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Super Mario Maker 2 Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Super Mario Maker 2 on the Switch
9.12/10 from 11 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Mario Maker 2 on the Switch!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

Super Mario Maker 2 is finally here! I remember back when it was a mere hopeful game. Then it evolved into a rumor. Finally into fruition! It hasn't even really been that long since we've known of it. The day has come where the Negative World community gets the ball rolling on excellent levels. Many of our users have been known to make some incredible levels. Many even found notoriety in the course database online. I hope we'll see the same this time around. Perhaps with a bigger install base, the Switch will see even MORE levels from the humans of Earth, and hopefully more levels from Negative World.


With the original game, I generated a simple but easy to use form which allowed us to specifically track all of our levels in one place. The game's system of level finding is actually even better than it was before, but I know many people who found this list of Negative World specific levels useful. So I really hope you all will consider using it again.

Please use this official form here to fill out your information.

Then simply go to, or save, this Negative World (and Twitter) Stage Collection List for perusal as you see fit.

Be sure to talk about those stages in this thread too! Give the creators your feedback and praise!


Key Links:
Super Mario Maker 2 @ Nintendo.com
Nintendo Life's Super Nindie Maker
(Nintendo Life is trying to get other Nindie-developers to make and submit levels.)

Very Specific But Still Game-Crashing Bug Has Been Found (Nintendo Life)

Game Informer - 8.5/10
IGN.com - 9.5/10
My Nintendo News - 9/10
Nintendo Life - 10/10
Nintendo World Report - 8.5/10
Polygon - unscored

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06/28/19, 03:37    Edited: 06/28/19, 05:27
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So wait, what is the final verdict on playing online with friends?! Nintendo said something about changing it maybe so you could?!
06/28/19, 06:10   

You can't right now but it's supposed to be coming with a future update.
06/28/19, 13:47   
Man, I'm not sure I have the motivation to create levels like I did with the last game, and it's a shame. I just messed around in the editor for an hour and it felt like staring at a blank page with writer's block. It probably helped that I was unemployed with not much else to do last time around. I'll try smoking marijuana next time I boot the game and see if that helps.

Hopefully I get my money's worth enjoying courses other people make... or maybe I should just quit my job.
06/28/19, 16:10   
Played for a bit last night, it's great! More Mario, woo!
06/28/19, 17:25   
Everything seems excellent so far except the editor controls. I'm struggling with these in both button and touch mode. What are you guys using?


One thing that helped me in this regard is to keep it simple. My first stage is currently just the theme of slopes and swings (in the Mario World Sky Theme)--a good old-fashioned athletic level. Sometimes I'm tempted to add, like, an On/Off Switch or something, but I try to keep it to those two things and build on that. Restrict yourself and you won't be paralyzed by choice! There'll always be opportunities to put that crazy gizmo in another stage down the line.
06/28/19, 17:31   
Edited: 06/28/19, 17:31
I haven't looked at any of the in-game tutorials yet, but just skimming their titles, it looks like Nintendo is giving some legitimately awesome game design advice that even professional developers could benefit from. I might have to make more stages this time around!
06/28/19, 19:45   

I don't have the game yet, but I've been doing some brainstorming this afternoon and drawing some quick blueprints for level ideas. I find it really helps to go in with some solid ideas first before booting up the editor. I also agree with @TriforceBun's advice -- stick with one or two main ideas and iterate on that throughout the level.
06/28/19, 21:18   
Opened this last night just to see the title screen. Didn't wanna get addicted so late last night so I'll start playing and making today.

Really excited for this.

When they patch in Friends MP we all need to play, okay???
06/28/19, 21:22   
carlosrox said:
When they patch in Friends MP we all need to play, okay???

Honestly I might just hold off until then, have other games I'm trying to finish right now, so people better still be playing!!!
06/28/19, 21:51   
One of the first things I've noticed is that having so many more level themes, plus unique music for every single Theme, Day/Night, Game permutation, adds a TON to the feeling of variety! Just playing an Endless Challenge can feel like a very full, fleshed-out game, I've come across some pretty great levels already.
06/28/19, 22:02   
I think I might have to remake some of my levels from the first game as I was pretty damn proud of a number of them.

I was reminiscing with my bro last night about some of the levels we had made and I suddenly remembered this water one I did loaded with spikes from top to bottom, tight spaces and bumpers, Cheep Cheeps (IIRC), etc, and it was intentionally a frustrating level meant to test your patience. Oh and it was small Mario only. So, one hit kill ;)
I think I ended up putting one checkpoint in later after the game patched that tool in.

Good times! That and this one lava dungeon I made called Koopa's Firey Castle or something were my two faves.

I should boot up my Wii U so I can check em out again!

It's so cool to have nostalgia over your own levels!
06/28/19, 22:53   
Edited: 06/28/19, 22:55

The tutorials are outstanding! I plan on viewing every single one of them; they're like peeking into a Nintendo level designer's mind.

I also made a level! Nothing super fancy but I'm fairly proud of it. It's a traditional style Mario stage, using new features from SMM2: LGY-250-0RG
06/28/19, 23:48   
Edited: 06/28/19, 23:49
Keeping it simple is good advice. I do always prefer levels that feel like they belong in one of the NES games, not all overly complicated. The complicated stages I made before were never successful. People don't seem to have the patience to figure stuff out.

I'm also liking carlosrox's idea of remaking a couple of my favorites from the first game, maybe enhancing them a bit and changing a couple things around. It's totally cheating, but nobody will ever know. Might get the creative juices flowing a bit.
06/29/19, 00:40   
Made a couple levels. Appropriately named 1-1 (KYP SNY TNF) and 1-2 (F75 Y2G GYF).

Maker ID: SS4 647 3TG
06/29/19, 03:49   
Two surprises so far--

1. Lo and behold, the levels don't suck! 50-75% of the ones I've played so far I'd consider genuinely good or creative. I expect this to change as more of those unclean, filthy casuals get the game though.

2. Versus mode is actually a lot of fun, helped a lot by the better levels as well. It's addictive and I like the ranking system! Reminds me of Mario Kart or Splatoon.
06/29/19, 06:31   
@TriforceBun @chrisbg99

Use that form to share your level too guys! Please. It's really simple and easy.


I made my first stage and uploaded it. I hope it's an enjoyable one!

Forest Landings

06/29/19, 07:10   
asWas playing a bunch yesterday and today in the Story mode so I have that all finished off. Some great levels in there and it was good for warming me up to Mario gameplay again. Gonna start playing a bunch of custom levels now to help build some ideas for my own stages.
06/29/19, 11:03   
The online courses are so much better even when random! The upvote/downvote system seems to work much better. As harsh as it may be Boo'ing some little kid's brown fingerpaint clutter garbage, I will do it with glee every time.

Also, remaking a course from the last game is no joke. My first recreation took 2.5 hours. Yikes. I brushed it up a bit. I won't be submitting any of my remakes on here.

Nintendo, why am I still not following my friends by default on here? This isn't that hard. C'mon. You have literal geniuses working at your company. No mames.
06/29/19, 13:22   
Edited: 06/29/19, 13:45
Hello everyone! I'll eventually add and play everyone on here, but it may take a while since I'm gonna be busy. But don't worry, I'll get to your wonderful stuff at some point! In the mean time, if anyone would like to add me, my maker ID is below. I mostly make traditional levels intended for normal or expert, but sometimes I throw out a gimmick level or two.

06/29/19, 18:06   
Just got my copy today! Haven't put any time into it yet, but plan to soon! Gleeeee....!
06/30/19, 02:10   
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