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Sanrio Characters Picross Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
Sanrio Characters Picross on the 3DS

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Sanrio Characters Picross on the 3DS!

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From the makers of Picross S and the Picross e+ series, comes a themed Picross title... Sanrio Characters Picross!

If you're a fan of Picross puzzles and/or Sanrio characters, say no more, download this starting June 28th, 2018.

Who would buy this here? I'm going to! I guess it'll be $7.99 when it releases in a couple days. I can't get enough Picross!


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06/26/18, 04:38    Edited: 06/26/18, 04:41
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Pretty sure my daughter will download this. She loves ĎHello Kitty.í Iíll likely give it a shot!
06/26/18, 04:51   
Let us know how it holds up to the Picross-e games.
06/27/18, 02:01   
I'm still working on Picross 3DS... I think I liked the 2D ones better though, not having to rotate means I can play with just D-pad in bed.
Are there that many Sanrio characters or it's going to be them all in different poses? I think I only know a handful of the characters..
07/03/18, 06:30   

I think there are a lot of characters actually. Right now there was a stealth delay so we don't know when this is hitting the US yet. I think it still came out in Europe though.
07/04/18, 03:02   
Welp, it finally released yesterday! It's on folks!

I just started a new run in Picross e3 so I'll start this after. I only really play Picross at night in bed so it'll be a few more days yet.
07/20/18, 13:05   

Iíll check it out!
07/21/18, 02:12   
Still not as good as the officially licensed famicom port of Balloon Kid with Hello Kitty characters.
07/23/18, 02:52   
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