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Super Mario Maker 2 Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Super Mario Maker 2 on the Switch
9.12/10 from 11 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Mario Maker 2 on the Switch!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

Super Mario Maker 2 is finally here! I remember back when it was a mere hopeful game. Then it evolved into a rumor. Finally into fruition! It hasn't even really been that long since we've known of it. The day has come where the Negative World community gets the ball rolling on excellent levels. Many of our users have been known to make some incredible levels. Many even found notoriety in the course database online. I hope we'll see the same this time around. Perhaps with a bigger install base, the Switch will see even MORE levels from the humans of Earth, and hopefully more levels from Negative World.


With the original game, I generated a simple but easy to use form which allowed us to specifically track all of our levels in one place. The game's system of level finding is actually even better than it was before, but I know many people who found this list of Negative World specific levels useful. So I really hope you all will consider using it again.

Please use this official form here to fill out your information.

Then simply go to, or save, this Negative World (and Twitter) Stage Collection List for perusal as you see fit.

Be sure to talk about those stages in this thread too! Give the creators your feedback and praise!


Key Links:
Super Mario Maker 2 @ Nintendo.com
Nintendo Life's Super Nindie Maker
(Nintendo Life is trying to get other Nindie-developers to make and submit levels.)

Very Specific But Still Game-Crashing Bug Has Been Found (Nintendo Life)

Game Informer - 8.5/10
IGN.com - 9.5/10
My Nintendo News - 9/10
Nintendo Life - 10/10
Nintendo World Report - 8.5/10
Polygon - unscored

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06/28/19, 03:37    Edited: 06/28/19, 05:27
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Maybe I've gotten lucky, or maybe the new system for rating courses has helped, but I played 5 random courses in Normal endless mode this morning, and all 5 ranged from pretty good to pretty great. Not a single lousy level like I would encounter all the time in the first Mario Maker.
06/30/19, 16:53   

Try Super Hard and enjoy the disappointment, lol. Though I'm kind of kidding. I made it like four or five levels through that but I had to skip a couple of troll levels.
06/30/19, 21:12   

Finished my Mario Galaxy-themed level (updated the form too)! That took a really long time. Gonna have to take a break from stage creation for a bit (plus I'm busy this week). Anyway, hope you like it.

One nice thing is that the button controls for creating are really starting to come together.
06/30/19, 22:23   
Finished my first stage finally. Honestly I just think it's okay. Not much to it.

It's very short (like 20 seconds) and is just a scrolling running level with 1 P Switch dash.

Course ID is YM9-0YK-CXF.

Lemme know what you think, don't go easy on me. I know I need to get my mojo back.

Now I can try your courses!

I have a couple others and some decent ideas but I just really wanna get something I know is solid going.

Edit: Going backwards in order? Or should I start from the beginning....hmmm. Played Bun's SMG level, it's very nice.
07/01/19, 03:53   
Edited: 07/01/19, 04:12

Thanks! Just played yours. I like these quick, punchy challenges and your level is tough but fair. The parachuting Bonefish are a funny touch. The only thing that was slightly weird to me was that--maybe due to the timer music speeding it up--I was surprised when the P-Switch suddenly ran out and killed me. Otherwise, a good challenge course!
07/01/19, 04:26   
DrFinkelstein said:
@TriforceBun @chrisbg99

Use that form to share your level too guys! Please. It's really simple and easy.


I made my first stage and uploaded it. I hope it's an enjoyable one!

Forest Landings

lol I loved this one. The fucking coin smiley after missing the secret made me laugh.
07/01/19, 04:27   
Oh I knowwwww.

I was torn between cutting off the P Switch jingle and not having the speed up music to make it more tense. I tried a bunch of ways of fixing that issue but alas couldn't find a proper solution.

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. You should do a sequel to your SMG stage. Definitely deserves another go.
07/01/19, 04:28   
So, like, not a single person has even played the level I made yet. 48 hours. What's the deal with that? The original Super Mario Maker was really good about at least getting your new levels out there to players.
07/01/19, 09:06   
My user code is KXG-PJX-4FG. Follow me! Letís have fun!

I made my first MM2 level. The code is HSK-7JD-XQF.
I miss this!

Did you submit your info here?
07/01/19, 10:55   

I didn't want to for this course since it's a cheating remake/remix of a course I already made (my most popular from last game even though I don't think it was my best)... but then I doubt any of you guys remember it and I did change enough for it to be different. Okay, I will then.

Finally working on something new. Trying for challenging but not frustrating or unforgiving with my courses. I think I have a tendency to overdo the difficulty sometimes. Haha.
07/01/19, 12:32   

I'd still suggest you post your level here, even if it's a remake. New game, new database!


Thanks Carlos! :) I appreciate that. Be sure to follow me!
07/01/19, 13:18   
Wait a minute, wait a minute...

When using the editor, if you use the Reset Rocket, you can still hit the Undo button to undo the reset and restore the level.

In story mode, the Undog hits the Reset Rocket to destroy the castle, but he could just undo his last action to restore it, thus skipping the need for all this rebuilding nonsense.

THIS IS A MAJOR PLOTHOLE that totally ruins the whole point of story mode, rendering it pointless and useless!

07/01/19, 18:32   
Story mode is surprisingly involved! I mean, okay, it isn't that crazy, but I love the little exploratory bits (being around Peach's Castle kinda makes me wanna finally get the Mario + Rabbids DLC...), and experiencing all these new mechanics in a curated-by-Nintendo order feels like the right way to see them.

Has anyone else seen the superball from Super Mario Land powerup yet? What a neat surprise! ...one that I spoiled for myself like a day before the game came out, haha.

@Mop it up

07/01/19, 18:47   
I'm not sure if this is intended behavior, but it appears that if a level has 0 plays, it doesn't appear in any of the course world play modes. Someone will first need to seek it out and play it first before it starts showing up in those. So it is important to share your level if you want to get the ball rolling, otherwise it could go a long time without plays and probably be deleted (not sure how long it'll be in this game but in SMM1 it was one month).
07/01/19, 20:28   
@Mop it up
I had the exact same thought about the story mode! The dog is the exact character who CAN destroy things all he wants. He has UNDO POWER.
07/02/19, 02:17   
@Mop it up

Yeah, it wasn't until Carlos played it that it started appearing for strangers. Well, at least we have each other. You guys make the kinds of courses I like anyway.
07/02/19, 09:11   
New course complete. Man, I forgot how obsessive I can get about all of this. I think I dotted all my t's, crossed my i's, and didn't make it too hard. I hope.

Chilly Point: 1TP-TFC-20G
07/02/19, 12:42   
Following you and any other NW peeps I see.

My second is up, I think it's a lot better than the first. Much more of a normal stage.

07/02/19, 13:31   
Edited: 07/02/19, 13:31
I finally got time to upload my first SMM2 level:

K9Y-5SS-4MF Scaling Chillchill Mountain
07/02/19, 16:32   
Dang it, Mop It Up! I didn't think you'd actually rate the game 0/10!

I'll be trying everyone's levels tonight after work.
07/02/19, 16:34   
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