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Apparently our Nintendo collections are worth big money now...? [roundtable]
I'd been wanting to make a NW Collection thread for a while. Did you guys know that GameCube used game prices have been shooting up a lot lately? Heck, all Nintendo cartridge-based systems too. It seems like older games are becoming very desirable now to people who grew up with 'em. The GCNGB trolls are eating their words, lemme tell ya!

Also, to those of you who followed my (ShadowCattivvi's) advice back then and bought Skies of Arcadia Legends, you're welcome! You have a game worth 200 bucks!

Check out pricecharting.com for an up-to-date look at what Nintendo games have been going for on eBay lately--you might be surprised. We all know that EarthBound still commands a high price, but triple-digit prices for Paper Mario 64, Thousand-Year Door, the DS Dragon Quests, Ghost Trick, Eternal Darkness, Pikmin 2, Conker, and Mega Man 5? And that's just scratching the surface.

I spent a couple hours inventorying my own collection in that site, which you can see here! You guys should post your own! It's pretty interesting seeing all this stuff actually increase in value compared to, say, music CDs and DVDs/Blu-Rays.

It does seem that the most valuable stuff is over two generations old, since Wii and Wii U games still show up regularly in Walmart and bargain bins. But I can easily see them being the new big thing in a decade when kids who grew up with those systems will want a copy of Fortune Street or Pikmin 3 on its native console.

What are your most valuable games? And will any of you sell me Jack Bros. for Virtual Boy? :p

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04/16/21, 23:45    Edited: 04/16/21, 23:47
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The 3DOs SUPER Street Fighter II: Turbo has the best music of the entire franchise. It has the absolute best versions of those songs!
05/07/21, 05:47   

Yeah, really well done! I love the 3DO soundtracks for Wolfenstein 3D and Doom too!
05/07/21, 11:46   
Yeah, retro game prices are freaking out of control. I also started a pricecharting inventory a while ago. I was getting all excited when I started adding games. Like all of my sealed GBA games.

(In related news, I will forever curse GameStop for losing the box for the gutted copy of Ninja 5-0 which I bought new...)

I haven't catalogued my Transformers, but some of those are apparently worth a pretty penny, as well.

However, my enthusiasm dwindled a bit when, heady on the collectible high, I checked the value of my comic collection. The bottom seems to have completely dropped out, MCU notwithstanding. Like, they're barely worth the paper they're printed on. Not really, but KIND OF.

Secret_Tunnel said:
And you have three DK Bongos!?

...doesn't everyone?
06/13/21, 06:03   
Anand said:
Also, Ribbit King is worth a lot of money now, if memory serves...

Ha, $274!

Once again, the question: if I lost my copy of Ribbit King, would I pay $274 for a new one? Absolutely not. Yet I still can't sell the one I have...
06/13/21, 07:13   
Bury me... with my copy... of...


Ribbit Kingggg....
06/15/21, 15:32   
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