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Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition on the Switch
7.9/10 from 2 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition on the Switch!

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Initially released on the XBOX 360 in 2009, Vesperia finally gets ported to all modern consoles with a bunch of bonus features to boot.

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01/13/19, 07:52   Edit:  01/14/19, 22:07
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Namco's long-running RPG series finally returns to a Nintendo home console (or is it a portable?) with Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition! Anyone else pick this up for some classic JRPG fun?
01/13/19, 07:53
I really want to pick this up since I've had some of my finest RPG'ing with Tales of Phantasia and Symphonia, but it's already sold out in my online store of choice, so it will have to wait. Probably for the best since I've got, like, 20 RPGs in my backlog already.
01/13/19, 13:19
Picked it up from GameStop the other day!

Played like, 5 minutes and then got called away to something else.
01/13/19, 18:17
Want to pick it up but they donít have it at the store here. So maybe Iíll check this week to see if they get it in or wait until it drops in price. Seems great and I havenít played a Tales game to completion since Symphonia... though I do have Abyss for 3DS which I barely played. Maybe I should get to that one too some day.
01/14/19, 00:51
Have to wait until either the library gets it in or the budget allows, but my wife and I definitely want to play this.
01/14/19, 19:47
I'm having a hard time with this game's combat! Yuri (and the rest of my characters so far) just feel a lot stiffer in combat than I remember how Lloyd felt in Symphonia. I tend to get destroyed when surrounded, and doing basic combos then following them up with an Arte does good damage initially, but then leaves me wide open. All the moves seem to have a ton of end-lag, and even something like Free Running around the arena then trying to hit the enemy from a distance with Azure Edge usually results in me sending the projectile the wrong way.

Those issues aside, I'm having a pretty good time 8 hours in. The cast seems decent (Yuri is definitely my favorite at the moment though) and I like all the little gameplay additions that are continually added as you progress.
01/14/19, 22:05
I want, but no time or money.
01/14/19, 23:00
I had almost gotten this on the Xbox 360 when this was announced. However, I'll wait until the price gets more in line with the 360 version.
01/15/19, 21:34
@Mop it up

Itíll be ported to the Playstation 6 by that time...!
01/17/19, 00:17
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