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Super Mario Maker 2 Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Super Mario Maker 2 on the Switch
9.12/10 from 11 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Mario Maker 2 on the Switch!

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Super Mario Maker 2 is finally here! I remember back when it was a mere hopeful game. Then it evolved into a rumor. Finally into fruition! It hasn't even really been that long since we've known of it. The day has come where the Negative World community gets the ball rolling on excellent levels. Many of our users have been known to make some incredible levels. Many even found notoriety in the course database online. I hope we'll see the same this time around. Perhaps with a bigger install base, the Switch will see even MORE levels from the humans of Earth, and hopefully more levels from Negative World.


With the original game, I generated a simple but easy to use form which allowed us to specifically track all of our levels in one place. The game's system of level finding is actually even better than it was before, but I know many people who found this list of Negative World specific levels useful. So I really hope you all will consider using it again.

Please use this official form here to fill out your information.

Then simply go to, or save, this Negative World (and Twitter) Stage Collection List for perusal as you see fit.

Be sure to talk about those stages in this thread too! Give the creators your feedback and praise!


Key Links:
Super Mario Maker 2 @ Nintendo.com
Nintendo Life's Super Nindie Maker
(Nintendo Life is trying to get other Nindie-developers to make and submit levels.)

Very Specific But Still Game-Crashing Bug Has Been Found (Nintendo Life)

Game Informer - 8.5/10
IGN.com - 9.5/10
My Nintendo News - 9/10
Nintendo Life - 10/10
Nintendo World Report - 8.5/10
Polygon - unscored

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06/28/19, 03:37    Edited: 06/28/19, 05:27
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Duuude, this all looks dope! I think one of the biggest obstacles to me playing more of this game is finding good stages. Letting great creators compile all of their best work into a cohesive thing is awesome. And a SMB2 mushroom? Hey, there's still an empty spot under "Extra Game Styles," but this is close enough! Goombas that you can stand on are functionally equivalent to Shy Guys.
04/21/20, 18:04   
I'm happy that collecting coins and lives will now matter outside of the (terrible) endless modes. My only questions with the World Maker are:

1. Will we be able to save our progress at any point while playing someone's world?

2. What happens if we lose all of our lives and get a Game Over? Start at the beginning of the world you're on, or start over from the very beginning?
04/21/20, 18:35   
It might be too late for me, a world map is a feature I wanted at launch since it's the kind of thing I have to plan for. If we can still use levels we've already uploaded, I may be able to put something together with the levels I already have.

I feel like Nintendo decided to not put in the effort to create an actual SMB2 style so they just threw some of its elements into the regular styles (SMB2 mushroom, key with Phanto, Pokey).

@TriforceBun@Hinph Even back with SMM1, it was never possible to upload a level that you had downloaded, so it still wouldn't be possible to upload someone else's work. The uploader would have to re-create everything tile-for-tile by themselves if they wanted to do that idea, unfortunately.

@TriforceBun Hey mate, did you ever end up trying my Zelda series?

@Secret_Tunnel Have you tried all of the levels from NegWorld people? We've all got good stuff, look no further!
04/21/20, 19:05   

Yup. I can't wait until somebody can point me to a list of the best full games of high quality levels so I can just play fun Mario levels whenever I want to. I am completely over making my own levels now, but I'd still love to play an endless supply of ones that feel professional.
04/22/20, 04:55   
@Mop it up

I forgot to earlier this year but just played a few of your stages today. They were lots of fun! I did the first two Zelda dungeons, plus your Terra's Theme musical stage and the "modern gaming in a nutshell" gag level. Well done!
04/22/20, 05:32   
Shamefully, I have barely played this game. But this awesome update is my reason. I'm gonna do it. Jam all of your levels to date into a World, and I will definitely play it!
04/26/20, 19:16   
Edited: 04/26/20, 19:16
I haven't made my own world yet. At first I was planning on making a set of 5 new levels to comprise a single world, but I'm not in the mood to make new levels right now. So maybe I'll just throw my already made stages into a hodgepodge world.

We should post creator ID's that we stumble upon that have made cool worlds. I'm personally a fan of standard style levels, and a creator on Resetera has put together a set of 8 worlds of well designed standard levels:

Phil32 - 4XW-VB1-VXG
04/26/20, 20:15   
The World update has made me gotten back into the swing of making stages--and I've already made more courses since the update that I did before the update! My levels previously had to be big ideas that stood on their own, but now I'm going at it with a slightly more straightforward frame of reference, and in thinking about how the stages piece together into a larger world. It's really the best update they could've given SMM2, and I'm excited to make plenty more levels in the next few months for my Super World.
04/26/20, 22:51   
For now, I just put my levels into a Super World as best they could fit, to capture some plays from being one of the first Super Worlds. I may try to make a more proper one at some point.

@TriforceBun Thanks for trying them. The latter Zelda levels start to deviate more, so they may be surprising! But then the timer becomes a problem, so I may have gone overboard... I had made a different modern gaming spoof level in the original SMM1 so I didn't want to do the same thing again, and when I found that quirk with the custom auto-scroll I thought that'd be a funny thing to do.

Nice to see you back in the game, and looking forward to seeing what else you make.

@canonj Hey, small world, Phil is on my friend list! I know him from the NWR forums. He's definitely a good traditional maker.
04/27/20, 23:40   
I never knew this!

05/05/20, 22:54   
Whew, my Super World is finally completed if anyone would like to check it out! A world is playable through a maker's overview page, so here's my ID if anyone doesn't have it yet:


I also uploaded the levels in reverse order, so that anyone who prefers playing levels through the list will find them in the proper order playing from the top down. People can also pick and choose levels this way if someone doesn't want to play the whole thing.

I designed this to be complete-able by the average player, so it focuses more on fun elements than difficulty, though the later worlds could provide a challenge. My style is such that I typically create the gameplay elements first, so this doesn't always leave much room for aesthetics, especially in cases where I like to leave space for maneuvering. These stages are designed with the more traditional philosophies, so people who focus more on gameplay will probably get the most out of them.

That said, originally I did have an idea for a silly pretentious story and to make levels more connected, but I wisely chickened out of this concept (Super Ludonarrative Dissonance World, anyone?). Among other reasons, the descriptions of levels don't show up from Super Worlds. There are still some remnants of this idea scattered about, but they probably aren't very noticeable... hopefully...

Here's a breakdown of what's included:

33 new levels
4 edits of stages I took down a while ago.
3 existing uploads (in part because I filled all 100 upload slots)

NSMB: 15
3DW: 10
SMB3: 7
SMW: 5
SMB: 3
06/28/20, 22:02   
@Mop it up

I'm looking forward to playing through this because your levels are always great. I'm currently taking a bit of a break from Mario Maker, so I've been compiling a list of worlds I want to eventually check out, and yours will be a priority!
06/29/20, 19:55   
I guess I'll be the lightning bolt that brings this thread back to life in this, our year of Zelda.

I picked this game up on release, but never made any levels or put much time into it. I tried to dig it out once or twice or local single-screen multiplayer, but we were all somewhat befuddled by it.

But y'know what's kind of AWESOME? Multi-sysyem multiplayer. Vs. Mode with friends is a crazy hoot, man. It's risk vs. reward speedrun madness. Some of the levels get kind of broken in multiplayer, but that's fun, too! And the online actually works pretty well... most of the time.

Also, it's incredible to see the variety in the levels that people have created. The provided tools allow for so much crazy shit.

Good stuff!
05/12/23, 20:07   
Edited: 05/16/23, 01:25
@Anand Yeah, this has got to be one of the best multiplayer games ever made, there's good reason it's my number one most-played title on Switch! If you're interested in trying out some online co-op sometime, feel free to hit me up in NegWorld's Discord. I've made some levels with co-op in mind, such as trying to survive on a raft without getting in each other's way, could be something up your alley...
05/15/23, 22:14   
@Mop it up
That sounds fun! I was wondering how many dedicated Vs levels there were online. 2P-4P races with multiple paths and triggerable traps a la the Battle Mode of Super Mario Bros. DX could be absolutely incredible.

Even just racing through recreations of old Mario levels in Vs is fun.
05/16/23, 01:23   
Edited: 05/16/23, 01:24
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