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Metroid Dread Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Metroid Dread on the Switch
9.22/10 from 14 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Metroid Dread on the Switch!

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06/15/21, 23:21  
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Im just gonna a bump this becuase i need answers.

Im REALLY early on in the game (last ability pickup was the storm missile) and after pulling off a very complex move i managed to pick up a Super Bomb tank. All it said was "you dont have the ability compatible to this item yet" and that tank disappeared. I still have it right?? Like picking up a bullet and finding the gun later?
01/27/23, 01:10   
@Stan McStanly
If older games and Mercury Steam's attitudes towards sequence breaking are anything to go by, I think it's safe to say that you have the upgrade. We would probably have heard about this from the speedrunning community, if nothing else, if it had turned out that upgrades disappear or you have to re-collect them later. It would be a very weird, un-Nintendo thing, I think.
01/27/23, 02:28   
Splendid. thanks. Each tank only has like two instead of 5 like in other games right? Whether or not I have a wierd number of bombs when i get the ability will answer some things.
01/27/23, 02:37   
Edited: 01/27/23, 02:37
As a lifelong fan of Super Metroid, sequence breaking to get a tantalizing item only to be met with that message was one of the more disappointing aspects of Dread for me.
01/27/23, 03:25   
Yeahh. In Super Metroid the first missile tank was the exact same as the other so it didnt matter what order you got them.

i think in fusion they made it so that tanks were inaccessible untill after you got the ability.
01/27/23, 20:25   
Edited: 01/27/23, 20:26
Ok wow i cruised through that. i got from halfway to the final boss in like 2 hours with my usual ~70% items.

Firstoffs, the maps are flamin hot garbage. Every room is constructed the same.
Secondoffs, pretty much any ability that isn't a suit, missile, bomb, jump ability, or flash shift is used like 2 times to actually progress through the game.
Thirdsies, anyone who can block an EMMI grab more then 3 out of 10 times should be put on trial for witchcraft
Fourthly, only two bosses actually stood out as interesting. The rest left some things to be desired.
01/29/23, 07:04   
Edited: 01/29/23, 07:21
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