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Resident Evil 2 (Remake) Discussion
I'm sure a lot of you, like myself, have been secretly wishing for a truly great follow-up to the amazing Resident Evil 4. Nothing since then has quite hit that level.

Resident Evil 5 - Actually I liked it, but it was definitely not on the level of 4. Especially late in the game when it devolves to a weirdly controlled shooter. When I think of it as a multiplayer side game it feels like a neat experiment. But it's no 4.

Resident Evil 6 - Never played but I heard it sucked.

Resident Evil Revelations - Pretty fun, but kind of inconsistent. Some brilliance at times (especially during Jill parts), some mediocreness at times (especially during non-Jill parts.)

Resident Evil 7 - I'm playing it right now, it's really awesome, but it's not really much like 4 at all. More like old style Resident Evil reenvisioned in 1st person.

Other Resident Evil games - ???

So now we have the Resident Evil 2 remake. Realistically... it probably won't be the truly great follow-up to the amazing Resident Evil 4 I keep hoping will exist someday, but it does look like it is drawing inspiration from 4, especially in the camera and controls. Even if they go all out with the remake it will probably still feel more like a new take on the old style Resident Evil, being that it is based on old style Resident Evil, maybe something that feels a bit like 7 but with the controls of 4? But hey, anything even close to 4 is a good thing in my book.

Anyway here is the gameplay trailer:

And a walkthrough of the entire demo (spoilers I guess?!)

Looks sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

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Posted: 10/22/19, 05:53:01  - Edited by 
 on: 10/22/19, 05:52:56
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Oh it was probably just being grabbed from the back then, I know FOR SURE that was it one of the times because I was in a tight spot (the second floor of the lobby down one of the side paths) and the zombie girl was facing away from me and I got really close and she still didn't notice me so I was like fuck it, I'm going for it!

...and I made it, somehow!

And then I got cocky and tried the same thing again later on literally the same zombie woman and she grabbed me good from behind.

As for the rest, I think it is an awesome game start to finish, but for Leon I actually felt like the last area was the easiest area in some ways, because by then I had a decent amount of ammo and such built up. And it would probably have been even easier if I had actually acquired the Magnum and got to use the 17 bullets for it that I had laying around!

I'm not totally sure what I want the late game in survival horror style Resident Evil games to be like. If they ramp up the action too much it starts to feel less survival horror and more action horror... I think the last few areas of 7 suffer from this. If they don't ramp it up enough, especially if you save up a lot of resources, it feels a bit too easy. I wonder if it would have felt more intense if they had saved Mr. X for the end area, and he stalked you through the NEST. But then, he really works best in the police station the way it is designed. I dunno. Maybe some new enemy that is pretty intense to deal with. The plant zombie thingys are too slow to really feel like much of a threat, so it mostly feels like the end area is just dealing with stuff you already know how to deal with and then this new thing that isn't that tough.
Posted: 05/26/19, 22:42:12  - Edited by 
 on: 05/26/19, 23:19:33
@Zero That is one thing which I find a little disappointing about REmake 2 - the A and B-scenario connectivity is less thorough here than it was in the original. There's a couple more stuff to see later in the B scenario that you would not be seeing in said character's A-scenario (so definitely stick with Claire B, instead of trying to play through Claire A), but it feels kind of like a few new things/changes thrown together at the last minute, compared to how the original RE2 had actually significantly different encounters depending on which character you chose first. I still love REmake 2, but when I think of issues I have with it, the lessened A/B scenario connectivity is the main gripe of mine which comes to mind.

And yeah, you can't use a defensive item if you're attacked from behind, so be sure to watch your back :3

EDIT: Also, definitely inspect every item you get! That USB badge thing is the big example, but in general, Resident Evil games that let you inspect items to such a degree, will often have hidden stuff that you can only find through inspecting said item in 3D. It only takes a few seconds when you first get said item, and it's worth getting into the habit of doing. Lastly, you hit a point of no return right before NEST; both Leon and Claire's games explicitly state that you're hitting a point of no return when you do, so that's the perfect time to go back and search for any missing items you might have overlooked before proceeding onward.

EDIT2: I think it's just a series tradition to have the game gradually become more action-packed toward the end; even going back to the very first Resident Evil for the Playstation, that has been a thing. I think it's because they're aiming for a wish-fulfillment scenario, where you struggle early on, then eventually become better-prepared and equipped, and then are able to show the monsters who's boss :3 I like it, personally.
Posted: 05/28/19, 04:52:05  - Edited by 
 on: 05/28/19, 04:57:15
Played a bunch last night, stopped right at the part where you play as the little girl in Claire B.

It's been an interesting playthrough. In some ways it's tougher, but since you kind of know how to deal with a lot of what could be thrown at you and there aren't a whole lot of surprises, in some ways it is easier. I was a little worried about taking on the first boss since I was low on ammo but after a few of those fire grenades and a regular grenade he didn't have much left in him.

I'm guessing Claire B is supposed to be set slightly later in time than Leon A (although it can't quite be connected to the Leon A timeline... it must just exist in its own timeline?) This would explain why you run into Leon so fast, while in Leon A that takes awhile to get to. Also would explain why Mr. X shows up faster. And there are some small details that back this up too, like the fact that the dogs are all dead from well... either Leon or the Lickers by the time Claire gets there.

Mr. X is around a bit more this time around, and he seems faster to me (though that could be my imagination), but honestly once you know how he operates he isn't that hard to deal with.

It's still a great game but on a second playthrough you kind of know how to deal with the enemies it will throw at you and really there aren't a whole lot of types of them to mix it up much. I mean, you figure out zombies and lickers and dogs (though none in Claire B so far, they're all dead) and Mr. X and there isn't much else to think about until the sewers. Kind of surprised they didn't add in anything else new like the crimsons from the first remake.

Also I learned some techniques that have been helping on my second playthrough, the main one being stabbing at bodies on the ground... if they are going to rise in the future they will rise right away when you stab at them, so you can take them on one at a time without them all rising at the worst possible moment. And you can get a few knife stabs in before having to put some space in between you as well.

There are a few points where this doesn't work though. Most notable to me was the morgue. Knowing which one was going to wake up, I tried to just pull out the slab a little and stab at its feet to get it to wake up while it was still stuck in there and couldn't really get out. My plan was to kill it by attacking its feet with a knife before it died. Well, not only did it not wake up, its feet fell off, lol. But that ended up being just as good in some ways, because it made it so I could mostly ignore it when it did wake up and just do what I had to do and get out of the room.

That's one cool thing about the game, yeah there aren't a whole lot of different enemy types, but there are various ways to deal with the zombies. For instance, I love hitting a group of them with an acid round because it will melt their feet off and then they have to crawl around (mostly) helpless. Fun stuff.
Posted: 06/16/19, 09:39:16  - Edited by 
 on: 06/17/19, 14:46:12
Playing Hardcore finally. Nice challenge. Some parts seem short tough so far. I've gotten back to the Police Station after dealing with the dogs in the basement.

Playing now with the original music and I swear it's just a better experience this way. That classic music easily "holds up". The atmosphere is so much better with it. The game feels less quiet and sterile with the old music on. And the tracks are still creepy as hell. Would love the (or an) RE1 remake to do the same. Would be great.
Posted: 06/17/19, 10:32:50
Where do you go to set the original music? I didn't see that anywhere?
Posted: 06/17/19, 14:46:48
It's fucking DLC. It's only like 2 bucks or something but still.
Posted: 06/17/19, 23:03:22

The music is so low key in this game, which isn't bad, but I wish the save room music was like... noticeable. Save room music is always my favorite thing in RE.

Does "Mr. X has noticed you" have different music in B than A? The B music feels different, but maybe I'm remembering it wrong. There also seem to be less warning signs when he is close?
Posted: 06/18/19, 01:29:00
You guys discussing this is making me want a Switch port so I can get my gyro controls (um, presumably. Then again, there's RE4...). I'm with @Zero on the save room music too. IMO they still haven't topped REmake's save music and I think RE2's OST is too subtle in general, but works okay.
Posted: 06/18/19, 02:02:48
The original OST makes it so much better, trust me.

Now, the music does the visuals justice.
Posted: 06/18/19, 03:32:49
Finally finished Claire B! What an ending sequence of events! Though I was surprised Mr. X didn't show up at all, when was the last time Claire saw him, the police station? Or was he in the sewers for her part too? I forget.

I find it kind of funny how quickly Sherry was joking about being adopted and stuff right after her mom died and she went through a super traumatic experience. Ah well.

Still want to play whatever bonus / DLC content looks good but it feels nice to have the main game finished with both characters.
Posted: 10/28/19, 06:58:44  - Edited by 
 on: 10/28/19, 06:59:13
G William killed him in the elevator didn't he?

Yeah this game coulda used a bit better acting/story stuff in some moments.
Posted: 10/28/19, 07:59:14  - Edited by 
 on: 10/28/19, 07:59:41
Do they really try to line everything up nicely though? I've just been seeing B as a sort of alternate possibility to A. You still have to do a lot of the same stuff Leon did, including a lot of the same G fights.

I actually thought the cutscenes were fairly well done overall for a Resident Evil game but it just seemed kind of odd to me how quickly this kid got over everything. Then again people's reactions to tragedies aren't always as we would think. Might be suppressing feelings that will come out later.

(I also looked things up online and apparently Sherry joins the fight against bioterrorism when she gets older... not sure what game this is in, must have been 6?)
Posted: 10/28/19, 14:21:54  - Edited by 
 on: 10/28/19, 16:05:47

If you're ever curious about replaying any of the campaigns (because they're real short), I recommend doing Hardcore - which brings back ink ribbons for saving and is more challenging overall - if you're looking for more of a challenge. Something else that was surprisingly fun was doing a no item box/no health items run (which you can do on Easy, as I did) and there are achievements for both of these. When you replay the game over and over you keep picking up on little design aspects that start to make more sense. For example it was pretty awesome to discover that aspects of the game's item/weapon placement and overall game flow seemed to be designed with a no-item-box playthrough in mind. You can tell how much care went into designing this game for replayability and multiple play styles.

Zero said:
(I also looked things up online and apparently Sherry joins the fight against bioterrorism when she gets older... not sure what game this is in, must have been 6?)
Yup...that was RE6.
Posted: 10/28/19, 15:21:31
Has anybody tried the bonus modes? I tried them the other day.

4th Survivor doesn't seem too tough. You're given a bunch of weapons and health items and such upfront and have to escape from the sewers through the police station and out into the city. It's a linear path (though it is easy to get a bit confused at key junctures, takes a bit of trial and error to work out the exact path to go) and there is nothing to collect on the way, so it's basically just running through and trying to conserve what you can.

I only played it twice and I think I was almost through on my second turn. Checked a walkthrough and I was close. Looks like it takes about 10-12 minutes to escape. A few more tries and I could probably pull it off.

The other survivor modes though... oh man. They work a little differently. You don't start with much and have to seek out item dispensers that let you pick 1 of the 3 items, as well as kill backpack wearing zombies to get more stuff (including mandatory keys to locked gates / doors) as you go along. The problem with item dispensers is, you don't really know what comes next, so you basically have to guess at what to take and hope it works out well.

And you have to be a LOT more perfect in execution. It's hard to get very far unless you're getting perfect shots a lot. You will absolutely run out of health and / or ammo easy.

They have difficulty ratings of 2, 3 and 4 stars. The 2 star one is tough at the start, you start with so little. I could get a decent ways into it but then I just get overrun. 3 star I could get a little further since you start with more, but still got overrun. Haven't even tried the 4 star mode.

There is a "practice" mode for each which supposedly makes it a lot easier, but doesn't "count" for score, but I haven't tried those. Maybe I should.
Posted: 12/28/19, 21:16:04  - Edited by 
 on: 12/28/19, 21:17:31
I wasn't the biggest fan of those other modes; they felt like they didn't work all that well with the mechanics of the game itself. Very trial-and-error.
Posted: 12/28/19, 23:02:38
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