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Resident Evil 2 (Remake) Discussion
I'm sure a lot of you, like myself, have been secretly wishing for a truly great follow-up to the amazing Resident Evil 4. Nothing since then has quite hit that level.

Resident Evil 5 - Actually I liked it, but it was definitely not on the level of 4. Especially late in the game when it devolves to a weirdly controlled shooter. When I think of it as a multiplayer side game it feels like a neat experiment. But it's no 4.

Resident Evil 6 - Never played but I heard it sucked.

Resident Evil Revelations - Pretty fun, but kind of inconsistent. Some brilliance at times (especially during Jill parts), some mediocreness at times (especially during non-Jill parts.)

Resident Evil 7 - I'm playing it right now, it's really awesome, but it's not really much like 4 at all. More like old style Resident Evil reenvisioned in 1st person.

Other Resident Evil games - ???

So now we have the Resident Evil 2 remake. Realistically... it probably won't be the truly great follow-up to the amazing Resident Evil 4 I keep hoping will exist someday, but it does look like it is drawing inspiration from 4, especially in the camera and controls. Even if they go all out with the remake it will probably still feel more like a new take on the old style Resident Evil, being that it is based on old style Resident Evil, maybe something that feels a bit like 7 but with the controls of 4? But hey, anything even close to 4 is a good thing in my book.

Anyway here is the gameplay trailer:

And a walkthrough of the entire demo (spoilers I guess?!)

Looks sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

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Posted: 10/22/19, 05:53:01  - Edited by 
 on: 10/22/19, 05:52:56
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Well I just ran into Mr. X for the first time.

Posted: 01/28/19, 01:40:17
I'm not the kinda guy that usually goes for the ultra-gory action games, but RE4 is the big exception for me. It sits comfortably in my top ten of all time amidst a bunch of colorful Nintendo games, since it's ridiculously entertaining and impeccably designed every time I play through it.

So is RE2make finally the second coming of RE4, or is it a different style of game?
Posted: 01/28/19, 05:08:56

It takes some cues but it solidly falls in the realm of survival horror rather than action horror. You have to really watch your ammo and supplies otherwise you are doomed.
Posted: 01/28/19, 05:31:57
Hmm, in my headcanon the gunshop owner made it out alive, it's weird how they basically spoil the endings, but hey.

Posted: 01/28/19, 18:58:14  - Edited by 
 on: 01/28/19, 18:59:23
Zero said:
Hmm, in my headcanon the gunshop owner made it out alive

Posted: 01/28/19, 21:45:15
@GameDadGrant I mean I invented a fictional alternate story in my mind where he just starts kicking ass and single-handedly makes it out of the city alive.

Anyway I was commenting how in this Tweet Capcom spoils the "endings" (they all die) for all of the characters in the DLC. Some of them you might already know from the original Resident Evil 2, but not everyone played that.
Posted: 01/29/19, 02:45:58
This game is truly excellent but it's more in line with the REmake honestly. Think of it as a third person REmake.

It has the soul of every RE in it, but really it's a fully realized, third person update to classic RE.

It's like a "Classic RE Simulator". You just get this feeling when playing that this is classic RE in third person. Running past and dodging enemies gives you the exact same feel as the old games, it's amazing!

Maybe on a first playthrough. It seems harder than it is on a first go when you're not sure what to expect. I started a second game already (while still keeping my other file as the main file) and I understand the map and layout of the Police Station much better. It's not that hard. Even on my first game I feel like I'm struggling more than I actually am. I had this fear of a dead game but I think it was mostly in my head. The game is actually pretty generous with pistol ammo and healing items at the very least.

I will say though that the map and layout can be very confusing and you could get pretty lost. I know I did. I missed some major things and a lot of it was due to feeling overwhelmed by everything.

Most people could probably breeze through a second playthrough for the most part.

However, there is a hard mode that makes it even more like classic RE with harder enemies, ink ribbons, and no auto saves.
Posted: 01/29/19, 09:51:50  - Edited by 
 on: 01/29/19, 09:53:47
Holy crap, the 2nd run is waaaaaaaaay more intense so far than the first (which was already quite a bit more intense than the original RE2). Just made it out of the RPD as Leon, and I don't think I ever felt safe the entire time I was there. My heart's still a-poundin'!

I'm not sure I even want to play on Hardcore with how much ammo enemies take on Standard. Going to do the soundtrack swap after completing a full Claire-A/Leon-B playthrough, as the new OST is...fine, but pretty unremarkable.
Posted: 01/30/19, 01:42:12
I've really been liking this game. It definitely feels like a different take on the original, rather than the first REmake straight up improvement. The tone and feel of the game is different. Puzzles are less important and the tension of managing resources is more important. Accounting for which zombies you should kill, what risks are necessary to take, and so on has always been a part of Resident Evil. But it's an even bigger part here since critical hit headshots are rarer and zombies can chase you between rooms.

Of particular note is Mr X. In the original, I barely paid him any mind. I just kind of ran past him on the rare occasion he showed up. But in REmake 2, he is lie the ideal version of the Tyrant from RE3. He challenged you to remember how areas connect and loop around as you try to circumvent his position. He adds further stress the the resource dynamic, forcing you to fight your way through zombies you could have otherwise baited and dodged. He also interacts interestingly with the lickers. If he chases you into a room with lickers, you're forced to either fight them or make a mad dash for it. Mr X has given me more than a few jump-scares by lurching in from behind when I wasn't expecting him. I do wish he was a bit harder to just run around. The constantly pounding footsteps are a wonderful touch that always stops me from getting too comfortable. And he has a hell of an introduction- one of my favorite moments in the game. I eventually reached the point where I figured out I could run past him without too much risk of getting hit, or that I could play ring around the rosie with him in bigger rooms like the library. Those definitely hurt his mystique, but those problems aren't present when he shows up in some of the narrower hallways.

Other than that, my only real complaint is that the sewers and lab are kind of boring in comparison to Police Station. They did an admirable job of getting the underground to sort of loop back in with the station (and have more of a non-linear design on its own). But visually, and from a level design perspective, they are not nearly as engaging or interesting to me. They're still fine, but definitely a weak point. Especially on replays.

In a lot of ways, this is a re-imagining of Resident Evil 2, rather than a straight up remake. And it's one that I've greatly enjoyed. It's a new way to experience one of my favorite Resident Evil titles (probably my outright favorite in terms of scenario/characters/setting). So I'm all smiles here. I'd love to see a remake of RE3 that uses the same over-the-shoulder perspective and uses the Tyrant similarly to Mr X.
Posted: 01/30/19, 03:46:39  - Edited by 
 on: 01/30/19, 03:49:00
Hero_Of_Hyrule said:
If he chases you into a room with lickers, you're forced to either fight them or make a mad dash for it.
It's been the latter for me. The "licker hallway" to the left of the main hall has been the bane of my existence. On both of my runs, I failed to board up all of the windows in that hallway (though to be fair, one of the other hallways I fully boarded up tonight had like 3 zombies spawn in there eventually, so...whatevs). But anyway, I had to get one item around there, so I tried to sprint in and out and found myself in there with 3 zombies, 2 lickers and 1 Mr. X. I took a few hits but booked it right straight to the dark room...only problem is that whenever you do that, at least one of the lickers will follow you and continue to roam the hallway next to the safety deposit box room.

It's crazy how they've taken the least-scary of the classic games and turned it into arguably the scariest one. It gives the game a much different vibe than the original.

Hero_Of_Hyrule said:
Other than that, my only real complaint is that the sewers and lab are kind of boring in comparison to Police Station. They did an admirable job of getting the underground to sort of loop back in with the station (and have more of a non-linear design on its own). But visually, and from a level design perspective, they are not nearly as engaging or interesting to me. They're still fine, but definitely a weak point. Especially on replays.
They managed to improve the RPD building as well, so yeah, the sewers are probably still the weak point of the game. But I've actually appreciated what they've done with the sewers this time around. They were always the weakest part of the original - basically the "bridge" from the RPD to the labs - but I feel like they've improved it quite a bit. It doesn't feel as thin anymore.
Posted: 01/30/19, 05:41:07
Which character is best to start with?
Posted: 01/30/19, 08:54:13

In the original, Claire was the best to start with. That way you get the true ending with Leon and get to hear one of the best closing lines in any game. I haven’t finished the remake, so I don’t know if the line or subsequent track are still in it. If they’re not, I take back every nice thing I said about this remake.

For a more substantial answer, I dunno. I forget how the A and B routes differ between characters other than the ending.
Posted: 01/30/19, 19:01:09
Hunk survived in the original.

Is this no longer Hunk??
Posted: 01/30/19, 20:45:51
@Hero_Of_Hyrule I guess I meant more difficulty wise. Like, which is the easier path.
Posted: 01/30/19, 21:44:50
My bro seems to think Claire's game is harder but I couldn't tell you personally.

Apparently she takes less damage than Leon?
Posted: 01/31/19, 00:12:05

I dunno. I played Claire-A and I'd have to play Leon-A to compare difficulties (I'm playing Leon-B at the moment). I'm guessing it doesn't matter much either way. I only picked Claire first because I played as Leon the last time I played original RE2.


Context? Are you talking about the VHS tapes you find? (I'm only halfway through Leon-B so don't answer if it's a story spoiler for something that comes later)
Posted: 01/31/19, 01:26:31  - Edited by 
 on: 01/31/19, 01:26:49
No, just based on what Zero posted. No idea if it's a spoiler either but it's right there in that tweet.

I just dunno if that's still supposed to be Hunk or not.
Posted: 01/31/19, 01:53:39
I can answer your question about Hunk but it might be a spoiler.


Update: I just beat the game.

He didn't say the line. And the credits music has been replaced with butt-rock. And it's not fun, stupid kind of butt-rock like in Sonic. It's like almost like butt-grunge.

Posted: 01/31/19, 03:37:47  - Edited by 
 on: 01/31/19, 03:46:02
Honestly the in-game music in Resident Evil games is still fitting but the credits music is always weird now.
Posted: 01/31/19, 05:58:58
Finished Leon-B tonight. What a ride! Played things pretty smart in the sewers and avoided wasting ammo on enemies I wouldn't bump into again. Had a ton of ammo left over for the last few boss fights (which really helped!). Will do Leon-A/Claire-B with the original music. Not sure I'm ready to do Hardcore mode though.


Gotcha. I don't think that's HUNK, just another one of the umbrella special ops that doesn't make it out. I think.
Posted: 01/31/19, 06:13:55
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