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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Switch
9.26/10 from 18 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Switch!

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It's finally here! Or will be, soon enough!

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12/06/18, 17:12   Edit:  12/06/18, 17:13
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Reviews are coming out

Shockingly... it's a great game.
12/06/18, 17:13
Ooh, exciting! Close enough to the game's release to finally get its own dedicated game thread.

I'll be picking this up (physical copy) at 11 PM tonight, along with the Ridley amiibo. I like the default box better than the Special Edition one.

14 hours left!
12/06/18, 17:14
I guess I'll be playing it when it unlocks at 9pm!

My bro is getting the physical release with the controller (ordered mine separately) but we'll have to wait til tomorrow to pick it up since 9pm wouldn't work for us since we wanna watch the Game Awards live.

Got tomorrow booked off and a friend or two are prob gonna hang out to play on Sunday as well! One of them doesn't live too far from me and he got his own digital copy as well.

Gonna be a smashing weekend :)

I'm down to play with ya'll sometime Friday and/or Saturday as well!
12/06/18, 18:42   Edit:  12/06/18, 18:43
So soooooooon! I can TASTE IT!!!!
Grabbing my physical edition at midnight tonight. Yummmmmmmmm. SMASHHHHH!!!
12/06/18, 22:02
Guess I'll start my Nintendo Online trial this weekend. It's weird, almost up until it launched I was excited for it, but now I'm going to have to give serious thought to subscribing for a year...

Anyway, have friends coming over Saturday to play for many, many hours. Which is frankly how I feel this (and all) games should be played anyway, yelling and laughing on the same couch. Maybe we'll take a break at some point and do some Overcooked 2 as well!
12/06/18, 22:14
Iím not sure my GameStop will be doing a midnight launch, but Iíll have to wait until tomorrow anyway since I have an early morning tomorrow and will have to crash early tonight.

Still, the EXCITE is real!
12/06/18, 22:23
My Amazon order is saying it will be here by 11pm tomorrow. 11pm? Lawl. If it isn't here by noon, I'm going to the Gamestop around the corner. I don't really know what compelled me to keep that preorder just to save $12, honestly. Not for this game, Hinph. C'lmon, Hmph!
12/07/18, 02:08
Amazon shipped mine a day early. Goal game! Been playing for a few hours. I like a lot of it, but doesn't quite feel totally fresh. Looking forward to unlocking all the characters. Got a long way to go!
12/07/18, 06:16
12/07/18, 06:45
Well, I don't think anybody expected that. I'm all for it! And now I'm a bit more likely to actually play P5.
12/07/18, 06:46   Edit:  12/07/18, 06:47

On another note, when does preloaded Smash go live? I thought it was supposed to go live at midnight Eastern time but I still can't play it.

/EDIT Rebooting my Switch seemed to work!
12/07/18, 07:04   Edit:  12/07/18, 07:09
How is online working for people? It's basically unplayable for me. Massive lag. I know my Internet sucks but I can still play stuff like Rocket League and Fortnite without too much trouble. I hope it's something on their end because if I can't play online I'll probably end up back on Rocket League pretty fast and barely touch the game.
12/07/18, 08:22   Edit:  12/07/18, 08:26
@Zero It's mostly okay for me, some connections are better than others. Fighting games are much less lag-friendly than shooters and racing/sports games, too.
12/07/18, 08:33
@nate38 I did 4 matches, only 1 was ok, the other 3 were bad.

One was REAL bad. Reminded me of Brawl where it wasn't lag so much as barely moving. And the people stuck with it. The funny thing is the time counts down in slow motion too. So it was a 7 minute limit or something but the match seriously took like 25 minutes or something to end.

Do you guys all just pay a lot for Internet or something? I have the cheapest Internet. It's like 3 MBPS or something.
12/07/18, 09:24   Edit:  12/07/18, 09:25
Really hope my copy arrives today. I kind of doubt it though, 'cause the Swedish postal service just keeps getting worse.
12/07/18, 09:28
First up, WHOA JOKER. I gave up watching the awards after 90 minutes because they were boring and annoying. I wish Nintendo would've shown that sooner. Good pick for DLC! I'm glad I played the game earlier this year for context, and I'm looking forward to the music and stage SMT will bring.

Now then, I did that once-a-year thing and stayed up laaaaate playing my new game! Ultimate feels great so far! I have 20 characters total so far but only one newcomer: Inkling. I'm really digging the changes to my prior mains, Ness and Wii Fit Trainer. WFT's Header (already one of my favorite projectiles) goes in two different angles now and is even faster than before, and her Deep Breathing is easier to land and lasts longer. Sun Salutation seems to have a tad more lag but otherwise she feels better than ever.

And Ness feels great! Two of his weaker moves (down-smash and especially PK Flash) feel seriously buffed. PK Flash in particular is far more fun and viable to use now.

I only played one online match but it ran well for me. I think there was a very slight hint of lag but it was surprisingly smooth for 4P. I won it, saved it, and got the fudge outta there. The unlocks have been coming fast and furious. I'm intrigued by Spirits Mode and I love all the geeky Nintendo details in both that and the better-than-ever Classic Mode.
12/07/18, 10:34
I decided to not risk it with Amazon and just to buy it at Gamestop a few hours ago. I mean, I took the day off of work for this game and have friends counting on me, so I'll just return that other copy when it's delivered.

I love it so far. It's pretty much just what I expected and that's a good thing. Need to unlock that Belmont. Where is he already?!

I'm also pleasantly surprised with online so far. I've had more playable matches than unplayable-laggy so far (though the latter still exists).

Joker DLC. I have no idea what that character or series is all about but I know it's a big one and I'm glad it has made some people happy... now there's four more chances to make me happy. It's cool that the first pick is a third party character. I hope there's more of that. Hey, if they can pick some obscure JRPG character, maybe Doom Slayer is possible? I'll keep dreaming against impossible odds.
12/07/18, 10:53   Edit:  12/07/18, 13:26
Haven't played that much yet but did some Smash with some friends. Loving it so far, and the Spirits mode is super fun. Looking forward to sinking my teeth in more over the next few days. Having a meetup with some friends on Sunday so should be playing a ton of Smash there and unlock some more characters.
12/07/18, 13:54
Well I played a quick online match before work today just to test how it would go and it ran super smooth. A few little glitches here and there and maybe super duper Smash pros would say it's off by a frame or two but for me it felt smooth and if I could get this level consistently I'd be happy. I'm hoping last night was an anomaly but I suspect it is more my already bad Internet getting paired up with one or more people who have bad Internet and creating a shit sandwich of bad Internet.

I really need to upgrade this Internet eventually but who has money for that?!?!

Funny thing is I was playing wired last night and wireless this morning. Doubt going wireless actually made it better but I dunno...
12/07/18, 14:57   Edit:  12/07/18, 14:58

Yeah man....3mbps is very slow. My ISP is fiberoptic 100mbps. Never had a hiccup playing games online or streaming anything.
12/07/18, 15:30
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