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Oxenfree Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Oxenfree on the Switch
8.33/10 from 6 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Oxenfree on the Switch!

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So anyone who enjoys telltale's stuff should check this out. It's really solid. This game has a really good branching dialogue system that's leagues better than what anything else with that kind of system can do and while that dialogue system is most of what this game has to offer it's still well worth checking out.

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04/15/18, 02:10    Edited: 04/15/18, 02:26
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I really enjoyed this game.
If youíve beaten it, be sure to do at least one more play through!
04/15/18, 04:10   
Edited: 04/15/18, 04:11
There is a new game + apparently that I'm interested in. I'm guessing that going through NG+ is required to get Alex out of that groundhog day situation but in the meantime I did apparently manage to save Michael so that's a nice thing.
04/15/18, 08:59   
Got it a couple of days ago, and played it through in one sitting tonight. It had its moments, but ultimately it didn't really click with me like say, Night in the Woods did. I liked when the spooky stuff started to happen, and the cryptic quotes and such were right up my alley, but there was something missing (or maybe not enough pieces missing?) that made me less intrigued by the lore or most of the characters. Alex was a good protagonist though, I thought. Had enough personality of her own, but gave you plenty of influence over it through all the dialogue options.

I certainly don't regret playing it, but I don't think I'll be coming back to it either. Did you guys go around hunting all the extra stuff or what?
04/21/18, 23:08   
The game requires at least one more playthrough. It... adds to the story.
Itís best you do it closer to your first.
04/22/18, 14:17   
Yeah, but I don't feel that I care enough about any of it to go through the game again. I don't really care about any of the characters (Alex was alright, but I found pretty much everyone else to obnoxious and unlikeable in one way or another), and I don't care about the island and its lore either. Playing through hours of sluggish walking while listening to those characters yapping at me just so I can see a new side to the story doesn't feel very tempting.
04/22/18, 14:25   
Edited: 04/22/18, 14:26
Thatís fair.
Just wanted to let you know, just in case.

The game is really only halfway over.

Thereís no reason to waste time on something you donít care about though!
04/22/18, 14:28   
The game's well-crafted though, and I would recommend it to people who I might think would identify with the characters more. I don't hate it or anything, even if I do complain a lot right now.

I take it the NG+ stuff is essentially the same progression of events, and not so much brand new stuff in that respect?
04/22/18, 14:32   
Without giving too much away, the events are the same, but the characters begin to notice that theyíre repeating the same stuff.
Iím hitting spoiler territory, but I found it to be quite nifty.
04/22/18, 16:31   
Right, thanks for the info!
04/22/18, 16:35   
I bought this a few months ago. Got to the part where you tune the radio in the cave, and then I couldn't figure out the next step. I should pick it back up one of these days, I enjoyed the short time I spent with it.
04/24/18, 01:18   
Do you mean you couldn't figure out the tuning or the part that comes after?

EDIT: Nevermind, I misread your post I think. You must be talking about the stuff afterwards.
04/24/18, 23:24   
Edited: 04/24/18, 23:25
@r_hjort Yeah, I tuned the radio, and then headed back, but I want to say I was stuck in the cave. I was pretty tired when I last played it, I'll give it another try soon.
04/25/18, 02:13   
I think you did what you were supposed to do. I did the same thing, anyway. You'll be able to advance next time you play, I'd say.
04/25/18, 08:20   
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