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Super Mario Maker 2 Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Super Mario Maker 2 on the Switch
9.12/10 from 11 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Mario Maker 2 on the Switch!

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Super Mario Maker 2 is finally here! I remember back when it was a mere hopeful game. Then it evolved into a rumor. Finally into fruition! It hasn't even really been that long since we've known of it. The day has come where the Negative World community gets the ball rolling on excellent levels. Many of our users have been known to make some incredible levels. Many even found notoriety in the course database online. I hope we'll see the same this time around. Perhaps with a bigger install base, the Switch will see even MORE levels from the humans of Earth, and hopefully more levels from Negative World.


With the original game, I generated a simple but easy to use form which allowed us to specifically track all of our levels in one place. The game's system of level finding is actually even better than it was before, but I know many people who found this list of Negative World specific levels useful. So I really hope you all will consider using it again.

Please use this official form here to fill out your information.

Then simply go to, or save, this Negative World (and Twitter) Stage Collection List for perusal as you see fit.

Be sure to talk about those stages in this thread too! Give the creators your feedback and praise!


Key Links:
Super Mario Maker 2 @ Nintendo.com
Nintendo Life's Super Nindie Maker
(Nintendo Life is trying to get other Nindie-developers to make and submit levels.)

Very Specific But Still Game-Crashing Bug Has Been Found (Nintendo Life)

Game Informer - 8.5/10
IGN.com - 9.5/10
My Nintendo News - 9/10
Nintendo Life - 10/10
Nintendo World Report - 8.5/10
Polygon - unscored

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06/28/19, 03:37    Edited: 06/28/19, 05:27
Why not sign up for a (free) account?
@Mop it up Is it easy to find and connect to friends or are there like ten levels of Nintendo in between?!
10/02/19, 22:48   
@Zero Unless they add it to that mysterious friend invite thing, then yup, it's the usual Nintendo-y way.
10/03/19, 01:45   
Is anyone else interested in playing some co-op? It's lots of fun, here are some highlights:

10/26/19, 22:48   
@Mop it up

I'd be up for some multiplayer as long as the lag isn't too bad. What's the best way to arrange a day and time?
10/27/19, 17:13   
@canonj As long as you have a good connection then lag isn't a problem. Do you ever use NegWorld's Discord? That's where I've met up to play with ploot and Carlos but they don't seem to post in this thread. I'm free most evenings and I'm usually logged into Discord when available for games, so you could check there and ask when you want to play.
10/27/19, 21:06   
@Mop it up

I have Discord on my phone but rarely use it. Do we communicate in the main general chat or somewhere else?
10/27/19, 22:03   
@canonj Yup, we've just used the general chat before.
10/28/19, 01:10   
Lots of free new stuff coming in an update on Thursday.

But no Super Mario Bros 2 theme, so I don't know what they're doing with their lives.
12/02/19, 13:19   
Damn, this looks awesome! So many possibilities. Link looks like he does in the original LoZ, but plays like AoL, kind of! Cool.

Why Ninji, though? Haha.
12/02/19, 14:29   
Those are some cool additions!

Weird little thing for me, but I hope the Master Sword isn't lost upon getting hit. I'd almost rather it just be losing a life on hit. I know Mario's power-up system is iconic and all that, but there's a lot of potential for getting stuck during puzzles if you can lose it easily, and then you've gotta put pipes with swords everywhere.
12/02/19, 16:33   
Is anyone out there still interested in some multiplayer? It's a lot of fun!

@TriforceBun Yeah, I think we can count on losing the Link powerup when hit. It'll be a tough thing to work with anyway, because of the bombs. With so many different types of blocks it can destroy, there's a lot of potential for soft locks.
12/02/19, 21:03   
Has anyone played since the update? Link is really cool, and the Ninji speedruns are fun! Nintendo-crafted levels that are designed for replayability and savoring!
01/19/20, 01:23   
@Secret_Tunnel Of course! I haven't been making much lately, but I still play the co-op from time to time; it would be nice if more NegWorlders were interested in playing, but oh well.

Personally, I'd rather have more powerups from the actual Mario games before they add new ones, but it is what it is I guess. I haven't yet figured out how to make a good Link level, and a lot of it is for the reason @TriforceBun mentioned: it's lost upon getting hit. It would be better if there were at least an option to make it a permanent powerup when collected, and then Link gets 3 hearts (hits) before getting killed. Perhaps I"m underestimating how engaging would be a level with regenerating swords everywhere: maybe people don't care that much if there's no threat of losing? That said, Link can still wear shellmets to gain an extra hit, so maybe I can do something with that.
01/20/20, 18:27   
I couldn't figure out something interesting to do with the Link powerup, and so many people have already made puzzle levels with it that I didn't want to do another one of those, so I decided to remake the nine dungeons from Zelda 1. This time I mean like an actual remake; I didn't just copy them tile-for-tile like I had before, I redesigned rooms and progression, trying to create something new whilst keeping the feel of the original. The first one started out not that different, but I gradually took more liberties as I continued with the series. Check 'em out, if you're interested.

Unfortunately they haven't been received very well. This is probably due to a number of factors which the average players don't care for, such as non-linear levels and anything which takes longer than 20 seconds to complete. Oh well, I guess I'm a true starving artist!

Level-1 - Eagle Labyrinth - 7MY-6JW-1KF
Level-2 - Crescent Labyrinth - 77R-QQN-NPG
Level-3 - Manji Labyrinth - RMW-3DQ-C0H
Level-4 - Snake Labyrinth - R3C-P7D-81H
Level-5 - Lizard Labyrinth - 7PJ-M02-6KG
Level-6 - Dragon Labyrinth - W5T-09G-BFG
Level-7 - Demon Labyrinth - K0P-S2M-0CG
Level-8 - Lion Labyrinth - 18Y-LWM-7LG
Level-9 - Death Mountain - 66K-WJ8-KBG

If you're only looking to play a few, levels 5, 6, and 7 are my own personal faves.
03/16/20, 19:53   
@Mop it up

A neat idea! As a Zelda 1 fan, I'm excited to take these for a spin later today.
03/16/20, 19:57   

Final update dropping in a couple days looks very worthwhile. While they never added that Super Mario Bros 2 theme I wanted so bad, they did at least throw me a bone. Hey, have to save some big stuff for SMM3, I guess. It is a bit odd that they added a separate section for new themes, plural form, and never made any though. Oh well.

Obviously the big thing here is worlds... finally. Now players can put up to 40 levels together in a little stand alone game. That's fantastic. While I've lost interest in creating SMM levels myself, I do look forward to discovering the best user created worlds to go through in the future. Maybe good level designers will even get together and make some level collections together. There's a lot of potential with this, and I'm glad they added it in to give this game replay value.
04/21/20, 06:27   
Wow, that's an amazing update! It feels like a $20 DLC kinda thing; awesome that it's free, and my WORLD MAKER dreams are finally coming true! It's enough to make me want to dive back in and make my own Mario game.
04/21/20, 06:33   

40 levels from one person is a bit rough. Would be neat if we could all contribute some of our best levels and somehow arrange one together. I wouldn't mind if somebody here wanted to use or change up any of my designs to their heart's content to improve them either since some of you are better designers. Would make sense to modify things to add in new Koopaling bosses and stuff too to make a proper game thst feels cohesive and makes sense with maps. We definitely have enough content contributed together to draw from to make a pretty rad game.

I'm guessing Nintendo probably didn't add a feature to make this idea easy though. Haha.
04/21/20, 07:01   

Ooh, a collaboration game would actually be really awesome. Like if each of us contributed a stage or two, then we arranged them as necessary to fit the world themes.

Can we still download online levels and save them in our editor, or did that get the axe? If that function is still there, you'd need one user to basically be the "hub" and collect everyone's stages then put them together.
04/21/20, 07:24   

Google search says it was cut. :/

I understand they want to protect users from having their levels stolen, but what they really should have done is let the creator of the level decide if they want to lock or unlock it from being modified by others so that collaborating from a distance is still possible.

Bummer. Recreating levels from scratch is a ton of work. Who knows though. Maybe they did consider such collaborations and have included some kind of option. Guess we'll see on the 22nd.
04/21/20, 07:47   
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