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Dead Cells Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Dead Cells on the Switch
8/10 from one rating

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Dead Cells on the Switch!

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Anyone else pick this game up?

It's quite the impressive little Roguelike! Mostly because of how smoothly it plays. Like a faster, more fluid take on Symphony of the Night. The combat is solid and varied, and the pixelized graphics and animations are beautiful. Good stuff!

For those of you who hate Roguelikes, there's a progression system. For those of you who hate Roguelites, the progression system doesn't break the game, and you can still feel yourself improving with each playthrough.

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08/08/18, 07:25   Edit:  08/08/18, 07:25
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I'm still working on finishing the main game, sorry.

From a wiki:

"The Daily Run also offers blueprint rewards based on the player's cumulative total of completed dailies. The first time the player completes the daily run, they receive the Swift Sword blueprint, on their fifth completion they receive the Aura of Laceration blueprint, and on their tenth (and final) completion, they receive the Meat Skewer blueprint. Only one completion per day counts toward unlocking the five-completion and ten-completion rewards. Further, players are NOT required to complete the daily run on consecutive days to gain credit toward those rewards. Currently a glitch prevents rewards on consoles.
08/29/18, 16:24   Edit:  08/29/18, 16:25
Oh snap there is a daily challenge glitch?! I was wondering why I wasnít progressing, I thought I needed to wait longer between runs or something.

Anyway, 50 hours in, all runes and biomes unlocked, but I still havenít killed that final big bad. So hard.

PS: 2018 GOTY IMO, so far
09/01/18, 18:12   Edit:  09/01/18, 18:15

By final big bad, you donít mean the one that gets the credits rolling, right? Iíve beaten that one and thatís the furthest Iíve gotten I think. Still just exploring around trying to find new things to do but still canít find anything!
09/01/18, 22:25
Definitely one of my fave Switch games.
09/03/18, 11:07
Not sure if this is spoiler territory but post game stuff.

Just beat the game on very hard (two boss cells) and wow that took forever to be able to manage that. I tried so many different builds and for a while thought that shields were useless. But thatís what actually got me through it that time. The mutations that regenerate health stack up nicely once you have a good amount of green scrolls stocked up. Now onto the next difficulty... right away it seems pretty brutal! Much more elite enemies scattered around levels.
09/16/18, 23:30
I finally got this one in at the library! I think I reserved it right when it released, so it has been quite a wait.

Anyway, I fired it up the other day and started playing through. I like a lot of aspects of it, but other bits confuse me. Actually I never died so far, so I had no idea it was a Rougelike game until I read a bit about it online. I think maybe that would make my experience better? If I had died and learned about that? As it is it has felt a little dull, because there are teleporters every 10 feet and that was super confusing.

I dunno, this is a weird one for me! I want to like it (and it gives me little reason not to like it) and on paper everything about it seems exactly what I'd love to play, but so far something isn't grabbing me the way Hollow Knight or any of the DS Castlevanias have. Maybe it feels too action-y? In those other games I feel like I have to play with intention, and in Dead Cells so far I am just running forward and hack/slashing everything to bits. I haven't really had to think about playing or how to beat any enemies or anything, but there's (so far) not much in the way of exploration so it isn't as though I'm feeling compelled to play in that way either. It's a strange feeling!

I'll keep playing (and better hurry up before it is due back) but so far the whole concept and idea of the game speaks to me more than it does when I have the controller in my hand and am playing. (It is possible that the game is TOO juiced?? In a sense I feel like there are so many effects it almost detracts from the feeling of success when defeating an enemy or something. I need to figure this out, because I don't think I've ever played a game I wanted to like so much while not enjoying it. Weird weird weird. Or maybe I just need to purposefully die more often so I can experience the Rougelike aspects...?)
04/29/19, 16:12   Edit:  04/29/19, 16:13
After a few more hours (and actual challenge/dying in the game) I will be returning it to the library later today. It was fun, but also not so compelling I feel like I'm ready to give many more hours to it. It seems like one I'd borrow from the library again if I had some downtime, but at the moment I prefer the feel and world of Hollow Knight to scratch the Metroidvania itch left by no-more-DS-Castlevania games (which I miss so much).

Cool concepts and fun gameplay, though! They did a nice job with this.
04/30/19, 18:29
So I found this game for sale used at a local mom and pop shop for $22 and even on eBay it seems like you can't get it for that price but then "new" you can get it for around 30 and I am so torn because I have store credit and I haven't bought a new game in a long time, lol.

I guess reading what I wrote above I should probably keep a strong will and not get it. But sure is tempting. I saw there was some update on the Switch News thing, but not sure what.
08/03/20, 20:25
Finally got to this a couple years after it came out. Really, really loved it to be honest. The feedback loop is great and I really did feel like I was getting a little further every time. I hit a bit of a brick wall at some point, but I slowed down and did some exploring, which helped open up new areas, which helped me get some new runes and biomes, which was very helpful.

After seeing the credits though...I'm not sure I want to keep going. I can see how it's super fun and addicting to keep going and finding the last few things I didn't see the first time through, but I think my time might be spent moving on to something else. After a hundred hours with Dragon Quest XI, I'm not sure I want to sink a ton of time into this one.

I saw the credits after 64 runs, which I'm kind of surprised about, because I thought there were many more than that. I couldn't tell you how many hours of gameplay that is though, since the Switch is only saying I started it "10 days ago." Come on...
07/02/21, 23:41
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