11/12/21, 16:24   
I picked it up. I've never played it before, and it will tide me over for a while since beating Metroid.
11/12/21, 16:58   
Played it back in the day, had a roommate with an Xbox who loved Halo and bought it based on the cover. Didn't like RPGs. He was mad I was playing it when he wasn't around to watch me play, haha.

I liked it enough, except for one part underwater that just slowed things down too much.
11/13/21, 02:41   
It's only $15? Well, that makes the decision easier. Might as well give it another shot.

So many RPGs I want to play lately though, so little time. Oooooooooooooooof.
11/13/21, 02:47   
Edited: 11/13/21, 02:47
Well, I bought it. Still kind of working through TWEWY but I think I'm going to break my no 2 RPGs at once rule and start this up too. The first 10 hours or so will just be me catching up to where I was back in the days the first time I played it before my laptop died on me and I lost my save. TWEWY doesn't feel feel like a traditional RPG and I don't think it is SUPER long so it's ok to break the rules sometimes, RIGHT?! I don't think KOTOR is a super long RPG either...

/EDIT Wait, why is this game 12 GB? I thought it would be smaller considering it's basically just a port of an Xbox game?!
11/14/21, 22:20   
Edited: 11/14/21, 22:26
I finished it! Hard to say what my final time was because the game's clock doesn't stop when you're in sleep mode so mine says like 300 hours or something! Probably actually around 30-40 hours? I didn't do a ton of the sidequests, would be much longer if I did.

Anyway, the game starts off slow but it really grew on me once it opens up and you get off that first planet. One thing I love about it is it shows another side to playing as a Jedi beyond just WRECKING EVERYONE WITH COOL FORCE POWERS. Don't get me wrong, that stuff is fun in games, but being a Jedi is supposed to be all wise sage "defense, never offense" and working towards peace and such, but most games where you play as a Jedi are just constant fighting. KOTOR has a lot of fighting but also breaks it up with having you settling disputes and things like that which give you more of a taste of what a Jedi might be doing when they aren't cutting off limbs with their light swords.

But yeah, just like, maybe not world changing in 2021, but I can see why it got so much praise. Well designed, cool characters and interesting story bits, lots of different ways to approach things based on which alignment (light / dark) you are going for (I went light, duh) and what skills you have and such. Actually, I really appreciated that a lot of the tasks had various approaches you could take to them, that was one of the best parts of the game.

With that said, the final area is kind of GARBAGE. I mean, it's not the worst thing ever, but it's pretty poorly designed and not really in line with the rest of the game. It's mostly linear with waves after waves after waves of enemies that don't really stop coming... SERIOUSLY, SO MANY OF THEM.. And I wont spoil anything but if you're playing the game, be wary... the point of no return comes sooner than you would think (like, start of the second to last area) and it is theoretically possible to get to the end with no way to beat the end. Make sure you bring a LOT of heals and have your characters in good shape, especially the main one. And then, save a lot of heals for the final battle. Trust me.

Still, that's just one area right at the end, doesn't drag it down too much if you're prepared for it.

If they bring the sequel over I'll definitely check it out.

Also, lol at this. I honestly didn't realize this was what was going to happen...

11/30/21, 02:38   
Edited: 11/30/21, 02:44
I'm too lazy to make a new thread right now but Kotor II is coming June 8th.
05/28/22, 02:41   
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