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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle on the Switch
8.33/10 from 12 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle on the Switch!

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This game is hitting... today for some, tomorrow for others! What a weird combo but it seems like it turned into something special!

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08/28/17, 15:41    Edited: 08/28/17, 15:42
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I'm sure there's fan art out there...
09/01/17, 01:28   

It's probably something like Tribbles. Clearly the Rabbids franchise is a nod to Star Trek, and the dangers of technology when mixing with strange furry creatures.
09/01/17, 01:32   
The Collector's Edition box is HUGE!

09/01/17, 04:49   
Mario and the Rabbids can learn something from he other, just like Nintendo and Ubisoft.

09/02/17, 00:33   
Chaining actions in this is pretty sweet.

I just used Rabbid Peach's dash to hit two targets, ducked into a pipe, chained into ANOTHER pipe, bounced off of Mario's head and then finally landed on the cliff above my original location to finish off the first target from above. So cool.
09/05/17, 15:50   

Especially cool when you have nearby team members who are set on auto-fire at moving targets that chains in on all the action. Then the "Bounce" effect happens and sends it flying to get hit some more. So fun
09/05/17, 16:40   
I finally beat the main campaign this afternoon and I had so much fun throughout. I'm going back to try and clean up as much as I can on itů but I may not 100% it. The game can get pretty tough! Still, I love this gameplay with this coat of paint. Chaining together moves in smart ways is really gratifying.

As the team expands (and no characters should be unknown to folks since they're all advertised), I found that I ended up sticking with a Mario, Rabbid Luigi, and Princess Peach team. I felt the healing powers of Peach, the vamping powers of Rabbid Luigi, and the all-around awesomeness of Mario really fit well.

I never once used Rabbid Mario though apparently Soliani's team typically has him. It was cool to hear that through Twitter.
09/11/17, 03:20   
Even though I'm not done with Zelda I went ahead and picked this game up, I just couldn't deal with seeing everyone on youtube having a blast with it and hearing all the high praise. It is indeed awesome, and very fun.

It's still very odd to see Mario blast fools with a gun, I don't think it will ever feel like a true Nintendo game because of that, but it's weirdly hilarious and entertaining so whatever, fun is fun!
09/11/17, 15:30   
I've been loving this lately. There's juuuust enough gamification to keep me addicted while being deep enough for it to not be a waste of time. I think going for 100% completion in a lot of games out there is dumb, but I totally wanna do all the challenges in this! I wanna learn more about how the game's systems work! I wanna upgrade my heroes all the way! I wanna get good!
09/12/17, 01:37   
Died twice pretty badly (the second death was worse as they killed Luigi on the very first move!) to that Ice and Sand mid boss combo (and kicked their ass on the third!) and I slept the Switch just as I was about to get Rabbid Mario. I look forward to my new character!
09/13/17, 06:55   

Ah, you've been using Luigi? I haven't tried him yet, he seems like Mario but with fewer hit points. I assume his range is what makes him viable? But then you can't rush in and melee anyone for that extra attack.

I don't think Rabbid Luigi is unique enough to be a keeper for me, but I'm liking him quite a bit for this early stuff. Mainly because of his vampire sound effect.
09/13/17, 19:42   

Luigi's range and extra shot from Steely Stare, plus his bomb tank thing, definitely makes him great. Plus his movement options and ability to increase the movement range of nearby team members has been useful on many occasions.
09/13/17, 20:15   
I use/plan to use all the characters! I wish you coulr swap Mario out or play with 4!

Luigi's range is crazy and his weapons are strong. I like using him quite a bit. He's weak HP wise but that's a good thing to upgrade so he's more effective. Rabbid Luigi seems the least useful so far in my opinion. Rabbid Mario looks like he really brings the pain. His spread attack may take some getting used to. My first fight with him I nearly got Luigi killed because his spread shot hit some bounce cover Luigi was near. It ended up helping me actually, but it wasn't at all what I intended and it could have gotten messy if circumstances were a bit different.
09/13/17, 22:07   
I thought the 1st boss was outstanding.

But then I got to the third boss. What a delightful surprise.
09/15/17, 15:11   
Man, I'm still loving this. Played a bunch of World 2's challenges today and did a TON of experimentation with different heroes and different skill loadouts. Feels so awesome to finally be able to get into a strategy game, I find myself wanting to play this all the time almost as much as I found myself wanting to play BotW, the moment-to-moment gameplay is just so much fun. Grant Kirkhope's soundtrack is awesome too, I'm not gonna say it's quite as good as Banjo-Kazooie's, but I've had it in my head all day. So much soul went into this game, it doesn't have "Nintendo Magic" but it really feels like an amazing love letter from Ubisoft that hits all of its own notes just perfectly.
09/17/17, 01:34   
Like taking candy from a baby! I just whuuuuuuupped these guys so badly. Ugh I wish we had Switch replays already, I'd love to have replays of some of this stuff.
09/21/17, 02:27   

Don't you have a capture card?
09/21/17, 04:45   
Not sure if it's compatible with Switch. My bro currently has it anyway. He already offered it to me a while back but I never took him up on it. It's work.
09/21/17, 05:27   
Picked this game up off eBay for $45.51 with free shipping! I was not expecting to win the auction. l will sometimes just throw a bid out there in hope that it sticks, even when I'm not really wanting to make the purchase yet. I kept waiting for someone to outbid me, but nope, got it for a good deal!

What are one or two things you know now, that you wished you knew when you started?
09/29/17, 00:18   

Don't look up any gameplay footage to show a friend or anything, I had one of the final bosses spoiled for me in a Youtube thumbnail while looking up footage of a different boss.
09/29/17, 00:21   
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