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Ace of Seafood Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Ace of Seafood on the Switch

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Ace of Seafood on the Switch!

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What is this game? Why is this game? Why is anything?

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07/19/18, 01:48    Edited: 07/19/18, 10:22
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I was super into the concept when I got this on PS4. But it turned out to be slow, dull, aimless, and anemic. Disappointing
07/19/18, 22:57   
Edited: 07/19/18, 22:58
oh my cod, what are you talking about, this is amazing.
07/20/18, 04:17   
07/21/18, 00:22   
Secret_Tunnel said:
whatever this is it sure has me hooked.

I finished the sentence for you and I agree.
07/21/18, 23:38   
confused. Not Endless Ocean. The trailer looks like an underwater galactic fight with gene collecting? And battleship? The Ace made me think of smacking a fish with a tennis racquet lol.
07/23/18, 07:32   
01/09/21, 21:18   
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