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BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL! Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL! on the Switch
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Welcome to the official discussion thread for BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL! on the Switch!

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Boxboy! is back baby! Who is ALL-IN on this guaranteed gem!? (Well, I hope that's a guarantee!)

All three previous games were really good. This one seems to be bringing a big beautiful screen and some really neat gameplay mechanics. I was really bummed to learn when BOXBOY was apparently a 'dead' franchise after the trilogy completed. This announcement was one of the highlights of its reveal direct.

I am VERY stoked for this. Who's with me?

If you haven't tried the series out before (or if you have), there's a demo out now I hear.

Zero said:
The game doesn't seem to have its own thread and I'm lazy but there is a demo out for BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL!

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04/18/19, 02:53    Edited: 04/18/19, 03:14
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I pre-bought and downloaded it today! The day it launches I'll be setting off for a long weekend road trip, so not sure how much I'll get to play it right away. But I'm stoked to see this series promoted to Switch. And with co-op puzzles to shake things up, too.
04/18/19, 03:21   
I still have to finish the first game, ahhhh!
04/19/19, 20:51   
Keep BoxBoy on the front page!

I played through the co-op campaign with a friend over the weekend and had a good time. I also started the singleplayer today and am already 11 worlds in. It's no big departure from past titles, but there are a few new abilities and gimmicks here and there.
05/01/19, 05:24   

Sounds good to me! I'm holding off on it until SteamWorld Quest is complete. Then I'll probably buy this and Picross S3 simultaneously.

I'm so excited for this one.
05/02/19, 01:41   
Finished! Got all the medals in all three stories. I won't bother going for S Ranks or whatever.

So, I feel like I never really got stumped at any point in this game, at least not for more than a couple minutes. Maybe that's just because I've already played three BoxBoy games to completion, but I feel like this one never gets quite as difficult as any of the previous games (which also were pretty easy until you got to the "extra" content they had). It also doesn't have a standout gimmick like the two-box complexity of BoxBoxBoy, but rather a handful of small ones that come and go.

The co-op story is definitely a fun addition, and surprisingly easy to play on your own, as you can switch between Qbby and Qucy at any time, even while creating boxes. It was definitely more fun co-op, but I had a good time going back and getting all the medals on my own in it as well.

I started to feel diminishing returns for BoxBoy in the final 3DS entry Bye-Bye BoxBoy, and even more so here. Especially since the 3DS games were $5 each and this is $10. But it's still worthwhile, overall.

-- How the heck does this game have so much slowdown? Some of the later levels chug.

-- I feel like part of the lower difficulty might be because of some possibly unintended abilities? Once you get the ability to box-hop (or whatever it's called), you can hop on top of a box tower by jumping and immediately pressing down to drop the boxes while you jump. There are definitely some puzzles where I just used this SECRET TECHNIQUE to bypass unused switches and things like that. But it's cool that the game is just flexible enough to let you find some alternate solutions in places.
05/04/19, 17:46   
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