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Monster Hunter Generations ULTIMATE Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Monster Hunter Generations ULTIMATE on the Switch
8.25/10 from 2 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Monster Hunter Generations ULTIMATE on the Switch!

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It's time to beat up Monsters in HD on the go. Let's do it!

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09/06/18, 02:01   Edit:  09/06/18, 02:08
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I thought I was crazy when I couldnít find a thread for this the other day... I hope yíall havenít given up on MH because MHW skipped Switch, this is still like... the ULTIMATE MonHun, graphics and QOL improvements aside. Itís still awesome & seemingly has just an absurd amount of content. + I legit didnít know you could transfer your MHGen stuff (I just moved and Iíve been busy Į\_(ツ)_/Į) so thatís very cool
09/06/18, 08:03   Edit:  09/06/18, 09:09
Been enjoying mine a lot. Worlds is still great, but I've been wanting this more.
09/06/18, 08:54
I'm glad I got this. I missed out on the handheld MHs and never played World, so this is scratching an itch. Plus, you can be the cat!
09/06/18, 19:32
How easy is it transfer over 3DS to Switch?
[EDIT] Do you need your MGH Cart in the 3DS for a transfer? I've been toying with trading up, basically, and it would be nice if I could put the value of the old into the new
09/06/18, 20:28   Edit:  09/06/18, 20:36
Sooooooo tempting. Grant mentioned getting a group together for this. If he does, I just might have to find some stuff around the house to sell so I could go pick up a copy and join in the fun.
09/06/18, 23:42
Apparently they're actually trying to do some kind of storyline for Village High rank. It's not much (certainly not where MH4U was storywise) but it's still better than what the low rank village had for a story which was nothing.
09/07/18, 04:47

This seems to be a comprehensive little guide/walkthrough

Itís fairly easy, but your HR is probably the biggest loss in the transfer, if you were above HR9 that is
09/07/18, 08:14   Edit:  09/07/18, 08:18
@vinniebrock, I don't really care about my HR, as I'm at 143 hours, and HR 5. Thanks for the link!
09/07/18, 15:34
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