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Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics on the Switch
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Welcome to the official discussion thread for Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics on the Switch!

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06/05/20, 03:38  
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So who's all going CLUBBING this Friday? woooooooooooooooooooooo
06/05/20, 03:40   
06/05/20, 03:41   
I'm excited! Three hours to go!
06/05/20, 03:48   

06/05/20, 04:00   
Edited: 06/05/20, 04:22
Haha. I'm pumped, too! I'm excited to play it with my nephews in local multiplayer.

Considering the current conditions, this game might sell a loooot of copies, similar to Animal Crossing.
06/05/20, 04:16   
Edited: 06/05/20, 04:18

06/05/20, 05:15   
Edited: 06/05/20, 05:16
Hey, wait a second... this is just 51 classic games from around the world!

...it's kind of surprising how underwhelming that is once you actually get it in your hands 😅
06/05/20, 19:00   
I feel like this is the kind of game I would have adored when I was like 10. Not a dig at the game, mind you, I mean this kind of compilation is exactly what I loved as a kid. So much value in one cart, and lots to keep you busy. (Now I tend to want a more meaty experience, but then I already have enough games, ha ha.)
06/05/20, 19:03   
This is the perfect game to play with my family. It’s great you can download the “guest pass” and play all the games local, as long as there is one copy of the full game.
06/05/20, 21:46   
Edited: 06/05/20, 21:46
We played last night. Chinese Checkers and uh... forget what it is called, the one that is basically "Trouble".

It's interesting thinking about a lot of these type of games from an algorithm perspective. Like, they're all simple enough that there are probably a few basic strategies that you could employ to do pretty well, which could essentially be pared down to an a few algorithms. Someone could probably get very "sweaty" at these games by learning a small amount of strategy if they're playing people who don't know any strategy.

But then, not so much in Chinese Checkers, but in the other one... lots of sheer randomness too.

But I guess a good algorithm would account for the randomness? Hmm.
06/05/20, 23:21   
Read from someone that the multiplayer is best if you have multitple Switches, not so great for 3-4 people playing on one console. So I think I'll pass, especially since I can't quite be convinced that this is worth it despite how much fans of the DS game love it.
06/05/20, 23:30   
I'm pretty on the fence about this. If it had come out a month ago when my family and friends (who pretty much all have a Switch by now. It's unreal!) were still social distancing, it would have been a must buy... but now pretty much everybody I know has returned to work besides me, and this game doesn't seem to be on their radar.

Seems like a great value at the price, but I'm not sure I'll actually play it past the first week, you know?
06/05/20, 23:49   

Yeah, a lot of these games are "solved," where given the current state of the game, there's a provably optimal move to make. I'm pretty sure Connect Four and Checkers are, whereas Chess for example isn't because it's so much more complex.
06/05/20, 23:51   
@Guillaume There doesn't seem to be any way to play online with multiple people on the same system too, which for a lot of these games it's like... why not? Could easily just pass the system around. Ah well. Still a neat game but I actually feel like I probably could have gotten Shirley to play a video game with me for once here.

@Secret_Tunnel Does it matter if you're playing against other people who know the optimal moves? Like, are they only optimal against people who don't know the trick? I remember reading an article about how there actually is a way to get an edge in Rock, Paper, Scissors based on the way the average person plays, but of course another person who knows this would purposely not do what the average player does... except that they know that you know this so maybe they would... MIND GAMES?!!?
06/06/20, 00:19   
I loved the DS version of the game, but those were pre-smartphone times for the most part. You can get basic card games and stuff on your phone for basically nothing now.

I'm happy to see Nintendo hasn't forgotten about Clubhouse Games, but it feels like a part of the Brain Age / Nintendogs / Touch Generations thing that prefigured the kinds of apps that you find on iPhones now. It's hard to believe that it'd have the same impact in 2020.

If I wanna play Koi Koi, I don't need to use my DS or Switch to do it anymore.
06/06/20, 00:28   
Edited: 06/06/20, 00:29
@Zero I won a high speed Rock Paper Scissors tournament in high school, mainly by going Rock first and then riding that momentum. Nobody ever starts with paper! The fools played right into my hands!
06/06/20, 02:22   
Edited: 06/06/20, 02:23

I tend to agree. I mean, the graphics and everything certainly look nice in Clubhouse Games for Switch. Probably nicer than any free mobile app. But things are a lot different now compared to 2006.

Plus, one of the best features of the original Clubhouse Games was the included Pictochat when playing online. That should've been brought back for this version!
06/06/20, 02:33   
If this game was $20, I would've bought it in a heartbeat. Not a knock against the game, because I do think I'd get a lot of playtime out of it, but $40 seems a bit much to me in this instance. I may have been more tempted if this wasn't a Joycon only game.

Is this the same team that did Super Mario Party? I'm reminded of that game a lot in this game's UI design, fonts, Joycon usage, and graphics.
06/06/20, 17:28   
@PogueSquadron Yup! This game was developed by NDcube, who have also handled the Mario Party series since 2012.
06/06/20, 18:58   
So'm I the only one that got it?? No wonder the Friend Rooms on the game were empty!

So far, so good. I've enjoyed the 20 or so games I've played and there's a nice visceral quality to the "action"--even something simple like shaking the dice in Yahtzee includes that tactile satisfaction of playing the game in person. I don't really have any complaints with what's here (minus something like War, which is a totally luck-based stinker of a game!) so much as what's missing. I wish they hadn't cut Hearts, Spades, or Bridge. One of my favorite things about CHG on the DS was learning new card games. And the multiplayer restrictions (no more than two players for Darts, Bowling, and Tanks!?) are a bummer in the Summer.

But that's okay, having top-notch versions of Mancala, Connect Four, Speed, Backgammon, Air Hockey, a surprisingly decent take on Blackjack, and a bunch of other stuff I haven't tried yet makes for a strong package. And I'm eager to finally learn Hanafuda!
06/06/20, 20:30   
Edited: 06/06/20, 20:31
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