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WarioWare: Get It Together! Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
WarioWare: Get It Together! on the Switch
8.54/10 from 5 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for WarioWare: Get It Together! on the Switch!

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08/21/21, 05:43  
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I need to get back to this, I finished the story and then I got Dread.
10/25/21, 12:27   

Yeah, that happened to me! It was well worth getting back into this game. "All Characters" mode is a lot of fun. I get that it ruins the purity of chasing after a high score, which is something that I enjoyed with past games. But I think it's worthwhile to offer a new kind of Wario Ware, even if that means you can't enjoy the game the same way you would past games. I'm having a lot more fun with this game than I expected. My biggest complaint is probably that the characters' voice clips can get grating after a while, which is such a small thing.
10/25/21, 20:18   
Edited: 10/25/21, 20:19
I was so pleasantly surprised by how fun the character mechanic was. Having every stage playable by every character makes some of them really interesting.
10/26/21, 00:17   
This week's challenge is interesting again! I mean, it's another two character at the same time thing but that's better than the last few weeks!
11/08/21, 05:45   
Have any of you tried to rope people into playing multiplayer yet?

I thought it was good, zany fun, but my nephews wanted to go back to Smash almost immediately!

(Also, I think this game is on sale digitally for $40 at Walmart right now, along with some other stuff.)
12/21/21, 01:14   
I played co-op with Shirley for like 5 minutes, she had no idea what was going on at any point, and then she wanted to play something else.

I would definitely say everyone who wants to try multi should play the single player first. The multi doesn't really "teach" you the game and it's kind of a tough game to just jump right into.
12/21/21, 02:19   
Yeah, I should've clarified that I meant competitive multiplayer. I made my nephews play co-op alone first to acclimate, and they just complained instead of trying to learn how to play. And then I utterly crushed them in the competitive mode.

The only saving grace was that some of the modes are utter horseshit, like Mario Party. Microgame skill doesn't play as big of a factor when the other players can crush your play screen into a one-dimensional object.
12/21/21, 05:55   
I love how last week's challenge was like "Uh, there are old people in the backgrounds of these games I guess... SORRY IT'S HARD TO KEEP COMING UP WITH STUFF OK!?"

02/19/22, 03:03   
Edited: 02/19/22, 03:03

I randomly popped this game in last week and saw that and kept meaning to post about it here! YES, I love how when this game first came out we were all impressed by the variety in these challenges, and now they're at the point where they're just straight-up saying "Yeah sorry guys we're all out of ideas, oops LOL."
02/20/22, 01:17   
Super late to the party... I rented this and had a blast with it. Played the entire Story mode in co-op, which feels like the way it was meant to be played for sure. Then I went back solo and made sure to unlock every game at least before returning the rental. The whole character-leveling thing seems like an unnecessary addition, but I'll admit I enjoyed redeeming points for prezzies and trying to guess which characters liked which prezzies the most. And most of all I really love the presentation of these games, I think they're underappreciated as a mosaic of weirdly polished audiovisual fun.

And this week's challenge was 5-Volt and 9-Volt together, which was a fun and challenging combo. I actually didn't understand that it was all player-controlled at first: I assumed 5-Volt was controlled by the CPU until about five games in, when I realized I was subconsciously moving the control stick trying to influence 9-Volt, only it was moving 5-Volt's target instead. Seems like a big missed opportunity to lock this "1P co-op" gameplay to weekly challenges.

As much as I've enjoyed it, there's no way I would have paid $50 for this game, and I doubt that's a rare sentiment. I wonder if it's actually beneficial for Nintendo to have kept the MSRP so high on this one.
12/08/22, 20:23   
Out of the past few years of games, I consider Half-Life Alyx, Spelunky 2, and Bowser's Fury to be masterpieces. Other than that, Metroid Dread and this new WarioWare have been the big two games I've really, really enjoyed. I adore it, it's the perfect sequel! A new take on an old concept that feels really unique and cool. It's one of my most played Switch games.

A few weeks ago I popped it back in and looked at the Weekly Challenges, to find that there are 52 of them that loop each year, and you can claim a reward based on your score from last year. I still think the leveling up thing is overall pretty lame, but in the context of having this cool multi-year meta where you get compounding returns based on your inflating performance over time, it's kind of... touching, or something. Nostalgia...
12/08/22, 20:39   
I sampled this game when I first bought it, and even though I really enjoyed it I haven't gone back to it yet after that first play. Aside from the usual charm the series is known for, I really like the idea of using characters this time. It changes up the gameplay just enough to feel fresh and interesting again, but not so much that it still feels distinctly WarioWare.
12/08/22, 21:25   
I enjoyed this game, but also haven't dipped back in too many times.

The mutiplayer has been a hard sell! Some of the modes are kind of fun, though.
12/09/22, 02:03   
As some other folks have noted, we played this and enjoyed it when we got it (my wife loves the series) but then... just kind of left it on the shelf. It is odd! I wonder what about it makes it that way, compared to previous Wario Ware games? Something, I guess!
12/10/22, 19:30   
That happened to us too. Over 3 months ago we went over to our uncles place and played it all evening, everyone laughing hysterically, and weve only played it once since.
It may just be that the comedy of it wears off too quickly.
12/12/22, 00:37   
Edited: 12/12/22, 00:38
You're all crazy! I played a ton of this! Played it almost every day for a few months!

It's definitely one of my favorite WarioWare games. I think the thing that holds it back a bit though is there are SO MANY combinations of characters and mini-games that even if you play it a ton you still often get screwed out of nowhere with a combo that doesn't make immediate sense.

I GUESS you could play the modes where you get to pick the characters but that seems to defeat the purpose. Hmm.
12/12/22, 00:48   
Edited: 12/12/22, 00:49
Wathing chibi characters unroll toilet paper is only fun for so long
12/12/22, 01:07   
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