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Fortnite Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
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Welcome to the official discussion thread for Fortnite on the Switch!

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Who all is playing Fortnite?! If you're not... why not? It's free! And pretty fun! I'm not even usually that big on online shooters but... DID I MENTION IT'S FREE?! Come play Fortnite with us NWers! Maybe even... TONIGHT?!

BTW we meet up in the NW chat room when we play.

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Posted: 06/20/18, 21:18:46  - Edited by 
 on: 06/21/18, 05:45:29
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@Mop it up How did you get a 14 second video aren't the ones saved on Switch automatically 30? Does the Switch let you edit it down?!

I've honestly never tried it.
Posted: 06/23/18, 01:14:59
@Zero Yup. Select a video, press A, choose "trim." The new video will be saved as a new file, so you can trim out multiple clips from the same 30 seconds if you so desire.
Posted: 06/23/18, 01:32:01
@Mop it up
That camera work is what makes the whole thing!
Posted: 06/23/18, 11:45:26
@Mop it up
Heh. I was laughing so loudly when that happened. Poor Lou.
Posted: 06/23/18, 16:48:28  - Edited by 
 on: 06/23/18, 16:50:09
Posted: 06/23/18, 23:33:54
Posted: 06/27/18, 21:35:33
Posted: 07/01/18, 08:49:35
Someone saw an opportunity and took it.

48 kills in one match.
Posted: 07/01/18, 13:49:32
@r_hjort How could you?! I never knew you were such a troll!
Posted: 07/01/18, 19:34:16
@Mop it up
I wish that were me.
Posted: 07/01/18, 19:58:50

Man, what an asshole.
Posted: 07/02/18, 05:42:24
True that. But for some reason I find this pretty funny. Probably because it's Fortnite.
Posted: 07/02/18, 11:56:29

It's stuff like this, as well as a streamer I saw that shot people even though they were unarmed and just waiting for the rocket, that made me to watch the rocket as I was parachuting.
Posted: 07/03/18, 04:17:47
I'm really loving this game. Not sure why, since typically shutters aren't my thing, but this one is just so much fun. I still stuck at building, but I'm getting better.

I need to play with y'all more. Throw on a headset and chat.
Posted: 07/22/18, 06:24:58
Man I suck at this game - twice I landed in enemy territory and twice more got caught in the storm
Posted: 07/22/18, 21:27:27
Literally the only time in my 70+ hours of playing this that I got the final kill. And it was my 3rd kill that match!

Posted: 07/26/18, 10:47:43
@ludist210@Smerd If you can, check out the NegWorld Discord. People like Carlos and Zero are in there when they're playing and welcome others to join them.
Posted: 07/26/18, 21:08:05
@Mop it up
Not to mention Mop herself!
Posted: 07/26/18, 22:24:47
Posted: 07/26/18, 23:01:58
Yeah we usually are all just hanging around in chat all the time anyway and then when people post in the Fortnite room you know they want to play.
Posted: 07/27/18, 00:57:18
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